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Best trampoline 2023: The best trampolines for toddlers, kids and adults

Read our guide to the best trampolines to buy for you and your family

Ask anyone with a trampoline in their garden and they’ll tell you it’s the best way to have fun without straying far from home. It’s also great for fitness, too, and for both kids and adults alike. Kids just love to bounce and a trampoline is all the encouragement any child over the age of three needs to keep fit and active. And even if you don’t have kids, there’s no reason why you can’t invest in one yourself. Trampolining is not only good for those endorphins but it’s considered to be one of the best forms of exercise for adults, helping you to lose weight and keep fit while jumping around.

But whatever the reason for buying one, there’s a lot to think about when getting a trampoline. What size and shape do you need? Should it be in-ground or overground? Read on to find our recommendations to suit all budgets and needs, as well as a guide to the features you should consider before making your purchase.

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Best trampolines: At a glance

How to choose the best trampoline for you (and your kids)

Should I buy an in-ground or overground trampoline?

In-ground trampolines – trampolines that are set into the ground – are increasingly popular, both because they are more discreet (no eyesore in the garden) and safer (nothing to fall off). But you’ll have to dig a deep hole to fit it in and organise proper drainage to prevent rusting. Above-ground trampolines are easier to set up and maintain, but they entail more safety risks and can be a blot on the landscape.

What shape should I buy?

Round is the most popular shape: it’s the cheapest to make, and the bounce is light and easy in the middle. Hexagonal designs are a fun alternative and offer the same kind of bounce. A rectangular trampoline will suit those more serious about gymnastics, as they offer the best quality of bounce to achieve high jumps, while oval trampolines are great for narrower gardens – and for multiple jumpers, as bouncers don’t all tend to gravitate towards the middle. Octagonal trampolines also give a more predictable vertical bounce.

What size should I get?

The most common sizes for trampolines (the diameter of the jumping surface, not the surrounding springs and padding) are 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft, with oval and rectangular ones coming in a whole different set of sizes. Generally speaking, it’s a case of the bigger, the better: more jumping space allows for bigger tricks or more people jumping at once – and it will last you longer as the kids grow.

Be warned, though, that it’s very easy to underestimate just how much space you’ll need for a trampoline. Before investing, be sure to measure out the area where you want to put it – and make sure it’s surrounded by grass or AstroTurf rather than hard concrete to reduce the risk of injury if your child falls off. You should also ensure there’s enough space either side for the kids to get on and off and make sure it’s not near obstacles such as branches.

Do I need an enclosure?

It depends on who will be using it. If you’re a beginner, or a parent of a beginner, and want to be extra cautious, you might decide to go with a protective netting around the trampoline. However, you won’t really need one if the person using the trampoline is quite experienced. Also consider that trampoline netting doesn’t last forever as it can be torn rather easily or simply rot over time when exposed to direct sunlight. They can easily be bought at a later date or replaced.

What accessories are available?

While it isn’t a necessity, there are a variety of add-ons available to trampoline buyers, including ladders to help kids climb in and out safely, as well as stakes and anchors to ensure the trampoline stays securely in place. There’s even sports equipment available to help make trampolining more competitive.

What else should I consider?

The frame should be made of galvanised steel (ideally with weld-free construction) to ensure that it won’t rust and will cope with the stress of people jumping on it day after day. The enclosure should be strong and weather-resistant and fit securely to the trampoline frame using padded poles – these prevent jumpers from landing on the springs and frame without compromising on the amount of jumping space.

Springs, if there are any, should be zinc-coated to cope with all weathers, and pad covers should have a thick layer of UV-resistant and all-weather padding to give even more protection. Check your trampoline’s warranty and, if you plan to keep it a long time, make sure that spare parts will be available to buy should you ever need them.

How much do I need to spend?

There’s huge variation in trampoline prices, which start from under £100, reaching up to well over £1,000. With the more expensive ones, you’re generally paying for a unique design (for example, spring-free) and top-notch materials that are built to last, as well as a larger bouncing area.

