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Top 10 Most Spectacular Hacks

From hacking PS3 cell processors into a home supercomputer to taking down the most challenging of government and corporate networks, we look at the most spectacular hacks of the computer age.


1. LulzSec takes out the PlayStation Network

Whether you regard them as public-spirited hacktivists or a bloody nuisance, the impact of LulzSec’s attacks can’t be underestimated. They’ve brought security hacking into the headlines and shown up massive multinationals such as Sony and Nintendo.

Pierre Dubois

The group deliberately uses the basic fundamentals of security penetration – techniques such as SQL injection, in which SQL commands are used to gain access to a database, often through a web interface that lacks sufficient protective sanitization. While LulzSec has drawn criticism from the security community for its methods, it’s also shown that the faith we’ve put in the well-known and well-regarded companies that we’re so willing to give our credit card details to may be misplaced.

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