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The best hair dryers from our testing to buy in 2024

best hair dryer an image of three hair dryers on a wooden table with diffuser attachments and concentrator nozzles

No matter your hair type or budget, these are the best hair dryers you can buy, based on our thorough testing

The best hair dryers are an important but often overlooked part of a good hair care routine. The tools you use to dry your hair can make the difference between having smooth shiny tresses and being stuck with dry, lifeless hair and untameable flyaways.

Our tests show that modern hair dryers can cut the time it takes to dry even the thickest head of hair down to under five minutes, making time-consuming post-hair-wash routines a thing of the past.

So, if you’re hoping to buy one of the best hair dryers or replace a tired, old one, we’ve got you covered. The recommendations on this page are a product of thorough hands-on testing, which allows us to precisely distinguish between different hair dryers. No matter your budget or hair type, there’s a hair dryer on this roundup for you.

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Best hair dryers: At a glance

Best hair dryer overallBaByliss 3Q (~£125)Check price at Boots
Best budget hair dryerRemington Shine Therapy (~£31)Check price at Currys
Best mid-range hair dryerBaByliss Hydro Fusion (~£60)Check price at LookFantastic
Best high-end hair dryermdlondon Blow (~£195)Check price at Sephora

How we test hair dryers

We test hair dryers by using them throughout multiple hair washes to get a feel for how the dryer performs. This allows us to get to grips with a dryer’s controls and ensure we’re able to use the optimum technique for that dryer. We’ll also test out any supplied attachments, like concentrator nozzles and diffusers to test how well they work. The only styling products we use during these tests is heat protection spray, to protect our hair from any excess damage.

Alongside these useability tests, we also personally test the technical specifications of a dryer. These tests include weighing and measuring the dimensions of a dryer, testing wind speeds using an anemometer and measuring the maximum noise levels of a dryer using a decibel metre placed 15cm from the dryer. This ensures that all our recommendations are backed up by data and hands-on tests.

After noting how long it takes to rough dry and fully blow dry a head of hair using a round brush, we’ll pay attention to how the hair looks between washes. This is usually two to three days and allows us to make sure any shine or volume added by a dryer is able to stick around.

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The best hair dryers to buy in 2024, according to our tests

1. BaByliss 3Q: Best hair dryer overall

Price when reviewed: £125 | Check price at Boots

Babyliss 3q hair dryer photographed on a grey slate surface

  • Great for… fast drying, no-fuss controls
  • Keep in mind… no diffuser attachment

If you’re looking for high speeds, a good range of temperature options and simple controls, the BaByliss 3Q is a fantastic choice. During our testing, its 2,200W motor threw out wind speeds of 21.6m/s, which could dry our hair in well under five minutes, even on a gentler heat setting. Its “ionic” technology also appears to help dry hair faster than average.

With two speeds, three heat and a cold shot setting, this hair dryer gave us a great amount of control during use. We were disappointed to find the dryer lacks a diffuser attachment but the concentrator nozzle snapped securely onto the front of the dryer and allowed for greater precision when blow drying hair.

Its price is by no means cheap, but invest in this hair dryer and you’ll immediately notice a difference in power compared to a cheaper model. Thanks to its sturdy build quality and uncomplicated controls, it’s also likely to last you for years to come.

Read our full BaByliss 3Q review

Key specs – Temperature settings: 3; Speed settings: 2; Top speed: 21.6m/s; Power: 2,200W; Noise levels: 93dB; Weight: 567g; Cable length: 3m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: Concentrator nozzle

Check price at Boots

2. Remington Shine Therapy: Best budget hair dryer

Price when reviewed: £31 | Check price at Currys

remington shine therapy hair dryer with black diffuser and concentrator nozzle photographed on a grey slate table

  • Great for… budget friendly, lightweight
  • Keep in mind… functional build quality, shorter cable

While high-end dryers typically dry your hair faster than their budget-friendly counterparts, the Remington Shine Therapy hair dryer is a fantastic, lightweight 2,300W hair dryer that packs a punch. It emitted speeds of 18.6m/s in our wind speed tests and weighs just 449g, which is incredibly light compared to more expensive options.

Remington also claims it emits 90% more ions than its standard dryers. We noticed in our everyday testing that it added shine to the hair and allowed us to create a bouncy, smooth blow dry with ease. Its concentrator nozzle and diffuser attachments snapped on securely and, thanks to its varied heat and speed settings, we had plenty of control for round brush styling and gentle diffusing alike. That also makes this dryer a good option for all hair types.

For all that power and versatility, its affordable price tag is outstanding. You’ll need to accept a shorter 1.8m cable and its basic build quality but if you want value for money, this dryer is a no-brainer.

