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Top Flash games (no registration or download required)

Free Flash games abound on the internet - here are our top 10 office lunchtime entertainments



Defend your desk from invading creepers! This addictive tower defense game sees you face off ten waves of enemies in each stage, with each one getting faster and faster until the final boss arrives on Level 10. Each dead creeper also earns you coins which you can then spend on more towers and gun upgrades, so there’s never a dull moment in between the rushing hordes.

Desktop Tower Defense

Kill it with fire!


Quake may have been the more technologically impressive game, but many would argue that Doom, and the Doom engine-based games Heretic and Hexen, were actually more fun.

So why not play all three in your browser and decide for yourself? Everyone knows Doom – the first-person shooter that started it all – but Heretic and Hexen took 1994’s most impressive technology and added interesting level design and bizarre magical weapons.

[[IMG ID=182779F”]]

Eat magic wand, godforsaken imps!


This dark platformer follows a father’s quest through a grimly post-apocalyptic world to find his kidnapped daughter, the only human immune to radiation sickness. While its graphics are more functional than lovely, the plot, atmosphere, music and brilliantly responsive controls mean that it’s all too easy to burn huge amounts of time with this brilliantly absorbing game. There’s even a fully functional save game feature, which doesn’t require registration to use.

Wilt: The Last Blossom

If you fancy a spot of achingly depressing action in your lunch break, this brilliantly-realised platformer is just the ticket

And our favourite Flash game of all?

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