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Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid mattress review: Eve’s two-sided mattress is its best yet

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £849
inc VAT (king size)

Eve has relaunched its Premium Hybrid with a choice of softer and firmer sleeping surfaces – and a lower price


  • Impressively comfortable and supportive
  • Innovative flip function lets you adjust the firmness
  • Edge support is much improved


  • Takes days to expand after unpacking
  • Comfort layer adds more softness than some may like

One of our favourite hybrid mattresses, the Eve Premium Hybrid, is no more – sort of. It’s been redesigned and relaunched as the Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid, with two different firmness levels that you can switch between by flipping the mattress.

All six mattresses in Eve’s range are now Wunderflip mattresses, featuring a firmer side and a softer side. That’s a great idea, but it confused me. Bed-in-a-box mattresses like these are carefully constructed from layers, top to bottom, so they’re not designed to be turned like conventional sprung mattresses. I wasn’t sure how, if at all, Eve’s “adaptive comfort” flip idea would work.

To find out, I spent six weeks sleeping on a Wunderflip Premium Hybrid, switching between the softer side and firmer side once a week. I didn’t notice a huge difference at first, but as the weeks went on I discovered I slept better on the firmer side, which felt sumptuously comfortable and supportive. With the Wunderflip Premium Hybrid costing hundreds of pounds less than its predecessor, I didn’t hesitate to give it five stars and a Best Buy award.

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Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid Mattress review: What you need to know

While the Eve Premium Hybrid was previously the brand’s most expensive mattress, the new Wunderflip Premium Hybrid sits somewhere in the middle of the range: more expensive than the Lighter and regular Hybrids but cheaper than the Wunderflip Ultimate Hybrid Sleep Mattress. The mattress combines pocket springs with multiple layers of foam, and has a zipped “comfort layer” that you can attach to your preferred sleeping side.

This comfort layer comprises 50mm of pressure-relieving memory foam, whose open-cell structure lets the air circulate to stop you getting too warm, according to Eve. It has two big zips: one for removing the hypoallergenic quilted cover so you can wash it in the machine, and one for removing the entire comfort layer from the mattress.

The idea is that you then zip the comfort layer onto the side of the mattress you want to sleep on. Eve has stitched a “firmer” label onto one side and a “softer” label onto the other so you can see which side is which.

The mattress is heavy when the comfort layer is attached, weighing in at 50.5kg for a double. That’s substantially heavier than the 40kg Simba Hybrid Pro in double size, even though both mattresses are a sumptuous 280mm thick. That’s 30mm thicker than the Wunderflip Lighter Hybrid and the Emma NextGen Premium.

The Wunderflip’s comfort layer accounts for a large proportion of the mattress’s hefty overall weight. When you remove the layer, the mattress becomes significantly lighter and relatively easy to flip, especially when you use the sturdy side handles.

Without the comfort layer, both sides of the mattress have a non-slip base to keep it from moving around on your bed. Inside, there are five more layers: a “dual-spring system” of tall pocket springs and short micro springs, which Eve says provides improved support; another layer of pressure-relieving foam; a layer of firmer foam; a “reactive” layer of springs to reduce motion transfer; and a layer of softer body-hugging foam.

The Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid comes with a 200-night money back guarantee and a ten-year warranty, so you have plenty of time to find out if it’s right for you.

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Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid Mattress review: Price and competition

Given its weight and thickness, you’d be forgiven for expecting the Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid to be priced at the top end of the spectrum. But compared to other mattresses we’ve reviewed here at Expert Reviews, it’s more of a mid-range buy. It’s not available in a single size, so the cheapest is a double at £749, rising to £849 for a king and £999 for a super king.

That makes it around £200 cheaper than its predecessor, the Eve Premium Hybrid, and puts it in a similar price bracket as the Emma NextGen Premium, which costs £799 for a king size, and the Otty Pure Hybrid, at £850. Both these mattresses are 250mm thick.

The regular Wunderflip Hybrid costs £799 in a king size, while Eve’s Wunderflip Lighter Hybrid mattress is cheaper still, with a king size costing £549 when not discounted – that’s £300 less than the Wunderflip Premium Hybrid. The Lighter mattress is also available as a single, costing £399, so might be a better choice for kids or the spare room. The Wunderflip Memory Foam mattress is similarly priced at £549 for a king size.

The Wunderflip Premium Hybrid is hardly the cheapest mattress you can buy but, as I said above, it’s more affordable than many of the other luxury hybrids we’ve reviewed. The Simba Hybrid Pro costs a cool £1,329 for a king size, the Otty Pure+ is £1,050 and the Origin Hybrid Pro is £1,434.

