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Best cot mattress 2024: The finest foam, fibre and spring mattresses for your little one

Best cot mattresses

Make sure baby (and you) have a great night’s sleep with the best cot mattresses for every budget

If you’re about to welcome a new baby into the world, picking up the best cot mattress you can find should be a top priority. Even if you decide to forgo the changing table, rocking chair and chest of drawers, you’ll certainly need some form of cot for your little one to sleep in.

Unfortunately, most cots on the market don’t come with cot mattresses included so you’ll need to factor in the cost of that when thinking about where your baby will sleep. There’s a lot of baby equipment that can safely be used secondhand, and you may be using a hand-me-down cot from a friend or older sibling, but you’ll need to buy a new cot mattress to make sure it’s hygienic, dust-free and firm.

We’ve found the best cot mattresses available to help you make a choice. Read on for our reviews – or if you don’t know where to start, have a look at our detailed buying guide.

Best cot mattress: At a glance

Best dual-sided cot mattressSilver Cross Quilted TrueFit Premium (~£199)Check price at John Lewis
Best quality cot mattressDreams Hush Baby Pocket Sprung Mattress (~£129)Check price at Dreams
Best travel cot mattressBaby Elegance Cool Flow Cot Mattress (~£45)Check price at Argos
Best Moses basket mattressMother Nurture Classic Foam (~£16)Check price at Amazon

How we test cot mattresses

To offer our recommendations of the best cot mattresses available, we put a range of models to the test – from foam, traditional coil spring and durable pocket-sprung mattresses, to those made from natural and hypoallergenic fibres. In addition, we consider mattresses designed for slightly older toddlers, as well as those suitable for slipping inside a Moses basket or travel cot. Examining models at different price points, our list comprises budget-friendly mattresses alongside more expensive, premium options.

Each of the mattresses below has been tested by our reviewers with the help of their own babies and toddlers. As such, comfort was determined by how peaceful a night’s sleep each mum enjoyed. Finally, we ensure each mattress meets the NHS and British safety standards and guidelines, which recommend a firm, flat surface that fits snugly in the cot without leaving any gaps around the edges.

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The best cot and cot bed mattresses you can buy in 2024

1. Silver Cross Quilted TrueFit Premium: Best dual-sided cot mattress

Price when reviewed: £199 | Check price at John Lewis

  • Great for… longevity, accommodating newborns to 4 year olds
  • Not so great for… the budget conscious

It might be more expensive than many options on the market, but the TrueFit premium offers the advantage of lasting longer than rivals, too.

Silver Cross’s most high-end cot mattress is dual-sided and suitable from birth. Once your baby is 18 months old, flip the Quilted TrueFit Premium over, and its softer side is then good to use until around the age of four years old.

The Premium looks and feels super luxurious, including 220 pocket springs for even weight distribution alongside temperature-regulating Thermo+ fabric. The mattress is breathable, hypoallergenic and water-resistant, too.

It’s available in the standard 140 x 70cm cot bed size and the TrueFit design means there will be no gaps around the edges. The cover is removable with a convenient zip, and can be machine washed at 60°C.

Key specs – Size: 140 x 70cm; Weight: Not available; Materials: Nursery-grade high-density foam, 220 pocket springs, natural rubberised coir layer, Thermo+ fabric, Tencel fabric

Check price at John Lewis

2. Dreams Hush Baby Pocket Sprung Mattress: Best quality cot mattress

Price when reviewed: £129 | Check price at Dreams

  • Great for… babies with allergies or sensitive skin
  • Not so great for… double check the measurements before buying

The first thing we said when we opened up this Hush Baby mattress from Dreams is that it feels really great quality. Soft, springy and supportive, it features 112 pocket springs with a breathable and heat-regulating cover that’s water-repellent and machine washable.

The comfort grade of the mattress is firm, so although the fabrics feel soft to the touch, it will still provide your baby with the safe, flat base they need for those crucial first months of growth and development.

The fabric is also anti-allergy and PVC-free, so it shouldn’t cause any irritation if your child is sensitive. The 40-night sleep guarantee and one-year warranty provides some extra reassurance, too.

