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  • Adam Shepherd

    Adam Shepherd, head of podcasts at Haymarket Media Group, is an experienced technology journalist with past experience including IT Pro and PodPod.

  • Adrienne Wyper

    Adrienne Wyper is a freelance journalist who has dedicated over two decades to writing about wellness, beauty and lifestyle. Her work has been featured in publications such as Netdoctor, Red, and Prima.

  • Aimee Jakes

    Aimee Jakes is a writer with a passion for fitness, fashion and beauty. She is currently shopping editor for Heat and Closer Online.

  • Alan Lu

    Alan Lu is currently external communications manager at Vodafone UK and has a background in corporate communications and media writing. An alumnus of The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), he has previously served as reviews editor for IT Pro and Computeractive.

  • Alan Martin

    Alan Martin is a freelance writer with more than a decade’s worth of experience, mainly in the technology space, with bylines at The Evening Standard, Tom’s Guide, The i and many others. His main focus at Expert Reviews is ensuring that your next pick of phone or wearable is the right choice for you and represents the best possible value for money. In the past he’s covered a broad range of games, dental apparel and pet accessories and, on one memorable occasion, had to strip off to retrieve a rogue drone from a lake – such is his dedication to reviews.

  • Aleksha McLoughlin

    Aleksha McLoughlin is an experienced editor specialising in gaming, hardware and ecommerce. She was most recently the hardware and news editor for PC Guide.

  • Alex Lee

    Alex Lee is a tech writer at The Independent, with experience including roles at WIRED UK and contributions to The Guardian and Metro.

  • Alex Mott

    Alex Mott is senior content editor at Onefootball. He has worked on various publications including Expert Reviews, The Daily Mirror and The Guardian.

  • Alice Hamilton Beer

    Alice's two favourite things are interior decorating and telling people about interior decorating. As a freelance lifestyle writer, she’s never happier than when she's reviewing all things home and garden, from the latest sewing machines to state-of-the-art kitchen taps. When she's not digging a new veg patch or retiling her bathroom, she can usually be found bothering one of her many cats or wandering around the Scottish countryside.
  • Alistair Charlton

    Alistair began his journalism career in 2011 and has been a freelancer across the technology and automotive sectors since 2017. He has reviewed a huge amount of products in that time, from smartphones, televisions and smart home gadgets, to dash cams, wearables, webcams and connected security systems. He has also test-driven hundreds of cars and now considers the average working week to include lightswitches, Lamborghinis and everything in between. His career began on the technology desk of IBTimes UK, part of the Newsweek Media Group, where he became Deputy Technology Editor before going freelance. As well as Expert Reviews, he writes regularly for Wired, T3, Forbes and TechRadar, among others.

  • Alix Fox

    Alix Fox is an award-winning writer, editor, broadcaster and presenter with over 16 years of media experience. Her expertise lies in sexual culture and wellbeing, but she also delves into comedy, oddities, art, and health.

  • Alun Taylor

    Over the past two decades Alun has written on a freelance basis for many publications on subjects ranging from mobile phones, PCs and digital audio equipment to electric cars and industrial heritage. Prior to becoming a technology writer, he worked at Sony Music for 15 years frequently interfacing with the computer hardware and audio equipment sides of Sony Corporation and occasionally appearing on BBC Radio 4. A native of Scotland but an adopted Mancunian, Alun divides his time between writing, listening to live music and generally keeping the Expert Reviews flag flying north of Watford.

  • Amanda Stellisano

    Amanda Stellisano is a freelance writer and the creator of Modern Nan. She has written on various topics including skincare, home, garden and baby.

  • Amy Davies

    Amy Davies, features editor at Amateur Photographer Magazine, is a freelance multimedia journalist and photographer. With a Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism from Cardiff University, she boasts a diverse portfolio, including work for TechRadar and Digital Camera World. Amy’s expertise spans writing, social media, SEO, and photography.

  • Andrew Unsworth

    When he isn’t pretending to be Carl Cox or J-Rocc on his wheels, Andrew can be found sorting out his wife’s IT problems, screaming profanity when people ring him during Game of Thrones and worrying about getting old. He writes reviews about all manner of computing products for Expert Reviews and Computer Shopper, and is expanding the Car Tech section in his spare moments.

  • Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams is a freelance writer who has written about tech professionally since 2008. He covered the dawn of the app stores but now focuses more on fitness wearables and VR at Expert Reviews. Other publications he has contributed to in recent years include WIRED, T3, Stuff and Live Science.

  • Andy Shaw

    Andy Shaw has been a professional reviewer for 30 years, starting his career critiquing PC games and rapidly expanding his horizons into all types of computer hardware and software. Since then he’s worked for a broad selection of print magazines and websites, as a writer and editor, both on staff and as a freelancer. Nowadays he applies his well-honed critical eye to reviewing a wide range of products, from vacuum cleaners to printers.
  • Andy White

    Andy was appointed deputy reviews editor in 2024 following four years spent putting a huge range of products through their paces. Formerly a sports journalist at Greenways Publishing, he cut his tech teeth testing laptops before taking over as the site’s TV and audio expert. He’s cast his eye over more headphones and televisions than you can shake a stick at but has also reviewed football boots, handheld game consoles and just about everything in between. As well as testing, writing and editing, Andy covers product launches and key industry events in the UK and overseas.

  • Angela Yates

    Angela Yates is a freelance writer and copy editor. With a Master’s in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester, she boasts over a decade of experience crafting compelling narratives. She has featured in such publications as Reader’s Digest and Evening Standard.

  • Antonina Adamou

    Antonina Adamou has written a range of articles covering everything from baby products to makeup and haircare.

  • Antony Leather

    Antony Leather is a senior contributor for Forbes and PCGamesN. His expertise lies in hardware reviews, CPU comparisons and gaming news.

  • Barry Collins

    Barry Collins has been a technology writer, editor and broadcaster for more than 25 years. He was assistant editor of The Sunday Times’ technology section, editor of PC Pro and has written for more than a dozen different publications and websites over the years. He’s made regular TV and radio appearances as a technology pundit, including on BBC Newsnight, ITV News and Sky News. Now a senior contributor at, he also presents and produces tech-related podcasts.


  • Barry de la Rosa

    Barry de la Rosa has written various articles on a range of topics covering everything from TVs to mobile phones.