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The best trampolines to buy

1. Sportspower Trampoline: The best full-sized budget buy

Price: £140 | Buy now from Argos

If you’re looking for a fun trampoline on a budget, this is your best buy. It has a high-quality galvanised steel frame – something you won’t often find at this price – and the safety enclosure is simple to take on and off if you want to store it away during the winter months. It comes with a ladder, as well as padding for the poles and frame to help prevent injuries. It’s not quite as robust or long-lasting as the more expensive trampolines in our roundup, but it should see you through a few years of jumping. Our only real gripe is that the springs can squeak during bouncing, but it’s not so loud as to annoy the neighbours.

Key specs – Sizes: 4 circular (8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft); Frame: Galvanised steel; Netting included: Yes; Warranty: 2 years for frame, 1 year for fabric elements

Buy now from Argos

2. Plum 4.5ft Children’s Trampoline: Great for smaller kids and smaller spaces

Price: From £91 | Buy now from Amazon

We’re big fans of Plum’s range of trampolines. Its larger ones a little further down the page are brilliant for bigger kids and bigger gardens, but Plum’s smaller 4.5ft model is a brilliant option for those with a little less space to spare. It’s just perfect for getting smaller kids into the swing of things in a smaller garden or patio.

Kids from three to six years old can get bouncing on this compact trampoline, and the maximum user weight of 40kg means that it’ll be a while until they outgrow it and need a bigger model. The steel frame is strong and robust, and the 30 steel springs are covered in foam pads to keep them away from children’s prying fingers – and safe from the weather, too.

Key specs – Size: 4.5ft circular Frame: Galvanised steel; Safety netting included: Yes; Warranty: 10 years for frame and retaining wall, 5 years for jump mat and springs, 2 years for padding

3. Capital Inground Trampoline: The best in-ground trampoline

Price: From £829 | Buy now from Capital Play

If you’re concerned about ruining your view, check out Capital Play, a company that specialises in trampolines that sit completely level with the ground. There’s a patented air-vent system in the surround pad to give more airflow, which ensures a good bounce with no slapping noises as your kids jump. There are also loads of accessories available, including full, half or corner netting (in case there’s a nearby obstacle), basketball hoops and a magic nightlight system. There’s no shortage of sizes and shapes and you can even choose from green or grey padding.

The only hard part is the installation: you’ll probably need a day to dig the hole, and another half day (with helpers) to get it all set up. It might be a better idea to pay for Capital Play’s own installation service.

Key specs – Sizes: 4 circular (8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft) and 3 rectangular (10 x 6ft, 11 x 8ft, 14 x 10ft); Frame: Galvanised steel; Safety netting included: No; Warranty: 10 years for frame and retaining wall, 5 years for jump mat and springs, 2 years for padding

Buy now from Capital Play

4. Chad Valley Kids Indoor Trampoline: The best for toddlers

Price: £45 | Buy now from Argos

Even very young kids can get a piece of the bouncing action, thanks to this vibrant trampoline that can be used either inside or outside. It’s one of many such trampolines currently on sale, but the difference with this one is the patented material and single stretch cord that’s been specially designed for good weight distribution. We also like the padded edges for extra safety, and it’s both quicker to assemble than others and more durable. The easy-grip handle is helpful for children who need a bit of extra security. It’s only aimed at three years and over, though.

Key specs – Sizes available: 1; Frame: Steel; Netting included: N/A; Warranty: None

Buy now from Argos

5. Springfree Square: The safest option for trampoline-related fun

Price: £1,495 | Buy now from Springfree Trampoline

Most trampoline-related injuries are caused by the springs, so this spring-free design is a dream come true for safety-conscious parents. In fact, the Springfree range came about when a mother-and-father team – a nurse and an engineer – decided to find a way to make trampolines less dangerous. The first model was launched in 2003, enabling kids to bounce all the way to the edge of the mat without coming into contact with any metal springs or frame. As an added bonus, this also gives a bigger jumping space.

