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Latest TVs

All LG TV model numbers explained

Find out how to make sense of LG’s bewildering TV naming methods

Samsung TV advertorial teaser
6 reasons to upgrade to a flagship Samsung TV this summer

Upscale every moment and take your viewing to a new level with Samsung’s latest flagship TVs

Asus Zenbeam L2 review teaser on a wooden floor
Asus ZenBeam L2 review

The ZenBeam Z2 has built-in streaming and impressive image quality but cheaper rivals match it in most areas and beat it on ease of use

Image of a TV displaying Freely
Freely hands-on: Our first look

Freely is an intuitive and easy way of accessing popular UK TV content over the internet but you’ll need to buy a TV that supports it

LG QNED91 review-Image of the TV from a front on view displaying a city skyline at night
LG QNED91 review: A Mini LED flagship 4K TV in name only

The LG QNED91 claims to be a cutting-edge big-screen model but falls short of the competition

£1599 inc VAT
Dangbei Emotn N1 review teaser on a wooden floor
Dangbei Emotn N1 review: A decent bang for your buck

It’s not the brightest and colour performance could be better, but the Emotn N1 gives you enjoyable pictures and sound for a bargain price

£299 inc VAT
samsung hw-s800d - soundbar beside tv
Samsung HW-S800D review: Sleek, stylish and immersive

The Samsung HW-S800D is a lifestyle-friendly Atmos soundbar that manages to deliver cinematic slam despite its slimline dimensions

£750 inc VAT
The best cheap projector you can buy in 2024

Get a great big-screen experience with the best budget projectors, tried and tested by us

An indoor TV aerial
The best indoor TV aerials for Freeview in 2024

Not fussed about streaming? Our pick of the best indoor TV aerials will give you access to plenty of great telly without hassle

Panasonic debuts Fire TV and Tivo OS options in its 2024 TV

Japanese manufacturer Panasonic’s new TV range features MLA OLED, Mini LED and LED options powered by either Fire TV or TiVo