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Eve mattress topper review: Transform your hard mattress for £230

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It won’t work miracles but the Eve mattress topper might be your best bet for extending the lifespan of your current mattress


  • Soft and supportive
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Washable cover


  • Not cheap

Testing mattresses is an unscientific job at the best of times but evaluating a mattress topper is even trickier. That’s simply because there are more variables at work: everyone who buys one will be using a different foundation and, therefore, by definition, will have a different experience.

What follows, then, is my experience, having tested the Eve mattress topper on a traditional, firm pocket-sprung mattress. I’ll explain what it does well, along with its shortcomings, which should help to inform your buying decision.

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Eve Mattress Topper review: What you need to know

It’s important to remember you might have a totally different experience and the only way to truly know what it’s like is to try it for yourself. Thankfully, Eve offers a 30-night money back guarantee, so if you do buy one and don’t like it, you won’t be out of pocket as a result.

At £230 for a King size, the Eve mattress topper isn’t cheap but it does claim to do something that many other toppers don’t. As well as adding “luxurious comfort”, the manufacturer boasts it provides a “generous helping of support too”.

Typically, a topper is a great idea if you have a mattress you find too hard and want a little extra comfort. However, the Eve topper combines a 20mm open cell, “comfort layer” with 30mm of “ultra-resilient” base foam to not only deliver comfort but also a level of firmness.

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Eve Mattress Topper review: Price and competition

The Eve mattress topper starts at £149 for a single and climbs to £199 for a double and £229 for a king, when bought directly from the manufacturer. If that’s too pricey for you, the John Lewis Soft Touch topper ranges from £75 to £110 according to size, while Silentnight’s excellent 5cm memory foam topper can effectively soften a hard mattress for just £80 in king size.

Alternatively, at the other end of the scale, Haastens makes excellent all-natural toppers that start at £550. It’s worth noting that none of these other toppers come with the privilege of a 30-night money back guarantee.

Eve Mattress Topper review: Comfort and performance

The thickness of the Eve mattress topper’s base foam probably isn’t sufficient to support you on a mattress that has sagged but I can confirm it retained the same firm level of support I’ve grown accustomed to with my own pocket sprung mattress. It also transformed the overall sensation of the mattress to one much more akin to the all-foam bed-in-a-box mattresses I’ve tested.

To elaborate, by building on the comfort layers in my pocket sprung mattress and offering more “sinkage” for my shoulders and hips, the Eve topper made lying on my side much more agreeable. Despite this, the firm foundation foam continued to push my hips upwards sufficiently when lying on both my front and my back.

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of having the foam topper on the mattress, though, was the extent to which it minimised motion transfer. Where I can normally feel my partner getting into and out of bed without the topper on the bed, I was blissfully unaware of her movements with it. That’s a big plus point if you’re a light sleeper who’s easily woken by small movements.

Eve claims its topper is 30 times more breathable than traditional memory foam and I can endorse its sweat-wicking properties; I never woke feeling wet and clammy. However, the topper does still sleep warmer than a mattress or topper with natural fillings. If you get really warm at night, it’s best to avoid foam altogether but, otherwise, the Eve topper shouldn’t cause you any problems.

The other slight caveat is that, if do you get very warm when you sleep, you might notice the topper feel softer throughout the night as it warms up; In turn, your hips might sink a little further than usual. On a couple of occasions I noticed a change in its properties, but my partner, who doesn’t get so warm at night, had no such experience. The upside to it being made from foam, though, is that its stuffing doesn’t clump together in the way some synthetic, microfibre toppers do.

To stop it from moving around, the topper has four elasticated straps securing it to each corner of the mattress. Along with a fitted sheet to keep it in place, the topper stayed firmly in place. You can also use the straps to hold the topper in a rolled-up state, should you need to pack it away or travel with it.

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Another perk to the Eve topper is that it has a removable top cover, so you can unzip it and pop it in the washing machine when it needs to be freshened up. That’s a real boon over those that aren’t washable, especially if you want to keep it for years to come.

Eve Mattress Topper review: Verdict

The Eve topper does the two most important things you could ask of any mattress topper: it simultaneously adds softness while maintaining superb levels of support.

It’s a fantastic option, then, if you’re too aware of the springs underneath on an otherwise supportive mattress, or you just want that little bit extra comfort.

Our only criticism is its price. At £200 for a double, it’s nearly half the price of the Eve and Otty hybrid mattresses. If you’re really unhappy with your mattress, then, it could make more sense to save up and replace it altogether rather than trying to mask the problem.

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