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Origin Hybrid Mattress review: Premium support without the price tag

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £719
(King size)

If you want to upgrade your mattress without breaking the bank, the Origin Hybrid mattress is a fantastic choice


  • Brilliant support
  • Reasonable price
  • 200-night trial


  • No removable cover
  • No handles for turning

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The Origin Hybrid was already a great-value mattress, but it’s now even more budget-friendly with a 40% price drop.

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The bed-in-a-box market is unbelievably crowded with mattresses, all claiming to give their owners the best night’s sleep. The Origin Hybrid mattress also makes these claims, but unlike other mattresses in its price range, offers six “advanced” layers of foam, springs and fabrics to provide optimal support in your sleep.

This left me wondering if premium comfort is really achievable at such an affordable price. In my tests, I was pleasantly surprised by how supportive the mattress felt, without ever being too firm. At almost £500 cheaper than our favourite hybrid mattress, the Simba Hybrid Pro, it’s a brilliant budget-friendly alternative.

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Origin Hybrid mattress review: What you need to know

In terms of support, the Origin Hybrid mattress leans towards the firmer side. Fortunately, its foam layer offers a level of softness that can cater to those who favour a more cushioned sleeping surface, all the while delivering the kind of ergonomic support adored by firm mattress enthusiasts.

Like many hybrid mattresses, it’s topped with a cooling fabric layer to help regulate your temperature during sleep. The “SnowTencel” fibre used here is resistant to pilling, but isn’t removable, so you’ll need to use a mattress protector to prevent staining or damage to the mattress.

Underneath this fabric layer is a “HexaGrid” foam layer, which is designed to optimise back support. In this layer, the top and bottom thirds have a hexagonal grid shape carved into them to provide more cushioning in lighter areas of the body. The central third of the foam layer is a solid foam portion designed to provide more support where the majority of your body weight is concentrated.

Below this, you’ll find a natural “IceCool” latex layer to aid cushioning and offer enhanced airflow, a reflex support foam layer and high-density edge-support foam to prevent the mattress from dipping at the edges.

The base spring layers are made from Origin’s novel dual-stage coil system pocket springs. These springs are thicker towards the bottom, allowing them to provide support regardless of how much weight is placed upon them. Heavier areas of the body can sink deeper and be provided with more support, while lighter areas still receive the support they need. Origin also claims that this helps to maintain proper spinal alignment. Origin Hybrid mattress layers

The six-layered mattress is 26cm deep, which is a fairly average thickness that’s suitable for a standard fitted sheet and mattress protector. The mattress also features a non-slip base, preventing it from sliding around on your bed frame during everyday use. However, this grippy base makes it challenging to turn or move – things made even trickier by the absence of handles.

As the Origin Hybrid is a bed-in-a-box mattress, you won’t be able to test it before you buy. Thankfully, you’ll be able to use Origin’s 200-night trial period to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your purchase. If you’re not happy, you’ll get a full refund thanks to Origin’s money-back guarantee.

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Origin Hybrid mattress review: Price and competition

As mentioned, the Origin Hybrid mattress is significantly cheaper than our favourite hybrid mattress, the Simba Hybrid Pro, and it performs surprisingly similarly. Prices for the Origin Hybrid start at £499 for a single, then £619 for a double, going all the way up to £819 for a super king.

Like most mattresses, you can frequently nab discounts of up to 40% on Origin’s site, making the mattress unbelievably affordable, given its quality. However, if you want to take a look at some more of our favourite hybrid mattresses, check out the alternatives listed below.

Alternatives and where to buy them

Simba Hybrid ProFrom £1,169Check price at Simba
Silentnight Just BreatheFrom £369Check price at Silentnight
Otty Original HybridFrom £800Check price at Otty

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Origin Hybrid mattress review: Comfort and performance

The Origin Hybrid mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it was delivered in a nice, neatly boxed package. While the box was a little heavy, I live in a first-floor apartment and was able to carry it up the stairs by myself without too much hassle. Unwrapping the mattress was as simple as removing it from its box, cutting the plastic vacuum-packed coating with scissors and watching it unfurl slowly on my bed frame. Origin advertises that the bed is ready to sleep on after just a few minutes, but says it will be fully inflated after 48 to 72 hours.

While the base of a bed can slightly impact a mattress’ performance, I tested the Origin Hybrid mattress on a slatted bed base and found that it offered an excellent balance between soft comfort and firm support. Its innovative design features appeared to work well because after sleeping on it, I was no longer waking up with any joint or back pain.

Despite being someone who prefers a softer mattress, I found that the top layer of foam provided more than enough cushioning and support for me to get comfortable, regardless of whether I was sleeping on my front, side or back. That being said, the foam didn’t ever feel suffocating or claustrophobic, perhaps thanks to the “SnowTencel” fibre top. Origin Hybrid mattress depth

Origin describes the effect of this cooling top-layer as “ice cold”. While the phrase “ice-cold” is rather unrealistic, I tested the mattress in the middle of a heatwave and didn’t overheat or feel sweaty. Furthermore, I was impressed that the top foam layer didn’t soften as the mattress warmed up because this is a common problem in foam and hybrid mattresses.

Edge support is a key feature in any mattress, especially when sleeping with a partner. I tested the Origin Hybrid as a double, and neither myself or my partner felt the mattress dip significantly when sleeping closer to its edges. This excellent edge support is paired with minimal motion transfer, which meant I could get a restful night’s sleep even if my partner was tossing and turning.

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Origin Hybrid mattress review: Verdict

All in all, the Origin Hybrid mattress provides great comfort and support at a very reasonable price. Thanks to its adaptive springs and innovative HexaGrid support system, it provides great pressure relief and support while you sleep, as well as being suitable for a range of sleeping positions.

Its only shortfalls are that the top cover isn’t removable, and there are no handles to turn it around. However, these are minor concerns that can be remedied with one of the best mattress protectors and by asking a friend to help you turn the mattress when needed. If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on sleep quality, the Origin Hybrid is a fantastic middle-ground between firm and soft options, which should please most people. And, if you’re not happy, you have the 200-night money-back guarantee.

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