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Key specs – Temperature settings: 3; Speed settings: 2; Top speed: 18.6m/s; Power: 2,300W; Noise levels: 94dB; Weight: 449g; Cable length: 1.8m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: Concentrator nozzle, diffuser

Check price at Currys

3. Babyliss Hydro Fusion: Best mid-range hair dryer

Price when reviewed: £60 | Check price at LookFantastic

Best hair dryer BaByliss Hydro fusion hair dryer with concentrator nozzle and diffuser photographed on a wooden table

  • Great for… lightweight, good range of attachments
  • Keep in mind… slower than other dryers

This mid-range hair dryer from BaByliss is one of our favourites for maintaining hair health and we found it worked especially well with its diffuser for bringing out natural curls. The Hydro Fusion dryer uses BaByliss’ “advanced plasma” technology, which it claims can dry hair faster at lower temperatures.

During our testing, we found that the hair dried relatively quickly, despite its top wind speed being lower than average at 16.4m/s. These gentler wind speeds allowed for smoother results when using the diffuser. It’s also half as loud as the BaByliss 3Q listed above. While the shiny plastic casing doesn’t give the dryer a luxury finish, it keeps the weight down to just 430g, meaning you’ll be able to take your time gently drying the hair without getting tired arms. All in, we think it’s a solid choice for maintaining healthy hair that’s especially good for curly hair types.

Read our full BaByliss Hydro Fusion review

Key specs – Temperature settings: 3; Speed settings: 2; Top speed: 16.4m/s; Power: 2,100W; Noise levels: 90dB; Weight: 430g; Cable length: 2.5m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: Concentrator nozzle, diffuser

4. Mdlondon Blow: Best lightweight, quiet hair dryer

Price when reviewed: £195 | Check price at Sephora

Mdlondon blow photographed on a wooden surface with two concentrator nozzle attachments

  • Great for… lightweight, quiet drying
  • Keep in mind… no diffuser attachment included

Mdlondon is a relatively new player in the industry, but the mdlondon blow hair dryer is already up there with our favourites. Not only does it spit out lightning fast wind speeds of up to 26.5m/s, it’s also the lightest and quietest hair dryer we’ve ever tested. That’s, in part, thanks to its compact 1,600W digital motor.

Weighing just 360g, we thought this hair dryer was incredibly comfortable to use. Its two concentrator nozzles and varied speed and heat options gave us a huge amount of control during precise blow dries, while the high wind speeds rough dried out our thick head of hair in under four minutes. That’s incredibly fast. Also, as it’s so quiet compared to other dryers, you won’t wake up the whole house if you’re getting ready on a quiet morning.

The only caveat? The compatible diffuser costs an extra £25. That being said, its efficient motor, simple controls and stylish colour options make it an appealing and high-quality choice for those willing to splash out on a luxury dryer.

Read our full Mdlondon Blow review

Key specs – Temperature settings: 3; Speed settings: 3; Top speed: 26.5m/s; Power: 1,600W; Noise levels: 88dB; Weight: 360g; Cable length: 3m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: Two concentrator nozzles

Check price at Sephora

5. ghd Helios: Best for superfast styling

Price when reviewed: £179 | Check price at Amazon

GHD Helios photographed on a wooden vanity table

  • Great for… superfast drying, stylish lightweight design
  • Keep in mind… limited control options, no diffuser

The ghd Helios was released in 2020 and is the quietest and lightest hair dryer ghd has to offer. While it takes the shape of a traditional hair dryer, its design is sturdy and well-balanced – perfect for regular use.

This is especially true if you have long or thick hair, as the 2,200W motor chucks out air at a blisteringly quick 30m/s. Ghd claims this is partly due to its AutoPrecis technology, which delivers a more focused stream of air when used with the concentrator nozzle. In testing, our reviewer found the ghd Helios to be a close rival to the £300 Dyson Supersonic in drying time and its ability to deliver a smooth finish with no frizz. Impressive, considering it costs nearly half the price.

However, what the Helios has in speed and smoothness, it lacks in versatility. There are only two speed and heat settings available with this dryer, as well as only one concentrator nozzle. If you have curly hair, look elsewhere for a dryer that comes with a diffuser attachment.

