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Simba Hybrid mattress topper review: Luxury at a cost

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £350
£350 in king size

The Simba Hybrid is an excellent mattress topper, but its lofty price and lack of money-back guarantee make it difficult to recommend


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Cooler than all-foam rivals
  • Reduces motion transfer


  • Expensive
  • No money-back trial
  • Doesn’t mask body impressions

Whether you’re hoping to eke a couple more years out of an old mattress or are stuck with a relatively new one that’s much too hard, a mattress topper can remedy the problem without spending a fortune.

At £350 in king size, though, the Simba Mattress Topper stretches that advice to its limit – it’s around half the price of many of our favourite mattresses. So, is buying such a luxury topper a worthy investment or a false economy? Let’s find out.

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Simba Hybrid mattress topper review: What you need to know

This is no ordinary mattress topper, however. Simba’s Hybrid mattress topper is made from a combination of springs and foam, much like the award-winning Simba Hybrid mattress.

At around 70mm deep, it consists of 20mm of firm, high-density foam and a layer of 20mm conical pocket springs beneath 25mm of synthetic “Simbatex” latex. Last but not least, there’s a breathable cover that can be unzipped and machine-washed (the top half only) so you can keep it fresh and hygienic.

The Simba Hybrid topper’s slip-proof base and corner straps prevent it from sliding around on your mattress. And should you need to store it in a loft or wardrobe, or even take it away with you, those corner straps wrap around to keep it securely and neatly rolled up.

There’s a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, but sadly no money-back trial like you get with the Simba Hybrid mattress or rival toppers from Eve and Dormeo.

Simba Hybrid mattress topper review: Price and competition

With prices starting at £200 for a single and rising to £300 for a double and £350 for a king size, the Simba Hybrid is among the most expensive mattress toppers I’ve tested. Indeed, at £500 in king size, only the Dormeo Octasmart Plus is considerably more expensive and it’s frequently reduced by up to 50%.

It’s £50 more expensive than the John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Hungarian Goose Down 50mm Deep Mattress Topper in double and king sizes, too, and up to £100 more expensive than rival brand Eve’s mattress topper, which costs £230 in king size.

That’s a lot of investment when you can buy 50mm memory foam toppers such as the Silentnight Impress in a king size for just £80. For more low-priced alternatives, make sure to check out our roundup of the best mattress toppers.

Simba Hybrid mattress topper review: Comfort and performance

You might baulk at the price, but the Simba Hybrid mattress topper undoubtedly changed the feeling of my traditional, firm pocket-sprung mattress for the better. Indeed, although it retained a level of firmness and springiness, what I noticed the most was how much more readily the bed accommodated my shoulders and hips when lying on my side.

To elaborate, if you’re a side sleeper who occasionally wakes with pins and needles because you’ve squashed limbs between your body and the mattress, the yielding nature of the Simba Hybrid’s soft comfort layer and 20mm pocket springs ought to make instances of numbness fewer and farther between. Not only that, it does a great job of eliminating motion transfer. Where I normally notice my partner’s movements in the middle of the night, I was scarcely aware of her getting into or out of bed with the Simba Hybrid topper in place.

Neither of those things is that impressive for a thick mattress topper, though. When Silentnight’s Impress 50mm memory foam topper offers similar improvement for £80, I’d expect no less from a product that costs upwards of £350. However, where the Simba Hybrid comes into its own is with temperature control.

Thanks to its layer of pocket springs and breathable synthetic latex layer, the Simba Hybrid mattress topper feels noticeably cooler than all-foam models from Silentnight and Eve. It’s more comparable with the Dormeo Octasmart Plus, which uses memory-foam “springs” to maximise ventilation.

However, although it never became unbearably hot, the Simba topper was still warmer than the natural fillings of my mattress beneath. Not only that, but it also softens as it becomes warmer. This is a common trait among memory-foam products, but it made me all too aware of the existing body impressions in my pocket sprung mattress beneath. If your mattress has sagged from too much use, then, you shouldn’t expect the Simba Hybrid topper to deliver a magic solution.

Simba Hybrid mattress topper review: Verdict

Despite its mattress-improving talents, the Simba Hybrid is a tough sell. And that’s principally because, unlike rivals from Eve and Dormeo, the Simba Hybrid lacks a money-back guarantee.

The reason many people buy toppers is as an affordable “fix” for a flagging mattress. The Simba Hybrid is anything but affordable, however, and although it undoubtedly transformed my bed for the better, there’s quite literally no guarantee it will do the same for you. If your mattress is on the way out, you’d be better off opting for a product with a money-back guarantee – or putting the money towards a brand-new mattress instead.

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