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The best mattress for heavy people: Our expert picks for ample support and comfort

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When you're big or tall, you need a mattress to match. We tested and reviewed the best mattresses for heavy people

Picking up one of the best mattresses for heavy people will net you consistent support right across the sleeping surface, delivering a comfortable sleep that won’t leave you with aches and pains. Going beyond just comfort, finding the right mattress for your body size is vital for good mental and physical health.

In our years of testing mattresses, we’ve found many that are suitable for larger people and determined the general level of support needed. You need enough support to let your spine lie straight while you sleep, whether you’re seeking the best mattress for back pain, or just want to upgrade your bed. In other words, your back shouldn’t be sinking into the mattress. The heavier you are, the more supportive your mattress needs to be.

We’re here to help. After testing more than 40 mattresses, and carefully measuring their firmness, edge support and ability to keep you cool at night, we chose our top five for heavier people. Read on for our recommendations, plus useful information on warranties, trials periods and how much you’ll need to spend.

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Best mattress for heavy people: At a glance

Best firm mattress with a lengthy trial periodEve Original (From ~£449)Check price at Eve
Best hybrid mattress overallSimba Hybrid Pro (From ~£929)Check price at Simba
Best foam mattress with a high weight capacityDormeo Memory Plus (From~ £295)Check price at Dormeo
Best firm hybrid mattressOtty Original Hybrid (From ~£530)Check price at Otty

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How we test mattresses

It may sound obvious, but it’s essential: we test our mattresses by sleeping on them. That’s part of it, anyway. We also put each mattress through tests designed to compare them fairly and precisely, using weights, spirit levels and thermocouple thermometers. Our main focus here is on firmness and temperature control, although we do also measure edge support and motion isolation.

How we test mattresses for heavy people

The base your mattress lies on will play its part in how a mattress feels, with a slatted base adding a little more bounce than a solid divan base. We can’t always test multiple bed bases when reviewing a mattress, but we always take this into account when judging.

A mattress is a big investment, so value for money is an important factor. We also take into account delivery experience, warranty details and free trials, which are notably generous in the bed-in-a-box market. After all, you only really know a mattress is perfect for you after you’ve slept on it for weeks or even months.

Read on for our roundup of the best mattresses for heavy people. All of the below entries have a maximum weight capacity of 114kg (18 stone), unless otherwise stated.

The best mattresses for heavy people in 2024

1. Eve Original: The best firm mattress with a lengthy trial period

Price when reviewed: From £449 (single) | Check price at Eve

Great for… larger people who want the comfort of foam without softness
Not so great for… side sleepers who need more “give” in their mattress

Compared to many of its rivals, the Eve Original stands out as a notably firm memory foam mattress. When we reviewed it, we placed it at around 7.5 on the firmness scale (where 1 is the softest and 10 is firmest). We found this level of support to be particularly comfortable for those who sleep on their front or back and, if you’re on the heavier side, you won’t be sinking into your mattress as if it were a giant marshmallow.

In its FAQs, Eve states that its weight limit supports individual sleepers up to 130kg. Comfort and support aside, a standout perk of all Eve mattresses is their trial period, which the brand has increased from 100 nights to 365 nights. You’ve now got a whole year to test out your mattress and, if you find it’s not for you, you can return it for a full refund. Alongside Nectar, Eve is the only brand to offer such a lengthy trial.

Read our full Eve Original mattress review 

Key features
Type3-layer memory foam (160mm base layer, 35mm memory foam layer, 30mm open-cell foam top layer)
Max weight capacity (per sleeper)130kg
Needs turning?No
SizesSingle to super king
Warranty365-night trial, 10-year warranty
Check price at Eve

2. Simba Hybrid Pro: Best hybrid mattress overall

Price when reviewed: From £929 (single) | Check price at Simba

Great for… an amazing balance of support and comfort in different sleeping positions
Not so great for… a budget choice, unless you grab a Simba discount

The Hybrid Pro is one of our favourite Simba mattresses – one that we happily gave a Best Buy award and five-star review for its temperature control and excellent balance of comfort and support. It’s constructed from foam alongside two layers of micro pocket springs, plus a wool layer that helped keep us cool and made us feel cradled and cushioned without any sense of sinking or sagging.

Simba gains extra points from us for specifying weight limits on its website. The brand’s 10-year warranty covers a maximum weight 114kg per sleeper for all of its adult hybrid mattresses.

Although it’s not cheap at £1,349 for a king size, the Hybrid Pro occupies a middle ground in the brand’s wider hybrid range, between the regular Hybrid and the Hybrid Luxe. And given the frequency of Simba’s promotional sales, there’s a good chance you won’t have to pay full price for it either.

Read our full Simba Hybrid Pro review

Key features
TypeFoam, wool and micro pocket spring hybrid
Max weight capacity (per sleeper)114kg
Needs turning?Rotate once/month for the first six months, once every 3/6 months thereafter
SizesSingle to super king
Warranty200-night trial, 10-year warranty
Check price at Simba

3. Dormeo Memory Plus: Best foam mattress with a high weight capacity

Price when reviewed: From £274 (small double) | Check price at Dormeo

Great for… heavier people who don’t want a mattress that’s too firm
Not so great for… anyone who struggles to sleep on hot nights

The Dormeo Memory Plus is a great-value foam mattress, largely because you can regularly find it discounted by as much as 60% in Dormeo’s online sales (bringing a king size down to just £400). At 170mm deep, it’s thinner than a lot of its rivals, and it falls on the softer side, too. However, despite its relatively svelte design, we found it to be comfortable and supportive.