Read our full GHD Helios review

Key specs – Temperature settings: 2; Speed settings: 2; Top Speed: 26.5m/s; Power: 2,200W; Weight: 510g; Cable length: 3m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: Concentrator

6. Remington Keratin Protect: Best hair dryer for shine

Price when reviewed: £35 | Check price at Amazon

best hair dryer remington keratin protect with concentrator nozzle photographed on a wooden table

  • Great for… build quality, shiny results
  • Keep in mind… slower drying

Heat and fast wind speeds go a long way towards drying hair, but some hair dryers offer innovative features to help smooth the hair follicle during drying. This aims to provide a shinier finish. This is why we rate the drying grille of the Remington Keratin Protect hair dryer, which is infused with keratin and almond oils. In our tests, we found this to be quite effective at adding shine to the hair, particularly when compared to a standard hair dryer grille.

The dryer also offers a wide range of heat and speed settings, as well as two concentrator nozzles and a diffuser attachment. That meant we could tailor the attachment and styling options to the style we wanted to create in our tests. Its build quality is also phenomenal for the price.

When measuring the wind speeds, the dryer managed 18.2m/s – respectable, but not the fastest dryer we’ve tested. However, if you’re hoping to achieve a blow dry look, this dryer offers plenty of control and adds shine without the need for extra hair serums.

Read our full Remington Keratin Protect review

Key specs – Temperature settings: 3; Speed settings: 2; Top speed: 18.2m/s; Power: 2,200W; Noise levels: 94dB; Weight: 688g; Cable length: 2.5m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: Two concentrator nozzles, diffuser

7. Revamp Progloss 5500 Hair Dryer: Best for long and thick hair

Price when reviewed: £100 | Check price at Currys

Revamp progloss photographed on a grey slate table

  • Great for… fast drying, smooth and voluminous results
  • Keep in mind… heavy and loud

Having long and thick hair can make hair wash days a drag. Thankfully, the ReVamp Progloss 5500 has a massive 2,400W motor that chucks out air at a whopping 28.3m/s. Those speeds will get even the thickest head of hair dry in no time and thanks to the keratin protein, argan and coconut oil-infused grille, it gives shinier results in the process.

But ReVamp hasn’t stopped there – among the myriad heat and speed options, the dryer has a dual-ionic switch that uses positive or negative ions to produce different effects on the hair. This use of ions is impossible to measure in our tests but anecdotally, we found that the volume setting generated a good amount of lift at the root of the hair, while the other setting gave the hair a nice, smooth finish.

Add on two concentrator nozzles and a large bowl-like diffuser and you have a pretty faultless hair dryer. Until you weigh it. At 734g, this hair dryer is a behemoth and we wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who struggles with aching arms. It’s also really loud but since it’s so powerful you shouldn’t need to use it for long to get your hair styled.

Read our full ReVamp Progloss 5500 review

Key specs – Temperature settings: 3; Speed settings: 2; Top speed: 28.3m/s; Power: 2,400W; Noise levels: 96dB; Weight: 734g; Cable length: 3m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: 2 concentrator nozzles, diffuser

8. Panasonic EH-NA: Best hair dryer for afro-textured hair

Price when reviewed: £55 | Check price at Amazon

Panasonic EH-NA product image on a white background with concentrator nozzles and diffuser attachments

  • Great for… fast, gentle drying with no frizz
  • Keep in mind… not great for straight hair

Afro-textured hair and curly hair needs a little more love and care than straight hair does, thanks to the delicate nature of curl patterns and its susceptibility to dryness, frizz and heat damage. Luckily, Panasonic’s EH NA Nanoe hair dryer is designed to hydrate the hair and scalp as it dries it.

Panasonic’s patented Nanoe water atomising system jets microscopic water particles directly into the hair and scalp as you dry it. This supposedly reduces static, frizz and split ends. In our tests, we thought the dryer produced impressively shiny and smooth hair. The dryer also has a foldable handle, which makes it ideal for travel and neat storage.

Among the typical heat and speed settings, the dryer has a scalp mode, which we thought dried the root and scalp at an incredibly comfortable temperature, even for sensitive scalps. We also loved the innovative alternating hot and cold mode, which allowed us to smooth, style and set our hair with ease.

Key specs – Temperature settings: 4; Speed settings: 3; Power: 1,800W; Weight: 578g; Cable length: 2.7m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: Concentrator, diffuser, quick dry nozzle

9. Dyson Supersonic: Best luxury hair dryer

Price when reviewed: £330 | Check price at Boots

Dyson Supersonic in white photographed in front of a light wooden floor

  • Great for… fast, lightweight, quiet
  • Keep in mind… incredibly expensive

We think the Dyson Supersonic is the best luxury hair dryer on the market, but you’ll have to splash the cash if you want to buy it. In our tests, its distinctive design proved to be lightweight, powerful and quiet. Since its digital motor is housed in the handle, it’s small and portable too.