  • Becks Shepherd

    Becks Shepherd has written about various topics including kitchen, garden and books.

  • Ben Johnston

    Reviews writer Ben has been with Expert Reviews since 2021, and in that time he’s established himself as an authority on all things mobile tech and audio. On top of testing and reviewing myriad smartphones, tablets, headphones, earbuds and speakers, Ben has turned his hand to the odd laptop hands-on preview and several gaming peripherals. He also regularly attends global industry events, including the Snapdragon Summit and the MWC trade show.

  • Calum Trenaman

    Calum Trenaman is a former sports journalist who now works for the House of Commons. In addition to Expert Reviews, he has written for CNN, Wisden and The Telegraph – and was formerly social media editor for

  • Caroline Preece

    Caroline Preece is a deputy editor at Top Ten Reviews with over fifteen years of experience in journalism including Expert Reviews and IT Pro.

  • Cat Dow

    Cat Dow is a respected technology and consumer journalist. She has contributed to several high-profile tech titles, including Wired and Form Trends, as well as general news outlets like The Economist and The Daily Telegraph.

  • Catherine Hufton

    Cat Hufton is a freelance lifestyle journalist based in London. She has two young sons and in the past six years has tested hundreds of products in a real-life setting to help parents make informed decisions. She has also been writing for a broad range of national publications for the past 16 years covering everything from mental health, the childcare crisis, and pregnancy.

  • Cathy Hudson

    Cathy has been a journalist since 2001, starting her career writing about mortgages and property. Before going freelance in 2018 she worked at Which? for 12 years, first as a money writer then as an editor in the money, home, tech and cars teams. Her final role as technology editor saw her getting to grips with smart home technology and covering the latest tech from Las Vegas. Publications she has written for as a freelancer include,, The i Paper, the London Evening Standard, Which? and Which? Computing. Her guilty pleasure is watching property programmes.
  • Charlotte Thomas

    Charlotte Thomas is a freelance writer, content strategist and digital editor. Her work has been featured in Women’s Health, Coach magazine and the Sunday Mirror.

  • Chris Finnamore

    Chris has been writing about technology for over ten years. He split his time between and Computer Shopper magazine, while obsessing over Windows Phone, Linux and obscure remakes of old games, and trying to defend Windows 8 from its many detractors

  • Chris Haslam

    Chris Haslam is an experienced consumer journalist with over 15 years’ experience. As well as reviewing all manner of kit for Expert Reviews, he’s also Contributing Editor for Wired UK and writes for, amongst others, BBC Music, Stuff, Grand Designs, Ideal Home and Livingetc. He specialises in audio, smart home, sports and outdoors, and can go days without natural light but only hours without coffee.
  • Chris Martin

    Chris is a freelance writer specialising in product reviews with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Currently the Reviews Editor at Tech Advisor, where he tests all kinds of gadgets, he spends his spare time writing about drinks, baby equipment, tools and much more for publications such as ShortList.

  • Christian Hopewell

    Expert Reviews’ senior digital content producer, Christian is responsible for original photography and video content across the website, getting hands-on with just about every product the site reviews. He also manages the Expert Reviews YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels, oversees the brand’s social media accounts and writes the occasional product review.

  • Christopher Minasians

    Christopher was the deputy reviews editor at Expert Reviews. He has been reviewing consumer technology on his website and YouTube since 2007. He holds a strong passion for technology, and his specialities lie in audio, smartphones, computers, visual displays and PC peripherals. Christopher also has experience in the world of PR, having previously worked in the field for two years.

  • Cliff Joseph

    Cliff Joseph is a technology writer with over 30 years of experience.

  • Curtis Moldrich

    Before becoming digital editor at CAR Magazine, Curtis spent a brief stint in the wild world of music journalism. He now splits his time between his three enduring passions: games, gadgets and cars.

  • Daniel Ostanek

    Dani Ostanek is a senior news writer at Cyclingnews and his expertise extends across major publications including CyclingWeekly and Rouleur.

  • Danielle Amato

    As Senior Home Editor, Danielle heads up Expert Review’s home content. Alongside commissioning and editing, she’s also passionate about testing and reviewing appliances including air fryers, kettles and everything in between. Before joining Expert Reviews back in 2019, Danielle had a five-year-long career as a freelancer, writing for national magazines and websites such as Woman’s Own and At Home Magazine. As well as a decade of writing experience, Danielle is also NCTJ accredited and has an MA in Multimedia Journalism.

  • Danielle Wilkins

    Danielle Wilkins is a London-based freelance writer and journalist with a special interest in parenting, wedding and beauty content. Formally the editor of Wedding Ideas and features editor at Baby, Danielle has worked with a number of brands and lifestyle publications in both a writing and editing capacity since her career began in 2007, covering product reviews for all things pregnancy, parenting, bridal and beauty. She has also previously shared advice and hosted panel talks at industry events such as Bubble London and The National Wedding Show.

  • Darien Graham-Smith

    A lifelong technology enthusiast, Darien is a regular contributor to both Expert Reviews and PC Pro magazine, specialising in wireless networking, internet security and other technical topics. He also contributes to and produces the weekly PC Pro podcast, and has made occasional appearances on BBC News and Open University programming. In his spare time he dabbles in audio production, and plays guitar, bass and drums with the enthusiasm of a committed amateur.
  • Dave Stevenson

    Dave Stevenson is a self-employed photographer, videographer, editor, and creative director based in the UK with over 16 years of experience. His accolades include being a BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist and a judge for’s wildlife photography competition.

  • David Court

    David Court is founder of and previously worked as Expert Reviews’ Group Editor.

  • David Ludlow

    David has been fascinated by technology since he first set eyes on the ZX Spectrum 48K. A fan of smartphones, tablets and home automation, he also specialises in home networking. David has worked in tech publishing for more than 20years, working on PCW, Computer Shopper and launching Expert Reviews in 2010. 

  • David McKinnon

    David McKinnon is a journalist who previously wrote a wide variety of software reviews for Expert Reviews between 2009 and 2013

  • Deborah Cicurel

    Deborah Cicurel is a freelance journalist, editor and copywriter based in London. Her work has been featured in The Telegraph, Stylist, The Daily Mail, The Independent and more.

