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Best ironing board 2024: Enjoy smooth, crease-free perfection with our top picks

Can't decide which is the best ironing board to buy? Take a load off your mind with this handy guide

You might not think it, but the quality of your ironing board can make a real difference to how quickly your chores are done. The best ironing boards should have a supportive base, decent padding on top, and be able to comfortably hold your iron without fear of it falling over. This might not sound like much, but you’d be surprised at how many manufacturers get it so very wrong. Much like buying a quality iron, buying the right ironing board could significantly cut the time it takes to get through that pile of clothes each week.

Whether you love or loathe your chores, we’ve made finding the best ironing board a breeze. Below, you’ll find our handy guide on how to choose the right ironing board for your needs, including which features to look out for. We’ve also rounded up some of the best ironing boards further down the page, so you can find your perfect match no matter your preferences.

If you want to skip straight to our top picks and verdicts, simply take a look at our at-a-glance list just below.

Best ironing board: At a glance

How to choose the best ironing board for you

Having a dependable iron is only half the battle. If you iron regularly, you’ll want a board that’s easy to set up and use, as well as convenient to store. Consider the board cover too – a burned ironing board surface looks tatty and could even ruin your clothes.

How important is storage?

Most full-sized ironing boards fold away for storage. There are also smaller tabletop versions available – handy for craft projects or quick touch-ups. In addition, you can get built-in models, usually installed in a drawer or wall cabinet. If you live in a small house or flat where space is at a premium, one of the latter versions may suit you best, while in larger homes with plenty of cupboard space or a utility room, you’ll have more options open to you. Some ironing boards also come with wheels, which is great for heavier models.

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What kind of ironing board cover do I need?

An ironing board cover should have good padding and be scorch-resistant, as well as smooth. Many are treated with silicone to make them stain-resistant. A non-stick surface prevents the clothes from clinging to the board, while a reflective surface allows you to work with more heat and get the job done more quickly.

What size and weight should I go for?

If your ironing work mostly involves touching up shirts and trousers, you can probably get away with a basic board; those who work regularly on full-sized garments such as dresses and suits will want something more substantial. If you’ve got room, go for a full-size board that’s at least 4ft long and 12in to 18in wide. The wider, the better as this means you can spend more time ironing and less time repositioning garments.

Also, think about weight: a lightweight board will be easier to set up, fold down and store away – although it still needs to be sturdy. If you have uneven floors, be sure to check if the legs are designed to cope with this.

Any other features to consider?

Make sure the board has a metal mesh top, as this allows steam to pass through and evaporate. Other extras to consider include a flex holder to avoid the cord getting caught, a sleeve attachment (which clips onto the main board for sleeves and smaller items), an iron rest (to prevent the iron from falling off the board), and a hanging rack to store clothes on before putting them away.

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The best ironing boards you can buy in 2024

1. Lakeland Bright Blooms Ironing Board: Best all-round ironing board

Price when reviewed: £70 | Check price at Lakeland

Sturdy, steel frame? Tick. Height adjustable and good for tall people? Tick. Machine washable cover? Tick. Wide board? Tick. And so the list of plus points goes on, making this a great all-rounder for pretty much every kind of ironing job. You can also keep the flex from getting in the way while you iron, thanks to the specially designed holder – although we found it can occasionally catch. We’d advise investing in an extra cover, though, if you like a really well-padded board and be warned that the board is quite heavy.

Key specs – Size of ironing surface: 120 x 40cm; Adjustable height: 46-97cm; Weight: 6.5kg; Cover: 100% cotton, machine washable; Warranty: 3 years

Check price at Lakeland

2. Argos Home Small Ironing Board: Best ironing board under £20

Price when reviewed: £17 | Check price at Argos

Budget ironing boards tend to be really wobbly even when set up, feeling as though they might collapse at any moment. While this Argos model is by no means up there with the big boys in terms of feeling solid and secure, it’s impressively sturdy for its price. It’s got a machine washable cover and is easy to store away, as it’s reasonably small and light. However, we couldn’t get it anywhere near the lowest height setting, which makes it a poor choice for shorter people. It also wasn’t very good on an uneven floor.

Key specs – Size of ironing surface: 97 x 34cm; Adjustable height: 51-84cm; Weight: 3.4kg; Cover: 100% cotton, machine washable; Warranty: 1 year

Check price at Argos

3. Addis Shirtmaster Ironing Board: Best choice for shirts

Price when reviewed: £40 | Check price at Habitat

If your laundry pile is mostly shirts, you’ll love this ironing board that’s designed to make short work of them. It lets you iron a whole side of a shirt, from collar to tail, in one swoop, slashing the time you have to spend pressing your tops. It’s also good for bed linen, thanks to the large ironing surface, and the non-slip feet and sturdy design mean it stays firmly in place.

Key specs – Size of ironing surface: 125 x 41cm; Adjustable height: 79-93cm; Weight: 5.5kg; Cover: 100% cotton; Warranty: 10 years

Check price at Habitat

4. Minky Velocity PearlActiv Ironing Board: Best for heat reflection

Price when reviewed: £50 | Check price at AmazonThis large ironing board features Minky’s patented PearAactiv technology, which reflects heat for more effective ironing, while a thick foam pad makes for a smoother finish and stands the test of time. We love the modern finish and it includes handy features such as a steam-safe angled rest and a good range on the multi-height mechanism, which is smooth to adjust. The legs are nice and sturdy, which makes it feel safe and it comes in at a good price. As for its claims for faster ironing, though, we’re not quite convinced.

Key specs – Size of ironing surface: 122 x 38cm; Adjustable height: 0-92cm; Weight: 5kg; Cover: PearlActiv; Warranty: 3 years

5. Brabantia Ironing Board D: Best for serious ironing jobs

Price when reviewed: £165 | Check price at AmazonIroning surfaces don’t get much bigger than this (for home use anyway), making it a godsend for sheets. Its sturdy 35mm steel frame with protective non-slip caps should also last you through years of laundry. The integrated heat resistant “parking zone” means there’s no separate resting place for your iron – quicker to pop it down and grab it back when needed – and there’s nowhere for the flex to get trapped.

The folding linen rack is handy if you don’t have a table nearby. The adjustable height is so flexible that you can use it to iron sitting down, as well as being good for tall people, and there are plenty of locks to ensure the board doesn’t collapse even if kids get their mitts on it. Just be sure you have enough storage space as it’s a beast, albeit an attractive one.

Key specs – Size of ironing surface: 35 x 45cm; Adjustable height: 61-102 cm; Weight: 7.3kg; Cover: Cotton with foam underlay; Warranty: 10 years

6. Brabantia Ironing Table with Steam Control: The most fully-featured ironing board

Price when reviewed: £79 | Check price at John Lewisbest ironing board Brabantia Ironing Board CThis super-solid ironing board brings some innovative features and precision engineering that make it incredibly smooth and easy to set up and put away. Highlights are the plastic tray to catch water drops and a large, sturdy iron holder that (unusually) will hold a steam generator iron with a footprint of up to 36 x 25cm.

The Ironing Table also includes safety features that prevent it from being knocked over by boisterous kids. The only catch is that if you don’t have a storage space in which to leave in the upright position, you’ll have to remember to empty the drip bowl before stowing it. While it is fairly costly, if you do a lot of ironing, then it’s worth every penny.

Key specs – Size of ironing surface: 124 x 45cm; Adjustable height: 75-102cm; Weight: 9kg; Cover: 100% cotton, machine washable; Warranty: 10 years

Check price at John Lewis

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