Key specs – Sizes: 120 x 60 x 10cm; Weight: Not available; Material: Anti-allergy fabric

Check price at Dreams

3. The Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Mattress: Best cot mattress for eco-conscious parents

Price when reviewed: £200 | Check price at AmazonThe Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Mattress

  • Great for… dual-sided soft and firm sleep surfaces
  • Not so great for… some customers report a strong smell lingering

If eco-credentials are important to you and you’re in the market for a high-quality, all-natural cot mattress, The Little Green Sheep is the company to go to. This bestselling cot mattress is made of a supportive core of coconut fibre with wool and natural latex comfort and a quilted cotton cover.

The “twist” in the name refers to the fact that you can flip the mattress over from the firm, wool-lined side (recommended for babies up to 12 months) to a spongier latex side that’s ideal for older infants and toddlers. If you want to go large on going green, a range of crib and carrycot mattresses and accessories is also available.

Key specs – Size: 120 x 60 x 10cm; Weight: 7kg; Materials: Coconut coir, wool, latex, cotton

4. Baby Elegance Cool Flow Cot Mattress: Best travel cot mattress

Price when reviewed: £45 | Check price at Argos

  • Great for… folds in half for easy transport
  • Not so great for… tends to rustle a bit

Not all travel cots come with a mattress, and if they do, they tend to be on the thin side. If you want to ensure your little one is as comfy as possible on a weekend excursion or overnight trip to see friends or family, it’s worth investing in a decent travel cot mattress. This option from Argos is made from breathable fibre and is suitable for newborn babies and toddlers up to 15kg (or around three to four years old). It folds in half for easy storage and transportation and comes with a handy travel bag.

Key specs – Size: 94 x 66 x 5cm; Weight: 2.2kg; Material: 100% fibre

Check price at Argos

5. Mother Nurture Classic Foam: Best Moses basket mattress

Price when reviewed: From £16 | Check price at Amazon

  • Great for… thicker than typical Moses basket mattresses
  • Not so great for… measure carefully as it doesn’t fit some Moses baskets

Another entry in our list from Mother Nurture, this time for a foam mattress designed to fit in your baby’s Moses basket.

Almost all Moses baskets come with mattresses, but – like with travel cots – they have a tendency to be a little on the thin side. This is partly deliberate; you don’t want a mattress being too thick when babies are tiny. Yet, if you want more comfort without trading safety, we recommend this classic foam mattress.

Not only is it fully breathable and reversible, but it also has a quilted, water-resistant cover which can be taken off and washed at 40°C. The core of the mattress is foam, which is free from harmful chemicals, and the mattress conforms to the latest guidelines regarding the fillings for nursery mattresses. It doesn’t contain allergy-producing substances, either.

This mattress is available in three sizes, to fit most Moses baskets on the market, with prices starting at £14, then up to £17 for the 65 x 28 x 3.5cm and 67 x 30 x 4cm versions.

Key specs – Sizes: 67 x 30 x 4cm; 65 x 28 x 3.5cm; 74 x 28 x 3.5cm; Weight: 100g; Material: Foam, 60% Polypropylene, 40% Polyester

6. SnüzSurface Pro Adaptable Cot Bed Mattress: A brilliantly adaptable mattress for all ages

Price when reviewed: £190 | Check price at John Lewis

  • Great for… potty training toddlers
  • Not so great for… immediate sleeping – it needs seven days to expand fully

The SnüzPod bedside crib is one of the most popular baby products on the market, so we were excited to try the brand’s new Pro Adaptable mattress from its new SnüzSurface collection.

Out of the box, the mattress’s configuration allows it to be used up until the age of one. After your child’s first birthday – or when they’re heavy enough – you can simply rerearrange the foam layers inside the mattress’ cover to adapt the level of support to suit a larger child. Once your child is around 3 years of age, you can rearrange the layers once more to create a softer mattress suitable for children up to the age of 7.

The washable, removable cover has a breathable surface, and the waterproof membrane prevents leaks reaching the foam layers inside. The mattress itself also has an anti-dust-mite barrier and comes in a range of sizes including crib size.