  • Derek Adams

    Derek Adams has been in journalism since joining London listings magazine Time Out in the early ‘80s where he served as a film critic and editor of Time Out’s gadgets page. He now writes regular product reviews and guides for Expert Reviews and other publications.

    Derek’s love of new consumer tech knows no bounds – if it runs on batteries or has a plug on it, he’s at it faster than a squirrel up a tree. In fact, there isn’t anything he hasn’t written about. From large and small household appliances to camera drones, lawn mowers, barbecues, bicycles and even cars, Derek is passionate, enthusiastic and conscientious enough to spend hours evaluating the latest products so you don’t have to.

  • Donna Willingham

    Donna Willingham is a journalist who previously wrote washing machine and tumble dryer reviews for Expert Reviews.

  • Duncan Robertson

    Duncan Robertson is a Hardware Editor at GamesRadar with eight years of experience.

  • Eddie Harris

    Eddie joins Expert Reviews as an editorial intern. He assists the team with uploading articles for publication, creating social media content and has written about topics ranging from washing machines to the best SIM card deals on the market. His background is in media, with a degree in Film Studies, having previously worked as an assistant for an independent studio as well as having provided freelance screenplay and book coverage for a number of production companies.

  • Edward Chester

    Edward Chester is a freelance technology journalist and has spent ten years in the industry. He has contributed to publications such as Bit-Tech, Expert Reviews and Trusted Reviews. He is currently deputy editor at Custom PC.

  • Edward Munn

    Now the brand’s affiliate partnership manager, Ed has more than a decade of professional experience in publishing and copywriting. He established Expert Reviews’ template for mattress reviews in 2017, testing models from the likes of Simba, Eve, Sealy and Harrison Spinks. Elsewhere, Ed has tested scores of smartwatches, fitness trackers and headphones, as well as covering trade shows such as IFA and MWC.

  • Ellis Cochrane

    Ellis is a freelance digital writer and journalist, with a specific expertise in the homes, interiors and gardens sector. She’s contributed to and freelanced at the likes of Ideal Home, House Beautiful, Country Living, Daily Express, Cosmopolitan and Stylist over the past five years, with her reviewing everything from makeup and skincare to books, dehumidifiers and jewellery for Expert Reviews.

  • Emily Peck

    Emily Peck is a British freelance lifestyle journalist with over 25 years of experience writing for newspapers and magazines. During her time as a writer and editor she has written features and reviewed a wide range of products across interiors and gardens, smart home and technology, fitness and wellness and more. Before going freelance she held staff positions as features writer at BBC Good Homes and features editor at Ideal Home magazines. Today she writes regularly for the likes of Expert Reviews, The Telegraph, Wired, GQ, Livingetc, TechRadar and Tom’s Guide to name a few.

  • Emma Sims

    Emma Sims is a trainee solicitor at Taylor Wessing, based in London. She previously worked as a freelance journalist for Expert Reviews, covering tech, science and politics news and publishing in-depth features.

  • Eric Caunce

    Eric Caunce is a journalist and has previously written about gym equipment for Expert Reviews.

  • Fergus O'Sullivan

    Fergus O’Sullivan is a journalist and a specialist in VPNs and online privacy. He has written for various publications such as How-to-Geek and Cloudwards.

  • Flora Baker

    Flora’s love of a good deal led her to start freelancing for Expert Reviews back in 2021. Since then, she’s happily tested an eclectic range of lifestyle products from probiotics and neck massagers to sewing machines and standing desks. Outside of writing reviews, she contributes to publications including the Independent, Telegraph and National Geographic.

  • Gareth Morgan

    Gareth Morgan is a freelance writer and has written a variety of electric scooter reviews for Expert Reviews.

  • Gareth Thomas

    Alongside his role as commissioning editor, Gareth manages Expert Reviews’ mattress and bedding content: a section of the website he’s worked within since joining in 2020. With a Master’s degree in Magazine Journalism, Gareth has also written about a range of product categories, such as coffee and office chairs.

  • George Adey

    George Adey is a digital content creator and video editor at Brandex Group. He has previously written golf articles for Expert Reviews.

  • George Haimes

    George Haimes has written various articles covering a range of topics from TVs and gaming to mobile phones and internet security.

  • Grace Shallow

    Grace made her journalism studies global after spending two years chasing down sources and public transportation in her hometown of Philadelphia. She’s swapped reporting on education, health and community in Pennsylvania for phones and robots in London.

    She’s hoping to expand her experience and candor in the UK. And also search for cafes with free wi-fi and cosy reading spots.

  • Hayley Gilbert

    Hayley Gilbert is a freelance interiors journalist with over 28 years of experience, specialising in kitchens and bathrooms. A graduate of Southampton Solent University with a BA(Hons) in Media & Cultural Studies, she has been recognised with the CEDIA award for Best Tech Feature in 2015 and 2019.

  • Helen McCue

    Helen McCue is a freelance writer and home economist, specialising in kitchen appliance reviews and household advice for various UK publications including Good Housekeeping.

  • Ian Betteridge

    Ian has been writing about technology for more than 20 years, which is long enough for his original focus – Apple – to have gone from “five days from bankruptcy” to “biggest company in the world”. Since then he’s managed magazines, websites, apps, YouTube channels, Facebook pages and pretty much every other kind of medium there is. He’s interested in mobile technology, from laptops to phones via tablets and smartwatches, along with the cloud and startups. 

  • Ian Evenden

    Ian Evenden is a freelance writer, editor and photographer with over a decade of experience in the industry. Previous writing credits include TechRadar, Evening Standard, PC Gamer and T3.

  • Ian Morris

    Iain Morris is the news editor at Light Reading, with over nine years of experience in technology and telecommunications journalism. He has a history of reporting and editing for prestigious publications such as The Economist.

  • Jack Lumb

    Jack joined Expert Reviews as a Staff Writer in early 2023. With a diploma in sport and exercise science, he has more than a decade of experience as both an athlete and mentor. Previously a county golfer and sports performance coach, he carries extensive knowledge across the sports and fitness world, testing protein powders, massage guns, sporting equipment, and more.

  • Jacob Little

    Jacob Little is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience in creative digital projects. He holds a BA in Media Arts from Royal Holloway, University of London and has been featured in national publications. Currently, he serves as an Editor at The Cornish Embassy and a Digital Project.

  • Jade Vincent

    Jade Vincent is currently an editor and copywriter at Hairhouse, with previous experience at Skingredients and the Mail Online.

