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The best broadband and TV deals in 2024, based on our customer survey and full reviews

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We reveal the best broadband and TV deals that will save you money, with the recommendations based on our survey of thousands of customers

The best broadband and TV deals combine an eye-catching array of channels and streaming services with an internet connection capable of making the most of them. Even better, they can also save you hefty sums of money, and the best broadband providers are jostling for your attention by throwing in exciting extras.

But which is best for you? We’ve weighed up plans from internet service providers (ISPs) big and small to draw up a live list of the most head-turning offers, which is constantly updated. Read on to find a brilliant bargain for your home this month.

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The best broadband and TV deals you can buy in 2024

1. Now Broadband: The best broadband and TV deal overall

Price: £28/mth | View deal at Now Broadband

A Now Broadband router on a wooden tableIf you gobble up the latest stateside dramas, this is the broadband and TV bundle for you: as well as an average download speed of 63Mbits/sec, you’ll also get access to the Now TV Entertainment package for £28/mth on a 12-month contract (£10 upfront), although that price will change during your contract.

That means you’ll be treated to hundreds of Sky dramas and documentaries to binge at your leisure, as well as 16 live channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Sky Comedy and Sky Documentaries. Want to see what all of the Succession, The Last of Us and The White Lotus fuss is about? Now is the perfect time to catch up.

There are a couple of caveats, though: first, the ISP was the recipient of a middling three stars out of five in our latest Now Broadband review, where we praised its low prices but raised questions about its poor reliability. Second, as with many of the big names on the market, Now Broadband has decided to increase prices each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus an additional 3.9%.

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How to pick the best broadband and TV deal for you

The world of broadband and TV bundles can be something of a minefield, with lots of numbers and deals being thrown around in an attempt to capture your attention. To help you get started, we’ve put together a short checklist of questions.

Is it worth going for a bundle?

This is the first question you should ask yourself before signing up for a broadband and TV deal. While there are some outstanding offers, there are a couple of hurdles to traverse: will you actually watch all of the channels you’re being promised? Is the broadband part of the package up to snuff? In the deals sections above, we’ll always provide a link to the full broadband review and give you a low-down of what you’ll be getting.

More complicated is the question of value for money: many initially attractive offers might actually end up being more expensive than if you signed up for the broadband and TV contracts separately. However, we’ll always crunch the numbers for you and won’t include these in the list above. If you’re going for a deal elsewhere, make sure you do your research to avoid losing money.

Can you get full fibre?

There’s been a lot of positive disruption in the UK broadband market recently. While it was once dominated by a handful of big-hitters, there is now a wide range of smaller, often very regional networks around the country that deliver full-fibre speeds. That means it’s become something of a buyer’s market and, consequently, a great time to jump ship to a new provider.

If you live in a town or city, it’s likely you’ll have access to a full-fibre broadband connection, but you might still be lucky out in the countryside. The easiest and quickest way of finding out is to pick one of our recommended broadband and TV deals above and use the ISP’s tool to see if full-fibre speeds are available in your area.

What’s the best speed for you?

With the notable exception of Now Broadband, most ISPs serve up a bewildering array of different plans, which means it’s easy to accidentally sign up for speeds that you won’t need. As a quick rule of thumb, we’d argue that an average download speed of around 100Mbits/sec is enough for most households, which you can step up to 300Mbits/sec or even 500Mbits/sec if you’ve got a big family or do lots of bandwidth-hungry tasks such as downloading game updates.

Gigabit speeds (1,000Mbits/sec) should only appeal to power users and, at the other end of the speed spectrum, 36Mbits/sec will suit those who browse the web or do an occasional spot of streaming from a couple of devices. It won’t be enough if you’re working full-time from home and need to, say, join large video meetings.

How long should the contract last?

Most providers offer 18-month or 24-month contracts, although some have 12-month plans. The latter will allow you to wriggle out and switch to a better deal sooner, but keep in mind that many ISPs have recently decided to hike up their prices mid-contract in April, usually by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus an extra 3.9%.

How much do you have to pay upfront?

Unlike broadband-only deals, which only tend to come with a small setup fee nowadays, you have to be wary of upfront costs when signing up for a broadband and TV bundle – especially if it comes with new hardware such as a set-top box. That said, you’re still unlikely to pay an enormous amount and we’ll always make sure to flag any fees in the sections above.

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