Springfree trampolines remain the world’s safest – the only ones, in fact, endorsed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. You can feel the quality of the engineering, from the thickness of the steel to the superior netting and the quality of the bounce. You can even upgrade to a “smart” trampoline, which can track your movement and incorporate it into games to improve bouncing skills. They are available in round, oval and – Springfree’s current bestseller – square, which has four jumping hot spots.

Key specs – Size: 11 x 11ft; Frame: Powder-coated galvanised steel; Netting included: Yes; Warranty: 10 years for enclosure netting, frame and jump mat

Buy now from Springfree Trampoline

6. Chad Valley 6ft Trampoline with Folding Enclosure: Best entry trampoline for younger children

Price: £100 | Buy now from Argos

This compact trampoline will suit littluns of around 3+ and families with smaller gardens. It’s much easier and quicker to put together than the larger varieties, with joints that easily link together, great instructions and all the tools you need – it took two people just over an hour to build. We were surprised by how much bounce it had for the size – thanks to the 36 springs – and the mat is durable.

Our little testers liked the lower height – making it easy to get on and off – and the galvanised steel frame and safety enclosure will do you proud in terms of durability and safety. Be sure to only let one child on at a time, though.

Key specs – Sizes available: 6ft; Frame material: Galvanised steel; Netting included? Yes; Warranty: 90 days/two years for the frame

Buy now from Argos

7. TP Genius Octagonal: The best for uneven ground

Price: £800 | Buy now from TP Toys

This octagonal trampoline makes it easy to jump straight upwards, as opposed to round frames that bounce you towards the centre of the trampoline. It’s also got a patented crawl-through tunnel-style entry and exit system instead of the more traditional zip entry – a boon, as one of the biggest causes of trampoline injuries is zips being left undone. In fact, it’s been such a success that TP has rolled it out onto other designs.

More good news for parents is that the springs are fully shielded, and the frame provides stability on uneven ground (just don’t put it on too much of a slope). The design has had a facelift since it first launched, with a shiny new black paint finish to replace the lacklustre stainless steel, plus a bright blue finish on the poles, padding and top rim.

Key specs – Sizes: 2 octagonal (10ft and 12ft); Frame: Galvanised steel; Netting included: Yes; Warranty: 10 years rust causing failure for frame, 1 year for all other parts

Buy now from TP Toys

8. Jumpking Rectangular Trampoline: The best rectangular trampoline

Price: From £399 | Buy now from Jumpking

You’ll only find one shape of trampoline at competition level: rectangular. This trampoline stands out for serious gymnasts for other reasons too: it’s got particularly professional jumping performance, due to the spring configuration, and there are five different sizes to suit all ages and gardens. The most recent addition to the lineup covers a massive 12ft x 17ft (3.66m x 5.18m). The rectangular shape is also good for narrow gardens, as is the OvalPOD range from the same brand. With both types, you get three different “jumping zones’’ so the jumper isn’t automatically pulled back into the middle as they are with round ones.

This high-spec range has a classy grey powder-coated frame, high-quality XPE foams on the enclosure poles, patented G3 shock-corded rods for easy assembly and safer jumping, and robust T-connectors joining the sections of the top rails for added stability. All sizes except the 6ft x 9ft (1.83m x 2.74m) rectangular come with a deluxe trampoline ladder, which helps smaller children climb on safely.

Key specs – Sizes: 5 rectangular (6ft x 9ft, 8ft x 12ft, 9ft x 13ft, 10ft x 14ft and 12ft x 17ft); Frame: Galvanised steel; Netting included: Yes; Warranty: 10 years against rust causing failure for frame, 5 years against bed stitching and springs rusting or snapping, 2 years against net and pad ripping (6ft x 9ft warranty for frame 5 years and 1 year on all other parts)

Buy now from Jumpking