  • Jake Stones

    Jake Stones is the Hydrogen Editor at ICIS, with editorial expertise in global hydrogen market developments and pricing.

  • Jake Tucker

    Jake Tucker is editorial director at PC Gaming and was previously editor in chief at Techradar Gaming.

  • James Archer

    James is a technology journalist and editor, specialising in computing and gaming hardware. Besides Expert Reviews, he’s written for Rock Paper Shotgun, Computer Shopper, IT Pro, PC Gamer, TechRadar and Tom’s Guide, among others.

  • James Temperton

    James has a beard and writes about technology. He is far from unique. At work, he writes news and features with a particular interest in online privacy and security. Outside the office, James likes reading about long train journeys and then taking long train journeys. He hates writing about himself in the third person.
  • Jamie Stedmond

    A Staff Writer at Expert Reviews, Jamie has been with the website since 2022, having started as an Editorial Intern. Pairing writing skills honed while obtaining degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing with his interest in home cooking, Jamie covers kitchen appliances, food and drink and more.

  • Jane Hoskyn

    Jane has been a writer for Expert Reviews for six years. She is a freelance journalist who previously worked as a Features Editor for magazines including Computeractive, Runner’s World and Web User, winning an IPC Media award in 2003 for her work. Jane has also written for titles as diverse as IT Pro and Cosmopolitan, and guested on BBC Radio Four and Five Live.

  • Jenna Downes

    Jenna Downes is a freelance journalist specialising in food, health and wellness. Writing credits include The Independent and The Standard.

  • Jennifer Allen

    Jennifer Allen is a freelance tech/games Journalist with over a decade of experience, writing for outlets such as TechRadar and Eurogamer. A Staffordshire University alumna, she’s also a BAFTA Games Award juror.

  • Jenny Tai

    Jenny Tai is a senior writer at Mamabella, with over 12 years of experience and a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Staffordshire University.

  • Jim Martin

    Jim Martin is an editor at IDG UK and holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Kent. Known for his product reviews and testing, Jim’s portfolio includes Tech Advisor and Computer Shopper.

  • Jo Plumridge

    Jo Plumridge is a freelance writer and photographer with almost 25 years of experience writing for a variety of magazines, websites and books. She writes extensively on home and tech products, along with covering photography, interior design and all things sleep-related. Outside of work, Jo fosters cats alongside her husband for a local rescue, giving her plenty of practice in dealing with tricky subjects.

  • Joanne Gould

    Joanne has been writing about food, drink, health, beauty and wellbeing for ten years. She has contributed to The Independent, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Grazia and YOU Magazine among others and writes regularly on food, drink and home at Expert Reviews. She will test and rate anything from Pinot Noir to vegetable peelers and everything in between.

  • Joanne Lewsley

    Joanne Lewsley is a freelance writer and editor with a background in health, news and entertainment content. Her portfolio includes Ideal Home, Fit & Well and Live Science.

  • Jodie Dewberry

    Jodie Dewberry is the co-founder & CEO of TheStudio.Coffee and Founder of An alumna of the University of Exeter with a BA (Hons) in Arabic & French, she’s a winner of the Spain Sustainable Media Award. Her work is featured on Forbes.

  • Joe Coombs

    Joe Coombs is a cluster communications officer at Oasis Community Learning, with a Master’s degree in Journalism, Media and Communications from Cardiff University.

  • Joe McGrath

    Joe McGrath, founder of Rhotic Media, is a journalist with a portfolio including The Telegraph and The Wall Street Journal.

  • Joe O'Neill

    Joe O’Neill is a journalist specialising in sports coverage, particularly boxing. His work has been featured in MSN Ireland, Irish Times, and more.

  • John Archer

    John has been working as a freelance tech writer, specialising in soundbar, TV and projector reviews, for more than 25 years. During that time, he’s worked for countless esteemed publications, including Forbes and The Sunday Times, attended industry events worldwide and got hands-on with all manner of weird and wonderful products. With all that experience under his belt, John’s confident that he’s seen more AV technologies come and go and reviewed more home entertainment products than anyone working in AV journalism today.

  • Jon Mundy

    Jon is an experienced freelance journalist who got his start covering the nascent mobile gaming scene just as the first iPhone came to market. He now covers consumer technology and culture for a range of websites. As well as providing smartphone and tablet reviews for Expert Reviews, he has written for the likes of TechRadar, Trusted Reviews, Tech Advisor, and ShortList.

  • Jonathan Bray

    Head of reviews at Expert Reviews, Jon has been testing and writing about products since before most of you were born (well, only if you were born after 1996). In that time he’s tested and reviewed hundreds of laptops, PCs, smartphones, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, doorbells, cameras and more.

    He’s worked on websites since the early days of tech, writing game reviews for AOL and hardware reviews for PC Pro, Computer Buyer and other print publications. He’s also had work published in Trusted Reviews, Computing Which? and The Observer. And yet, even after so many years in the industry, there’s still nothing more he loves than getting to grips with a new product and putting it through its paces.

  • Joseph Delves

    Joseph Delves is a writer and contributor at Cyclist. His expertise spans across various publications including TechRadar and BikeRadar.

  • Julia Jarzabek

    Julia is an editorial intern at Expert Reviews. She mostly works behind the scenes, uploading articles to the site and posting on social media, though she’s also written a “How to” piece or two. She is a researcher, writer and air frying enthusiast with a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies.

  • Julian Prokaza

    Julian Prokaza is a content design lead at Barclays UK, with a background in technology journalism and education.

  • Karl Wright

    Karl Wright is a journalist. copywriter and editor with two decades of experience specialising in technology, finance and business content.

  • Kat de Naoum

    Kat is a UK-based writer, editor and SEO specialist who splits her time between England and Greece. She has written for many publications including Mother & Baby, Parenting, Parents, InStyle, Real Simple, Grazia and Woman’s World, and, as an advocate for female empowerment, loves to write about women’s issues, parenting and helping fellow mothers feel supported. She has birthed one child, written two books, runs a writing agency for women writers and is doing a philosophy degree. An avid reader, Kat spends most of whatever (non-parenting) time is left reading and writing, and trying to spend more time in nature.
  • Kate Hilpern

    As a freelance journalist with over 28 years of experience, Kate Hilpern has contributed to various newspapers, websites and magazines nationwide. Kate holds a Master’s degree in Journalism with distinction. Her work has been published in the The Guardian, The Independent, Good Housekeeping, Woman & Home and more. Kate also worked as a lecturer in Journalism.

