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Top 10 products we wish we could un-invent

Companies have a habit of producing products that no-one needs or wants. We round up the best examples of pointless tech kit.


7. iPod pants

According to the manufacturer, the Play iBox Solid Boxer “is an ideal knit boxer for trendy, gadget-savvy music lovers. Made from a cotton/spandex blend, this button fly boxer has a discrete front pocket which is perfect for holding your iPod, other mp3 players or your phone”.

Is it perfect, though? Why would you even want to put your iPod in your boxers? The only plausible explanation can be that some people like to walk around in their underwear, and listen to music through headphones at the same time. Then again, maybe we’re being too generous in thinking there’s an explanation at all. If anyone actually bought a pair, it must have been as a joke gift for someone else.

iPod pants
Ever wished your boxer shorts had a pocket for your MP3 player? No, we thought not

6. Native Union Play

Ditch the household notepad and grab a Play, we’re told by Native Union. This £50 device is intended to be a ‘modern twist on everyday messages’ and allows you to record video messages before slapping the Play on your fridge (it has a magnetic back) ready for the recipient to come home and view it on the colour screen.

It may be more fun than scribbling a note on a piece of paper, but it’s merely an attempt to solve a problem that no-one has. Given that it can store only a paltry three minutes of video, it’s ridiculously overpriced and can’t even double as a camcorder. We can’t see anyone ditching their £1 notepad for this.

Native Union Play
This jumped-up fridge magnet is unlikely to replace handwritten notes

5. Internet Fridge

Talking of refrigerators, this top 10 wouldn’t be complete without the infamous Internet Fridge. This monstrosity contained a 15in LCD display so you could browse the internet while you’re in front of the fridge. If that sounds a bit odd, it’s because it makes no sense. We’ve never had the desire to check Facebook while grabbing a beer, and the built-in TV tuner and FM radio are bizarre additions too.

Fridges keep things cold, and any attempt to add unrelated features is just plain wrong.

Internet fridge
Internet Fridge is a rather grand title for this awful hybrid

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