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Epson EH-LS650 review teaser projector on wooden floor
Epson EH-LS650 review: Gorgeous 4K images and epic sound

The EH-LS650 produces fantastic vibrant images and impressive audio, but ease of use and minor software issues hold it back

£1999 inc VAT
Honor 200 back
Honor 200 review: The biggest threat yet to the Pixel 8a?
Mobile phones

The Honor 200 pairs an affordable telephoto camera with terrific stamina – if only the software and performance could match the Pixel 8a

£500 inc VAT
MSI MPG 271QRX QD-OLED review: Super-fast OLED gaming ahoy
PC monitors

MSI hits 360Hz high with its impressive OLED gaming monitor

£999 inc VAT
Honor 200 Pro review teaser held above a garden table
Honor 200 Pro review: Putting the ‘AI’ in portraits
Mobile phones

The software isn’t the best but the Honor 200 Pro more than makes up for it with strong performance and incredible portrait photography

£700 inc VAT
Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress review: Plush but pricey

This luxurious bamboo-infused hybrid mattress is at the firmer and pricier end of the spectrum

£950 inc VAT
JBL Live Beam 3 review
JBL Live Beam 3 review: More than just small screen appeal

While a touchscreen charging case is their unique selling point, there’s lots more to like about the JBL Live Beam 3

£180 inc VAT
Honor 200 Lite review
Honor 200 Lite review: Epic stamina in a slender frame
Mobile phones

The Honor 200 Lite didn’t impress in my performance testing, but its excellent battery life and main camera got me back on board

£280 inc VAT
BT broadband review - teaser
BT Broadband review: Better value and performance available

A reliable provider, but middling performance coupled with high prices isn’t a winning combo

£32 (Starting from) Note: The monthly price shown will increase on 31 March 2024 by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus 3.9%
Virgin Media Broadband review: Not great

Decent speeds can’t disguise the poor customer service and reliability

£26 (Starting from) Note: The monthly price shown will increase each April by the Retail Price Index rate of inflation plus 3.9%
Sky Broadband review: Tough to recommend

Bottom-of-the-class speed and reliability scores make Sky a tough one to recommend

£34 (Starting from) Note: The monthly price shown may increase during the contract period