  • Katie Byrne

    Katie Byrne is a freelance journalist and has written product reviews for the likes of Evening Standard, Made For Mums and Woman & Home

  • Katie Gregory

    Katie Gregory has over 15 years of experience, specialising in SEO, content localisation, product copy and feature writing. Katie has contributed to newspapers such as The Guardian, Independent and London Evening Standard. As well as writing for Expert Reviews, she has also written for TUI, Shell and MG Motor Group, demonstrating her expansive subject knowledge.

  • Kenneth Watt

    Kenneth Watt, director at UK Whitegoods Limited, boasts over 20 years of experience in the domestic appliance industry.

  • Lauren Johnson

    Lauren N. Johnson, a copywriter at The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), holds a First-Class Honours in World Literature from the University of Kent.

  • Lee Bell

    Lee Bell is a content specialist at Meta and GenAI, with over a decade of experience in journalism and copywriting. His work spans national newspapers, digital publications and brand consultancy, such as TechRadar, GQ, Men’s Fitness, Wired, Forbes and The Times. Lee’s work focuses on technology, health and lifestyle.

  • Lee Kynaston

    One of the UK’s best-known and most experienced male grooming experts, “Grooming Guru” Lee has been writing about skincare, haircare and fragrance for over 20 years and has road-tested thousands of products in that time. An award-winning journalist and former magazine editor, his work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and on websites across the world, and as an in-demand consultant he has worked with some of the world’s biggest skincare, haircare and electrical brands. He is the recipient of two prestigious Jasmine Awards for his writing about fragrance and regularly appears on TV and radio discussing skin and haircare. He always smells amazing.

  • Leon Poultney

    Leon is a freelance writer with almost 20 years’ experience in print and online. His expertise is in automotive, particularly electric vehicles and future transport, although he has written about everything from vintage motorcycles to flying cars. In addition to this, he has reviewed hundreds of pieces of fitness equipment and spent more time in dank public gyms than he cares to divulge.

  • Lise Smith

    Lise is a freelance writer specialising in beauty, lifestyle, parenting and performing arts. Her dance reviews and features have appeared in online and print publications since 2007, and she was Youth Zone Editor at from 2014-15. Lise also managed two local news sites for Associated Northcliffe Digital's until the closure of the site in 2010. Following appearances in MacFormat, Tap! magazine, Computer Buyer, Den of Geek and PC Pro, Lise joined Expert Reviews in 2018.
  • Lottie Gross

    Lottie Gross is a freelance writer specialising in travel and dog-related articles. She has written for many of the UK’s major national newspapers and regularly reviews hotels, dog products and travel gear for several outlets. She has been in media since 2012, is the author of two books on dog-friendly travel, and has a first class degree in journalism and NCTJ from Bournemouth University.

  • Lucy Thorpe

    Lucy Thorpe is a freelance writer specialising in health, beauty and lifestyle reviews, content and copywriting. Also a trained beauty therapist, her work has been published in Refinery29, Popsugar and Confidentials.

  • Maggie Holland

    Maggie Holland, global content director at Future, boasts a rich career in B2B IT journalism, spanning over 18 years. An Open University alumna with a BA and a Leadership and Management degree, she has served on the AOP Journalism Advisory Board and judged the PPA Independent Publisher Awards.

  • Maria Cruz

    Maria has written on a range of parent and baby topics for Expert Reviews, including baby formula, maternity leggings and sterilisers.

  • Mark White

    Mark White is a content editor at FourFourTwo. A De Montfort University alumnus with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Creative Writing, Mark has a background in tech journalism, previously serving as an editor at Top Business Tech and a freelance writer.

  • Martha Alexander

    Martha Alexander is a features writer with a portfolio featured in outlets such as CNN, Yahoo Life, Daily Mail, and more.

  • Matt Breen

    Matt Breen is a senior writer at News UK. With experience at Immediate Media Co and Dennis, Matt’s work spans tech news, reviews and best buys.

  • Matt Chapman Jones

    Matt Chapman Jones is a gamer and to-do list writer. He makes music under the guise After The Thought.

  • Matt Reed

    Staff Writer Matt joined Expert Reviews in 2021 after a period of music writing at culture outlet METAL Magazine. Passionate about all things audio, that musical trend has continued at Expert Reviews where he has tested a host of headphones and speakers. Holding a Master’s degree in Magazine Journalism, Matt is also undertaking a sound engineers course to further train his ears to pick the bona fide audio gems from the disappointing duds.

  • Max Figgett

    Now deals editor at Expert Reviews, Max first joined the website in 2016 and has worked for numerous tech-focused publications over the past 13 years – including PC Pro, The Big Tech Question, Alphr and Wonderpedia – as well as the Daily Mirror, Total TV Guide, TV Choice, Take a Break, the Falmouth Packet and Welt der Wunder in Germany, among others. He’s sifted through thousands of deals on everything from broadband contracts to toothbrushes in his career so he knows what separates a great offer from a bad one.

  • Melissa Epifano

    Melissa Epifano, a freelance writer and editor with a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Oregon, has over seven years of experience. She has contributed to Who What Wear, The Spruce, Entertainment Weekly and more. Melissa’s expertise includes home design, fashion and SEO content strategy.

  • Michael Allison

    Previously Expert Reviews’ Phones Editor, Michael’s portfolio includes TechRadar, Digital Trends and Android Central.

  • Michael Passingham

    Michael Passingham is a senior researcher at Which?. He holds a Master’s degree in Railway Studies from the University of York, with a career including roles at Time Inc. UK and Expert Reviews.

  • Michael Sawh

    Michael Sawh is a freelance journalist specialising in consumer tech, running and fitness. Previously the editor of Wareable, his bylines extend to T3, Trusted Reviews, GQ, Wired, TechRadar, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, BBC Science Focus, Stuff and The Metro.

  • Mike Jennings

    Mike Jennings is a content manager at Stone Group Ltd, with a background in technology writing and marketing. His freelance journalism career spans PCs, laptops and peripherals, with a keen interest in gaming, consumer and business hardware.

