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Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit review

Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit

HANDS ON REVIEW: Alcatel's unique approach to fitness gadgets cuts the smartphone down to size, but keeps the most important features for when you need to make a call or send a text during a run

Fitness trackers and wearable tech often relies on a smartphone to function, but what happens when the wearable IS a smartphone? that’s what Alcatel Onetouch has attempted with the Pop Fit, a tiny handset with built-in fitness apps and an accompanying armband to keep you company when out for a run.

Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit

The 2.8in pebble-shaped handset is something of an oddity in the land of phablets and smartphones with 7in screens, but here it makes a lot of sense; the device fits into smaller, tighter pockets that other smartphones simply can’t fit in, can comfortably fit on your arm and won’t make you as much of a mugging target than joggers loosely gripping their top-end handset.

Powered by a 1GHz dual-core MediaTek chip with 512MB of RAM, the Pop Fit definitely isn’t a powerhouse but only has to play music and count steps so that isn’t a major concern. The 1,000mAh battery should even prove sufficient enough for ultra marathon runners to complete a course without having to stop to recharge.

Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit

Alcatel clearly expects the Pop Fit to replace an MP3 player, as it will be available with either 16 or 32GB of internal storage; more than enough for a full day at the gym without having to listen to the same track twice. It also comes bundled with RunKeeper GPS step tracking built in, accessed with a single swipe from the home screen, along with DoubleTwist music player and the Fleksy keyboard app, which should make it a lot easier to type on the tiny screen if you’re caught in a pinch and need to send a text.

Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit

Replaceable rear covers let you mix and match to suit your outfit, with Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Red available at launch, while an armband case saves you having to keep it in a pocket. A pair of JBL in-ear headphones are also included in the box, so you can get up and go straight away.

We almost wish Alcatel had committed to the fitness angle even further, as there are a few features that we don’t expect to see much use when out on a run or when on a treadmill at the gym. A 2-megapixel rear camera is so low resolution that you won’t want to do much with it beyond absolute spur of the moment type shots.

Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit

Yes, it’s obviously made from plastic. Yes, the 320×240 resolution display is incredibly pixellated and blocky compared to the average mid-range smartphone, and No, it won’t replace your current handset outright, but if you need something to take with you on the move and don’t fancy dropping your £500 smartphone in a puddle, the €89 Pop Fit could be the ideal second device – just pop in your SIM card and you’re good to go.

The Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit is expected to go on sale from May onwards in Europe, the US and China. It should cost around £75 when it arrives in the UK.

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