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Top Flash games (no registration or download required)

Free Flash games abound on the internet - here are our top 10 office lunchtime entertainments



The Game of Disorientation is not for those of a nauseous disposition. The clue’s in the title, as this top-down Flash game sees you trying to navigate various forms of death-spike mazes while contending with a swirling, zooming and distorting camera. All you need to do is use the arrow keys to find your way through, but you quickly lose track of which direction you’re facing. Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race here, though, as you’ll also be trying to escape from razor blades of doom and psychotic zombie clones of yourself. You’ll die many times, but that’s all part of the fun.

Game of Disorientation

Simples! …Right?


Want a quick burst of Super Smash Bros. but don’t have your Wii to hand? Well, Super Smash Flash is here to save the day. All your Nintendo favourites are here along with unlockable characters and a few extras like Mega Man and Tails, and they’ve all been turned into charming sprites to boot. Two players can even play on the same keyboard. The physics are a bit wonky sometimes, with jumps sending you flying across the screen, but it’s mad, frantic fun that you won’t find anywhere else.

Super Smash Flash

Ready? Fight!


If you’re after something a little more laid-back, this Flash-based visual novel tells a diverting story about procrastination, daydreaming and cats. Each screen gives you a few options to investigate, making this a rich but pleasantly relaxing diversion. Its stylised graphics and gentle music add to the charm.

Hummingbird Mind

Hummingbird Mind is aware of your interest in talking cats, internet

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