  • Mollie Davies

    Mollie Davies is a freelancer with a BA Hons in History and English Literature from Cardiff University. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan and Metro.

  • Natalya Paul

    Natalya Paul is currently the digital editor of Stuff and contributes to publications such as Metro, Expert Reviews and FS magazine.

  • Nathan Spendelow

    Deputy editor at Expert Reviews, Nathan joined the website back in 2016. Kicking off his journalism career as a laptop reviewer, he swiftly became Expert Reviews’ smartphone expert, testing and reviewing hundreds of handsets over the years. Nathan is an NCTJ-accredited journalist and regularly attends key industry events and product launches around the world, including the MWC and IFA trade shows.

  • Nick Harris-Fry

    Nick is a freelance journalist whose obsession with running gear and tech often sees him wearing two or three watches and swapping shoes mid-run. Nick has several marathons under his belt, with a PB of 2:29, and is always looking for the next big thing in fitness. Outside of Expert Reviews, Nick writes for fitness website Coach, and is a co-founder of The Run Testers YouTube channel.
  • Nicole Kobie

    Nicole Kobie is a freelance journalist with over 9 years of experience. She is currently futures editor at PC Pro and a contributing editor at Wired. Nicole has also published a book for Bloomsbury Sigma.

  • Nicole Mousicos

    As an editorial intern at Expert Reviews, Nicole is involved in all parts of the website, from production to social media and has written on topics ranging from air fryers to radiators. They have also contributed to many literary journals as a writer and editor, and hold a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

  • Nik Rawlinson

    Nik Rawlinson has been writing about technology for the last quarter century. A former editor of Windows and Mac magazines, and author of several books in related fields, he’s an increasingly passionate advocate for Linux and open source.

  • Olivia Greenway

    Olivia Greenway is a freelance copywriter and journalist, specialising in travel, food and lifestyle. With a portfolio featuring The Telegraph and National Geographic Traveller, she has visited over 120 countries.

  • Olivia Woodhouse

    Olivia Woodhouse is a creative copywriter at m&i, with a portfolio including Expert Reviews, Which? and ASOS.

  • Paddy Maddison

    Paddy Maddison is a freelance lifestyle writer with a decade’s experience covering topics around fitness, outdoor pursuits, men’s style and consumer goods. He has been a freelance gear tester for The Independent for the last five years, where he has reviewed everything from high-performance road bikes to running shoes. He’s also a regular contributor to a number of specialist magazines where he writes monthly features on trends in fitness, tech and fashion. His work has appeared in publications including Esquire, Men’s Health, GQ, Cyclist, Stuff magazine and Oracle Time.

  • Penny Constantinou

    Penny Constantinou is a journalist with a focus on product reviews, currently contributing to Expert Reviews and Thomas.

  • Pete Clark

    Pete Clark has written a variety of golf-related content for Expert Reviews, as well as contributing to the website’s deals coverage.

  • Pete Wise

    Pete Wise is a freelance writer from Leeds. His work has been published by titles including The Guardian, Independent, BBC Good Food, Sunday Times and Ideal Home. A frequent contributor of in-depth guides to Expert Reviews, Pete bases his articles on interviews with subject matter specialists, first-hand experience, and research using books, academic articles, patents and instruction manuals. Over ten years in journalism have seen Pete report on aquifers in Namibia, interview public figures including Jeremy Corbyn and Craig Charles, and – one fateful day – review twenty Christmas trees at a small suburban house in Yorkshire.

  • Peter Stuart

    Peter Stuart is the editor of Cycling News, with articles also featured in Yahoo Life, MSN Ireland and The Telegraph.

  • Philippa Pearne

    Philippa Pearne, founder of, is a beauty editor and copywriter with over 16 years of experience. An Oxford Brookes University alumna, she has contributed to Glamour UK, The Telegraph and HuffPost.

  • Qin Xie

    Qin Xie, an experienced writer and editor specialising in food and travel, contributes to publications such as The Times and Condé Nast Traveller. A University of Bristol alumnus, Qin’s accolades include the Louis Roederer Award shortlist and the Visit USA Media Award for Trade Writer of the Year.

  • Rachel Erdos

    Rachel Erdos is an accomplished ecommerce editor at Mumsnet with extensive experience in travel and ecommerce writing.

  • Rachel Ogden

    Rachel Ogden is a freelance journalist who has been writing about small and large appliances, interiors and home tech since 2007. Her kitchen has seen hundreds of air fryers, cookers and coffee machines over the years as well as food processors, mixers and blenders. Other outlets she has contributed to include Ideal Home, BBC Good Food, Woman & Home, Tech Advisor and Trusted Reviews.

  • Richard Easton

    Richard Easton is a content designer at Zoopla with a background in technology journalism, affiliate marketing, and PR. His previous roles include Meta, BT and Wareable.

  • Richard Goodwin

    Editor of Know Your Mobile, Richard Goodwin’s portfolio of work also includes The Guardian and Wiley Online Library. His expertise spans arts, entertainment and digital marketing.

  • Richard Peace

    Richard Peace took to full-time outdoor writing/photojournalism after stints in an office and as an English teacher abroad. His cycling route guidebooks include the best-selling Ultimate C2C Guide and the Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner. He has written for various media about many aspects of cycling.
    His biking experience led him into the world of e-bikes and other forms of light electric transport and even to the publication of a book on e-bikes. He has probably reviewed more light electric vehicles than anyone else in the UK over the past three decades, covering both the specialist bike media, the wider world of consumer-facing media and trade journalism, including writing features for the show magazine of the biggest bike show in Europe, Eurobike.

  • Richard Stevenson

    Director at Quick Brown Fox PR, Richard Stevenson specialises in PR, marketing, social media and content production. With a background in consumer and B2B PR, publishing and corporate communications, Richard is CIPR accredited.

  • Riyad Emeran

    Riyad Emeran, chief content officer at Beettoo, is a journalist and editor with a history in online publishing, including co-founding Trusted Reviews. His expertise spans content marketing, editorial strategy and commercial content creation, with a notable tenure at Dennis Publishing.

  • Rob Leane

    Rob Leane, gaming editor at, is a journalist with a BA in Film Studies from the University of Southampton. With experience at Immediate Media Co, Gfinity PLC and various freelance roles, Rob’s work spans gaming, film, TV and more.

