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Top 10 products we wish we could un-invent

Companies have a habit of producing products that no-one needs or wants. We round up the best examples of pointless tech kit.


1. iPad Waistcoat

Well-known case manufacturer Proporta recently ran a competition to design a case aimed at global travellers. Somehow this waistcoat, which has an integral pocket for an iPad, was among the winners. Despite the photographer’s best efforts, this crazy item of clothing still looks ridiculous.

It might be a way to carry your iPad with you, but it’s the most ludicrous we’ve ever seen. It isn’t in a practical position for using the iPad – even if you simply want to watch a video. The weight of the iPad surely pulls the waistcoat down at one side, meaning it’s probably uncomfortable to boot.

Thankfully, the design is unlikely to make it into production, and Proporta’s range will be all the better for it.

iPad Waistcoat
Impractical, unattractive and just plain wrong: iPads and waistcoats don’t mix

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