What’s more, on its warranty page, Dormeo states that the mattresses in its Memory range have a weight limit of 22 stone (around 140kg) on each side, which is great if you’re concerned about being too heavy for your mattress.

Read our full Dormeo Memory Plus mattress review 

Key features
TypeMemory foam (foam core with 3cm upper memory foam)
Max weight capacity (per sleeper)139.7kg
Needs turning?No
SizesSingle to super king
Warranty60-night trial, 15-year warranty

Check price at Dormeo

4. Otty Original Hybrid: Best firm hybrid

Price when reviewed: From £530 (single) | Check price at Otty

Great for… restless sleepers who need firm support right to the edge
Not so great for… fans of bouncy sprung mattresses

Otty doesn’t specify maximum weight capacities for its mattresses, but we found the Original Hybrid to be very supportive from edge to edge, with a durable feel and excellent pressure relief that helps every part of you feel supported.

Otty rates the mattress as a seven out of 10 on the firmness scale, and we’re inclined to agree. Its layer of full-size 16cm pocket springs (2,000 in a king size) contribute to its ample levels of support, but when we tested it the mattress didn’t feel obviously sprung.

Otty’s Original Hybrid remains one of the best hybrid mattresses we’ve tested. At £800 in a king size (when it’s not discounted), it’s still more affordable than a number of entries on our roundup, plus you’ll get a 100-night trial to test it out.

Read our full Otty Original Hybrid mattress review 

Key features
TypeFoam/spring hybrid (50mm high-density foam; 2,000 140mm pocket springs; 30mm reflex foam; 30mm memory foam)
Max weight capacity (per sleeper)Unspecified
Needs turning?Rotate once/mth (for first six months)
SizesSingle to super king (plus EU sizes)
Warranty100-night trial, 10-year warranty
Check price at Otty

5. HiGrid Premium Hybrid mattress: Best mattress for a larger couple

Price when reviewed: £629 (king) | Check price at HiGrid

Best mattress for heavy people. HiGrid Premium Hybrid mattress on a white background

Great for… heavier sleepers whose old mattresses gave them back pain
Not so great for… side sleepers who need a degree of softness

This heavy, durable mattress from bed-in-a-box newcomer HiGrid is among the most supportive mattresses we’ve ever slept on. When we tested it in king size, we were bowled over by the pressure-relieving push-back that’s consistently strong from edge to edge. The push-back is largely down to an elastic “SmartGrid” layer that works together with the layers of foam and springs to create an orthopaedic feel that seemed to adapt to our sleeping positions. It’ll be ideal for pain sufferers and anyone who’d given up hope of finding a truly supportive mattress.

Side sleepers and smaller people may find the mattress a little too firm for comfort, especially at first. The upper layers become more supple as they adapt to you and your sleeping position, but they never quite feel soft. Also beware that this mattress is very heavy (too heavy) for even a moderately strong man to lift on his own.

Read our full HiGrid Premium Hybrid mattress review

Key features
TypeHybrid with seven layers including “SmartGrid” polymer, high-resilience foam and individually-wrapped springs
Max weight capacity (per sleeper)Unspecified
Needs turning?No
SizesFour sizes from single to super king
Warranty200-night trial, 10-year guarantee
Check price at HiGrid

How to choose the best mattress for you

Do bigger and heavier people need firmer mattresses?

Generally speaking, yes. When researching the best mattresses for bigger and heavier people, we spoke to Carlos E Cobiella, consultant sports surgeon working at The Shoulder Practice in London. “Firmer mattresses offer better support for heavier bodies,” Dr Cobiella told us. “These mattresses tend to distribute weight more evenly and prevent the body from sinking too deeply into the mattress.”

Sinking into your mattress may sound cosy, but it’s not good for your spine, and may cause back pain further down the line. Ideally, your spine should align (be comfortably straight) while you sleep. For smaller people, this requires enough softness to accommodate hips and shoulders. For bigger people, it requires enough firmness to support your body.

Firmer mattresses also tend to last longer, points out Dr Cobiella. “Heavier people may put more pressure on mattresses, causing them to wear out more quickly. Firmer mattresses tend to be more durable and better able to withstand extra weight over time.”

Why is “pressure relief” important in a mattress?

Firm and orthopaedic mattresses excel at pressure relief, which essentially means they help to distribute your body weight more evenly across the sleeping surface.

“Many people experience pain in areas like the shoulders, hips and lower back due to pressure points formed by older mattresses,” says Dr Cobiella. “Mattresses designed for pressure relief aim to reduce the concentration of pressure on these points.” As a result, you’ll sleep better – and you’ll feel less pain when you wake up

How do I know if a mattress will be supportive enough?

If you’re concerned about whether a mattress will take your weight, there are a number of things you can look out for. First, check the manufacturer’s weight limits. Most brands should specify this in the mattress specification information or in its FAQs. For instance, all Simba Hybrid mattresses are designed to accommodate up to 114kg per sleeper.

If you’re on the heavier side, it’s also a good idea to look for a mattress that will be firm enough to support you. Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the firmer you’ll want your mattress to be (your mattress will also feel firmer when used on a solid base, rather than sprung slatted).

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