  • Roland Moore-Colyer

    Roland Moore-Colyer is a technology journalist with a decade of experience covering a wider range of tech subjects, from iPhones and laptops to AI and cloud computing. Currently working as a managing editor of TechRadar, Roland helps steer coverage on smartphones and tablets, as well as oversees deals-related content. But he’s also got a keen interest and experience in trying and testing gaming laptops, games consoles, headphones, speakers and more. Before joining TechRadar, Roland worked at Tom’s Guide helping oversee the computing, gaming and news sections. And before that, he was a freelancer and has contributed to a suite of Expert Reviews articles.

  • Rory Mellon

    Rory Mellon, Entertainment Editor (UK) at Tom’s Guide, holds an MA in Magazine Journalism from The University of Sheffield.

  • Ruby Martin

    Ruby Martin is a journalist with expertise in lifestyle and sports, contributing to Expert Reviews and SwimSwam.

  • Samantha Priestley

    Samantha Priestley is a freelance writer specialising in food and dining, travel and cultural topics. Her portfolio includes publications such as Yahoo Life, MSN and The Independent.

  • Sarah Matthews

    Sarah is a senior staff writer and has worked at Expert Reviews since 2021. Alongside testing and reviewing heaps of health and beauty tech, she has completed the SCS Introduction to Cosmetic Science course. This equips her with a comprehensive understanding of cosmetic formulation, which means she’s great at separating the wheat from the chaff in hair care, skincare and dental care.

  • Sasha Muller

    Senior Editor Sasha started out in the world of tech magazines way back in 2001 and has spent the past two decades working as a writer, reviewer and editor across a range of titles including Computer Buyer, Mobile Computer, PC Pro and Alphr before finally landing at Expert Reviews. While reviewing laptops, PCs and monitors was once a key speciality, Sasha is now more likely to be surrounded by a fleet of coffee machines while consuming unwise quantities of espresso or filter coffee, or researching and writing about large appliances.


  • Sean Cameron

    Sean Cameron is a freelance tech writer with bylines in TechRadar, T3, Expert Reviews, Trusted Reviews and TechAdvisor. An East Coast Scot, he specialises in rugged tech, Bluetooth trackers and tablets

  • Seth Barton

    Seth Barton is a manager for UX Writing at PlayStation Partners and was previously the editor of Expert Reviews.

  • Sherwin Coelho

    After seven years writing about technology for brands such as Computeractive and Make Use Of, Sherwin joined Expert Reviews in early 2019 to head up VPN and software coverage, soon branching out into reviewing a wide range of products including electric scooters. When not reviewing tech products or writing detailed how-to-watch guides for television and sporting events, he keeps a keen eye out for a great deal, managing most of the deals content on the website. He’s passionate about sports – mainly basketball, cricket and football – and loves playing tennis, as and when the temperamental British weather permits it, and FIFA, where he is a much better footballer than in real life.
  • Sian Lewis

    Sian Lewis is an award-winning travel and outdoors writer and blogger based in the South West and is a keen hiker, camper and wild swimmer.
  • Simon Handby

    Simon Handby is a freelance journalist, writer and editor at Hackbash with over two decades of experience in the technology, automotive, and energy sectors. His work has been featured in IT Pro, PC Pro, and he has collaborated with notable clients such as BMW, Porsche and EDF. Simon’s creative and insightful content has earned him recognition, including the award-winning Toyota iQ launch hypermiling campaign.

  • Simon Lucas

    Simon Lucas is a freelance technology journalist with over 20 years of experience writing about the audio and video aspects of home entertainment. He was the editor of What Hi-Fi? Magazine before going freelance and has since contributed to a huge range of titles, including Wired, Metro and GQ. He’s also acted as an audio consultant for some of the world’s highest-profile consumer electronics brands and has been to IFA and CES more times than he’d care to remember.

  • Simon Williams

    Simon Williams is a UK-based author of the acclaimed Aona dark fantasy series and YA adventures and is renowned for his metaphysical fantasy novel, Embers Drift.

  • Sindre Amundsen

    Previously an editorial intern at Expert Reviews, Sindre Amundsen is a Norwegian Translator at Gear4music Ltd. with a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia.

  • Siobhan Grogan

    Siobhan Grogan has worked as a freelance travel, music, shopping and lifestyle writer for over 20 years. She began her career at NME interviewing everyone from Paul McCartney to Amy Winehouse and has since written reviews and features for Mail on Sunday, Telegraph, Independent, The Times, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Glamour and Grazia. She has written hundreds of product reviews and shopping guides, focusing mainly on food and wine, household appliances, fashion and beauty, and tech.

  • Sonakshi Khosla

    After various years of freelance work, an English Literature degree & a master’s in Literature & Culture, Sonakshi joined the Expert Reviews team in early 2023. As a sub-editor, she balances her time between assisting Production Editor Will and Senior Digital Content Producer Christian. Sonakshi’s day-to-day consists of uploading and editing articles for publication, creating social media updates, and putting out content fires across the site. 

  • Stephen Withers

    Stephen Withers is a freelance TV reviewer with more than ten years of experience writing for major tech publications. As a lifelong film fan, he’s embraced the evolution of display technology from Full HD to 4K, HDR and beyond. He’s also a professional video calibrator, allowing him to keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations while ensuring people get the very best picture quality out of their new TVs and projectors.

  • Steve May

    Steve is a highly experienced technology journalist who has been covering AV and related topics since the onset of home video. He created Home Cinema Choice magazine in the mid-nineties and is the editor of custom install website Inside CI and premium lifestyle magazine The Luxe Review, as well as features editor of consumer electronics trade magazine ERT. Steve also contributes to various other publications covering consumer electronics and is a regular attendee at major industry events including IFA and CES.

  • Steven East

    Steven East is a sub-editor at Philip Morris International, with a BA in History from the University of Roehampton and a Postgraduate Artist’s Diploma in Music Performance. His extensive experience spans across luxury, fashion, and B2B sectors, with notable contributions to DAZED Magazine and Freemasonry Today.

  • Steven Jenkins

    Steven Jenkins is a freelance content creator and long-time journalist with more than 20 years of experience across digital and print. He was the editor on leading web design titles Web Designer and .net for over eight years. He has worked across numerous tech, homes and garden titles reviewing hardware, software, power tools and writing hundreds (if not thousands) of invaluable how-to articles.