One factor to take into consideration when buying a SnüzSurface mattress is that they need to be carefully unrolled and laid flat for up to seven days to allow the foam layers to fully expand. Once we’d left the mattress for this time, it fitted perfectly flat in our cot bed.

Key specs – Sizes: 70 x 140cm; Weight: Not available; Material: 100% polyester

Check price at John Lewis

7. Mamas & Papas Premium Pocket Spring Cot Mattress: A reversible anti-allergy pocket sprung mattress

Price when reviewed: £109 | Check price at Mamas & Papas

  • Great for… temperature regulation in warmer weather
  • Not so great for… pocket springs make it quite heavy

Mamas & Papas Premium Pocket Spring Cot Mattress has a two-sided, reversible design. The 162 individually pocketed springs respond to your baby’s growing shape, and while one side offers a suitably firm level of support for a baby, the other offers a little more give for larger children.

Both sides are treated with Purotex Technology to protect it from dust and allergens, and the temperature regulating fabrics and perspiration control treatment helps to keep children at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather.

The cover is also hypoallergenic, water-repellent and machine washable if your little one has any accidents.

Key specs – Sizes: 120 x 60 x 10cm; Weight: Not available; Material: Foam-free

How to choose the best cot mattress for you

What cot mattress material should I choose?

Other than price, the material will be your main consideration when choosing a cot mattress. As with adult mattresses, cot mattresses come in a range of materials, each with their own advantages. The main choices are as follows:

  • Foam – lightweight and easy to clean, foam cot mattresses are generally good value for money. That said, foam mattresses can lose their shape quicker than other cot mattress types so are less suitable if you plan to use your cot for an extended period.
  • Coil spring – a little more expensive and sturdier than a pure foam mattress, coil spring mattresses are like the traditional spring mattress you may have on your own bed. These cot mattresses usually hold their shape for longer, while the space between the springs allows air to flow more freely, keeping your baby cool in hot weather.
  • Pocket spring – with each spring in its own internal “pocket” these cot mattresses are super-supportive and durable, with a price tag to match. Due to the price, this kind of cot mattress is probably best suited to a larger cot bed that your baby will sleep in for several years.
  • Natural fibre – wool, coir (coconut fibre) and bamboo are typical materials used in natural fibre cot mattresses, which often also contain latex. Natural fibres are breathable and comfortable, making them a popular choice with eco-minded parents who may wish to avoid synthetic chemicals and plastic processing.
  • Hypoallergenic mattresses – if your baby has been diagnosed with allergies or asthma (or is at risk owing to asthma or allergies in the family), a hypoallergenic cot mattress is a great idea. These feature a detachable layer that can be washed at 60°C to kill any dust mites. Hypoallergenic cot mattresses may be made of any of the above materials, including natural fibres. The detachable layer adds a few pounds to the price but if allergies are a concern the resulting washability is invaluable.

Cot mattresses may also combine the above materials: coil spring mattresses often have a layer of foam or memory foam for comfort, and some mattresses are “dual core” with a firm side providing extra support for young babies up to 12 months old, and a softer side with added comfort for older babies and toddlers.

Other handy features to look out for are removable covers or panels for easy washing and ventilation holes in the foam or a good airflow between springs to keep the mattress fresh. Breathable fabrics can also be useful, especially if your baby’s room is on the warm side.

What size cot mattress do I need?

The standard UK size for cot mattresses is 60 x 120cm, but if you have purchased or inherited a cot from the US or elsewhere, check the mattress size required before purchasing. Cribs, co-sleepers and Moses baskets for younger babies all require smaller mattresses designed for that purpose, so again check the size before you buy. Additionally, if you’ve bought a cot bed, the mattress will need to be 70 x 140cm. When you buy your cot, check its dimensions either online or with the retailer. Most cot mattress manufacturers will also sell mattresses in smaller sizes for these uses, and larger versions for use in cot beds.

What are the cot mattress safety guidelines?

Top your cot mattress with a securely fitted sheet that fits snugly and won’t come loose. Avoid loose blankets in your baby’s cot – an infant sleeping bag is now the preferred choice – and keep cushions, pillows and soft toys out of the cot for the first two years. For more advice on infant sleep safety, see

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