Not to be outdone by these super-premium rivals, Eve has a new luxury addition, too. The Eve Wunderflip Ultimate Hybrid, which includes a latex layer and temperature-regulating fabric, costs £999 for a double, £1,099 for a king size and £1,249 for a super king.

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Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid Mattress review: Comfort and performance

Like all bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid arrives vacuum-wrapped in plastic and expands to its full size when you remove the wrapping – eventually. It took more than a week for my mattress to reach its full size and firmness, and to lose its chemical smell.

That’s a longer wait period than other mattresses I’ve tested, including hybrids by Simba, Emma and Otty. Given that you may be planning to sleep on the mattress the first night, especially if you’ve asked Eve to remove and recycle your old one (this service is offered for £45), that slow expansion will make the mattress feel too soft for the first week or so.

Once my mattress filled out its fabric cover and reached its proper firmness, I was able to test its respective sides properly. Eve describes the firmer side as “firm” and the softer side as “medium”, but I would say they’re medium-firm and medium-soft.

The firm side is softer than some mattresses I’ve slept on, for example the HiGrid Premium Hybrid, and that’s largely thanks to the zip-on comfort layer, which acts a little like a mattress topper. Beneath it, the layers deliver good, consistent support and push-back without feeling hard. If you prefer your mattresses to be extremely supportive, then you may find both sides of the Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid too soft. Neither side is designed to be slept on without the comfort layer attached.

It’s worth noting that I used the Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid on a solid divan base. Conventional wisdom says that if your bed has sprung slats, they will add an extra degree of bounce. Body size and sleeping position affect your comfort level, too. I’m a small-proportioned side sleeper so I need some softness to allow my spine to align, but my husband, who’s average size and sleeps on his back, prefers firm mattresses for their back and joint support.

Luckily, we both agreed that the firm side offered enough comfort and support to suit us both. The comfort layer gave me enough cushioning, while the pressure-relieving foam layers supported my husband’s hips throughout the night. But what if partners can’t agree on which side they prefer? Eve may have to take responsibility for a few domestic tensions.

In other ways, the Wunderflip Premium Hybrid is a great choice for couples. Motion isolation is among the best I’ve experienced, so if you sleep with a restless partner you’ll find that the movement is absorbed and you aren’t disturbed as much as you used to be.

Edge support is also much improved over the old Eve Premium Hybrid. I carried out tests with weights to measure the Eve’s edge support, and found that it compares well with the Simba Hybrid Pro, and far exceeds the Emma NextGen Premium. If you’re fed up with your bed giving way beneath you when you sit on the edge, the Wunderflip Premium Hybrid will feel incredibly robust by comparison.

The Wunderflip Premium Hybrid does a good job of keeping you cool when the nights get too hot. Foam mattresses, even hybrids, have a tendency to hold onto body heat and lose support when they get warm, but this didn’t seem to be the case when I slept on the Wunderflip in May and June.

To put this subjective impression to the test, I measured how fast the temperature of the mattress dropped while I sat on it for 10 minutes. It cooled down at around the same rate as the Emma NextGen Premium and the Simba Hybrid Pro, the latter of which has a special wool layer to promote cooling. All three mattresses dropped from a surface temperature of 30°C to around 20°C after 10 minutes when the ambient temperature was 16.5°C, and from 30°C to around 22°C when the ambient temperature was 20°C.

Given that I was sitting on the mattress (and thermometer) when taking those readings, the rapid drop in surface temperature demonstrated an impressive level of cooling. The Wunderflip isn’t promoted as a cooling mattress, but it prevents that clammy feeling much better than older foam mattresses, and would be a fine choice if you often get too warm at night.

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Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid Mattress review: Verdict

The Eve Wunderflip Premium Hybrid is a worthy successor to its non-Wunderflip ancestor, and more than a flippy gimmick. This is one of the best mattresses we’ve ever tested in this price range, with an excellent balance of comfort and support that delivers pressure relief without feeling hard, whichever side you sleep on.

The Wunderflip idea is a nice one, as long as you don’t share your bed with someone who disagrees about which side to sleep on. The firmer side is not exceedingly firm, and the softer side is not exceedingly soft: both offer excellent cushioning, thanks to the zippable comfort layer, and the firmer side offers good support and pressure relief. You will need to wait a few days for the mattress to expand to its full 28cm height, but when it does it will feel more luxurious than you’d expect from its mid-range price tag.

I think this mattress is an all-round winner, but mattress comfort is a very personal thing. Full marks to Eve for giving you 200 nights to sleep on it and decide whether it’s right for you, or send it back for a full refund.

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