  • Stuart Andrews

    Stuart Andrews has been writing about technology and computing for over 25 years and has written for nearly every major UK PC and tech outlet, including PC Pro and the Sunday Times. He still writes about PCs, laptops and enterprise computing, plus PC and console gaming, but he also likes to get his hands dirty with the latest gardening tools and chill out with his favourite movies. He loves to test things and will benchmark anything and everything that comes his way.

  • Stuart Milne

    Stuart is digital editor at and has more than 25 years of automotive journalism under his belt. Over the years, Stuart has written for some of the biggest motoring magazines and websites, including Auto Trader and Autocar, and has reviewed pretty much every significant car sold in the UK, and just as many products – from multimeters to air fresheners. He thrives on a hands-on approach to car and home maintenance, so is found at the business end of the latest power tools as much as he is at his laptop.

  • Stuart Pritchard

    Stuart Pritchard has been a journalist and editor across numerous print and digital channels for over 20 years, working primarily in consumer tech, home & lifestyle, travel and business fields, forging an unlikely career of criss-crossing the world, looking at things and then writing about them. Freelance for the past ten years, if an objective yet firmly held opinion on something needs forming, he’s your man.
  • Suzanne Baum

    Suzanne is a freelance lifestyle and celebrity editor and has reviewed hundreds of products in her 20-year career. You name it, she has tested it; from being the first UK writer to review the Peloton tread to interviewing Charlotte Tilbury about her new beauty drop, and reviewing it before it has even gone on sale. As well as being shortlisted in 2023 for the freelance journalist of the year award, Suzanne has previously been deputy editor of Fit&Well and worked most recently as a freelance lifestyle editor for Top Sante, Women’s Fitness and Platinum.

  • Sydney Bohannan

    Sydney’s work will be quite difficult to find on Expert Reviews. If you do manage to find an article, you’ll see that she mainly contributes articles about deals. Occasional deals writer, full time behind-the-scenes sub-editor. She gained experience for the latter after quite a few years at Boardsport SOURCE.

  • Sydney Butler

    Sydney Butler is a technology writer covering a wide variety of tech and science topics. He’s been an IT practitioner for over 20 years, with a background in cyberpsychology and educational technology. He has over 10 years of experience in user education and training. His writing career spans over a decade, with bylines in major online publications such as 9to5Mac, How-To Geek, and Tom’s Hardware. He holds a Masters in Research Psychology, with a thesis in the effects of social media, and minored in Media Science, Journalism, and Communications.

  • Tanya Jackson

    Tanya Jackson is a seasoned SEO specialist and is currently working as a freelance audience development manager at Future Publishing.

  • Thomas Barley

    Thomas Barley, a University of Lincoln journalism graduate, is a freelance entertainment writer from Kingston upon Hull with experience at Expert Reviews and Proactive International PR.

  • Thomas McMullan

    Thomas McMullan is an award-winning writer and artist, known for his novels including “The Last Good Man,” which won the 2021 Betty Trask Prize. A University College London alumnus, he has contributed to various publications including BBC News, WIRED and The Guardian.

  • Thomas Newton

    Thomas Newton, a freelance consumer technology writer, has contributed to several tech publications, such as Expert Reviews, Trusted Reviews, PCMag, PCWorld, MusicTech, Tech Advisor and Radio Times.

  • Tim Danton

    Tim Danton, Editor-in-chief at PC Pro and senior editor at, is a distinguished author known for “The Computers That Made Britain.”

  • Tim Smalley

    Co-founder of Expert Reviews back in 2009, Tim Smalley started his tech journey at where he spent nine years leading the company before it was acquired by Dennis Publishing. Which is where he moved onto Expert Reviews. From here, he moved to ASUS, where he spent four years working his way up to becoming their Head of Global Technical Marketing. Nowadays, Tim can be found working as a professional photographer in Hertfordshire.

  • Tom Bruce

    After joining Expert Reviews back in 2018, Tom Bruce has been on a quest to review increasingly larger products ever since. It began with smartphones, then it was laptops and it ended with TVs. Prior to joining the Expert Reviews team, Tom was a manager at the independent movie house, the Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise.

  • Vaughn Highfield

    A content strategist at Google Play, Vaughn Highfield previously worked at Expert Reviews as a technology journalist covering topics including gaming, VR and home entertainment.

  • Venus O'Hara

    Venus O’Hara is an internationally renowned sexpert who specialises in sex toy reviews, product design and user education. She has tested over 700 sex toys since 2013 and is on a mission to raise orgasmic awareness. When she’s not writing about sex toys or designing them, she can usually be found on her unmade bed, testing the latest adult novelty.

  • Victoria Woollaston

    Victoria has been writing about tech and science since her days at WebUser in 2009. More recently, she edited the MailOnline’s Science and Tech section and ran WIRED’s UK website.

  • Vincent Teoh

    Vincent Teoh is an AV journalist and professional display calibrator with in-depth knowledge of television technology. He is the founder and lead content creator of the YouTube channel HDTVTest, where he provides reviews, insights and comparisons of the latest TVs to over half a million subscribers. Additionally, he organises and hosts the annual UK TV shootout event, which is highly anticipated for determining the year’s best television. His expertise and contributions have made him a leading authority in the field of TV technology.


  • Will Georgiadis

    Since 2018, Will has been the engine of the Expert Reviews production team as sub-editor, senior sub-editor, and now production editor. Will is responsible for making sure that the content Expert Reviews publishes is of the highest quality; he also keeps the team’s vast workflow running smoothly and maintains the ancient and revered Expert Reviews style guide. With five years of experience behind him and thousands of articles edited, sub-edited and triple-checked, Will is confident that you won’t find a single mistake on the site – and if you think you have, you’re wrong.

  • Will Stapley

    Will Stapley is a freelance writer, editor and consultant with over 18 years of editorial experience. Will has contributed copy for both print and web publications, including Expert Reviews, Computer Shopper, CNET and TechRadar.

  • Zoe Phillimore

    Zoe is a freelance editor and writer with almost 20 years of experience. She mainly focuses on parenting, kids, tech and homeware, with a speciality in all things sleep related. Zoe has reviewed more than 2,000 products over the last three years, and has three children who are very willing co-testers of kids’ products. Zoe has worked for the BBC, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Independent, The Evening Standard and has been writing for Expert Reviews since 2022.