As you would expect for a dryer that costs this much, the build quality is top-notch. We thought the control switches were comfortable to access and the dryer was easy to maintain thanks to the filter cleaning brush. We also like that the attachments can be clipped securely onto the front of the dryer using strong magnets.

To add to the user-friendliness of this dryer, the diffuser and concentrator nozzles use thermal sensors to prevent them from overheating. The smoothing attachment uses the coandă effect to hide flyaways, while the wide-tooth comb attachment is designed to detangle curly and coily hair.

Dyson also includes a pleather storage case, which holds the dryer and its attachments. Not only does this keep the dryer dust-free, helping to prolong its life but it also allows you to keep your dryer on display without compromising on aesthetics.

Read our full Dyson Supersonic review

Key specs – Temperature settings: 3; Speed settings: 3; Power: 1,600W; Weight: 690g; Cable length: 2.7m; Cold shot: Yes; Accessories: Concentrator nozzle, diffuser, smoothing attachments

Check price at Boots

How to choose the best hair dryer for you

What are the key features of a good hair dryer?

The function of a hair dryer isn’t exactly complicated – they blow hot air into your hair to dry it. While many claim to be the best, these are the key features that are present on the very best hair dryers we’ve tested.

1. A range of temperature settings to help dry a range of hair types effectively

2. A range of speed settings to give the user greater control

3. A cool-shot button to set hair styles in place

4. A removable rear grille that can be cleaned easily

5. A long cable of at least two metres

6. Attachments like concentrator nozzles and diffusers

If your hair dryer has these key features, you should be able to create a range of styles on most hair types.

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How much should I spend on a hair dryer?

This depends on how many extra features you want to have and how powerful, quiet and lightweight you want your hair dryer to be.

A hair dryer that covers all the basics listed above will generally set you back anywhere between £18 and £60, depending on build quality and power levels.

Spend between £60 and £100 and you can expect faster airflow, more powerful motors and a few smart features such as scalp-dry modes and keratin infused grilles to add shine and keep hair healthy. You’ll also get a noticeably higher build quality at the top end of this budget.

If you want to buy one of the lightest and quietest hair dryers you can buy, such as the mdlondon Blow and Dyson Supersonic, these can set you back anywhere from £150 to £300. These luxury hair dryers have incredible build quality, energy efficient motors, staggeringly fast airflow and intelligent heat monitoring to get your hair dried quickly and smoothly without heat damage.

You’ll notice a clear difference in performance and power between luxury and mid-range hair dryers. However, you can still achieve good results with a hair dryer that costs far less. So, unless you’re serious about splashing out on an all-singing, all-dancing hair dryer, there is no need to spend much more than £100.

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Does hair type matter?

Absolutely. Your hair type will determine how much heat your hair can handle, as well as if you need to take any extra care of your hair while drying it to keep it healthy and looking its best. Dyed or damaged hair should always be dried at lower temperatures, for example, and curly hair types will want to use a diffuser to evenly dry their hair.

If you’re not sure which hair type you have, read our in-depth ‘What is my hair type’ article to pinpoint your hair type and how best to care for it. As a general rule, all hair types should protect their hair using a heat protection spray to prevent damage and breakage while using a hair dryer.

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Which attachments do I need?

  • Concentrator nozzles come with most dryers. Some even come with two – a narrower nozzle can be more useful for precise styling. Wider nozzles for creating sleek straighter styles on larger sections of hair.
  • Diffusers for defining and shaping wavey and curly hair.
  • Smoothing attachments for taming flyaways.

Does power rating make a difference?

About a decade ago, a higher power rating meant that you’d be getting a more powerful and effective dryer. Nowadays, power rating doesn’t really tell you anything. That’s because modern digital motors can produce far faster streams of airflow using much less power.

As you can see in the graph below, the top wind speed of a hair dryer has fairly little to do with its power, especially when it comes to faster dryers. That’s why we’ve listed top tested speeds and power in our mini reviews.

Best hair dryer. A graph showing the power (W) vs speed (m/s) of different hair dryers

What other technology is available?

Mid-range to luxury hair dryers come with heaps of technology, most of which is difficult to measure the impact of. These extra features can be beneficial for certain hair types:

  • Ionic technology: Adds shine to hair. Dual ionic switches can also add volume.
  • Infused grilles: Keratin protein, argan or coconut oil infusions can nourish hair and provide a smooth, shiny finish
  • Anti hot-spot technology: Helps provide an even distribution of heat to the hair, helping to provide a uniform, smooth finish
  • Root drying modes: Can be useful for thick, curly and coily hair types to dry the scalp gently

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