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Stephen Withers

Stephen Withers is a freelance TV reviewer with more than ten years of experience writing for major tech publications. As a lifelong film fan, he’s embraced the evolution of display technology from Full HD to 4K, HDR and beyond. He’s also a professional video calibrator, allowing him to keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations while ensuring people get the very best picture quality out of their new TVs and projectors.

Recent articles by Stephen Withers

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review

The Amazon Fire TV 4-Series combines smarts and performance to deliver a capable 4K TV but it’s light on features

£330 inc VAT
Hisense AX5125H review
Hisense AX5125H review: Highly immersive and affordable

If you want to enjoy object-based audio but have limited funds, the Hisense AX5125H might be just the soundbar you’re looking for

£349 inc VAT
LG QNED91 review-Image of the TV from a front on view displaying a city skyline at night
LG QNED91 review: A Mini LED flagship 4K TV in name only

The LG QNED91 claims to be a cutting-edge big-screen model but falls short of the competition

£1599 inc VAT
samsung hw-s800d - soundbar beside tv
Samsung HW-S800D review: Sleek, stylish and immersive

The Samsung HW-S800D is a lifestyle-friendly Atmos soundbar that manages to deliver cinematic slam despite its slimline dimensions

£750 inc VAT
Samsung S90D review: A mid-tier QD OLED with AI smarts

The Samsung S90D may be a step down from the S95D, but its upgraded processing helps deliver excellent picture and sound quality

£3099 inc VAT
Samsung HW-Q990D review: Incredibly immersive

Delivering excellent immersive audio, the HW-Q990D is a multi-channel soundbar that will be hard to beat

£1699 inc VAT
Samsung QN95D (QE65QN95D) review- A left side view of the television which is displaying an image of a lake with mountains in the background
Samsung QN95D: A superb flagship QLED with extra AI power

The Samsung QN95D adds upgraded AI-powered picture and sound processing to take its already impressive performance to another level

£3699 inc VAT
Samsung S95D review - teaser image of the TV displaying farmland and mountains
Samsung S95D: The future of OLED TV has never been brighter

Samsung’s S95D is a flagship TV that redefines the possibilities of Quantum Dot OLED

£3599 inc VAT
Samsung QN900D: An AI-powered 8K HDR maestro

If you’re after an 8K TV, you’ll struggle to find one capable of delivering the same levels of performance as the Samsung QN900D

£6699 inc VAT
Sony A95L (XR-55A95L) review: Exceptional picture quality

Sony’s latest QD-OLED TV offers exceptional imaging but is a lot more expensive than the competition

£2499 inc VAT