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air fryer on counter with hand opening - air fryer vs halogen oven
Air fryer vs halogen oven: Which should you have?
Air fryers

The air fryer versus halogen oven debate can feel complicated, so we clear up the pros and cons of each appliance for you

A woman selects a setting on an air fryer that's on a kitchen countertop
Air fryer pros and cons: What you need to know before buying
Air fryers

Is an air fryer the right choice for your home? We weigh up the pros and cons of cooking with them

Emma Original vs Simba Hybrid: Which is better?

They make our two favourite mattresses, both hybrids with five-star reviews. But how do they compare? We put Emma and Simba head to head

A person removes white clothes from a washing machine drum
What temperature to wash white clothes on
Washing machines

Our simple guide on how hot your water needs to be to get your whites back to their best

A composite image showing an android smartphone being held in a hand on the left and an iPhone on the right
iPhone vs Android: Which smartphone ecosystem is best
Mobile phones

We put Android and Apple head-to-head and determine which is better for user interface, affordability, photography and gaming

How to clean a mattress in six steps

Get rid of fresh filth or ingrained stains on your mattress with this handy guide to the best cleaning methods and products

How to dispose of an old mattress

A guide to mattress disposal and recycling across the UK

instant vortex plus air fryer best affordable ninja alternative air fryers
Our expert's best affordable Ninja air fryer alternative
Air fryers

This Ninja alternative rivals the Foodi Dual Zone and is the one to buy if you’re looking to spend under £200

A man holds a document in one hand and holds his smartphone with the other
What is CPI and how will it affect your mobile phone bill?
Mobile networks

How does the Consumer Price Index measure the effect of inflation and how has that affected the cost of your mobile contract?

latte in mug being lifted by hand from espresso machine - this is why your coffee tastes bad
This is why your espresso tastes bad (and how to fix it)
Coffee machines

From pour time to grind size, these are the factors that could spoil your brew