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The best iPhone 6 deals and iPhone 6s deals in October 2017

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Save on a new or refurbished iPhone 6, 6s or 6s Plus with the best deals this month

It may have been over a year since the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hit the shelves, but the iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 6s Plus are still proving popular among Apple fans. That’s partly because many owners are choosing to hold onto their current handsets for longer, upgrading every couple of years instead of every time a new model is released, and the iPhone 6 or 6s is definitely a phone you won’t mind having for longer than previous models. 

With the release of the newest iPhone 8 last month, the iPhone 6 and 6s are starting to drop in price, so you don’t have to wait to get a good deal. If you’re ready to upgrade or replace your current model, there are plenty of great offers from retailers such as Carphone Warehouse and Mobiles right now, so you can make your money go a little bit further. 

Every month we pull out all the best deals on the iPhone 6 and 6s so you can buy confidently, knowing that you’re getting as much as possible for your cash. Check out this month’s best deals below or, if you’re not in a hurry, check back next month for even more offers. 

The best iPhone 6 deals 

iPhone 6 32GB handset for only £359 always have great offers on contracts and handsets, and that includes the iPhone 6. You can get the 32GB model right now for just £359, which is around £40 cheaper than elsewhere.

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Best cheap contract deal: iPhone 6 32GB – £17.99/month + £9.99 upfront

Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts | 1GB (4G) Data

The iPhone 6 32GB currently retails for around £400 if bought outright, but with this great deal from Mobiles, you can get the handset, unlimited texts and calls, plus 1GB of monthly data for 2 years for just £44.75 more over that time.

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Best contract for data and storage: iPhone 6 32GB – £40/month 

Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts | 30GB (4G) Data

Three’s advanced plans make your money go even further. It comes with a hefty 30GB of monthly data, which can be used in 60 destinations around the world or used to set up a personal hotspot. 

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Apple iPhone 6S side

The best iPhone 6s deals 

iPhone 6s 32GB handset for only £479 at Mobiles 

The largest 128GB iPhone 6s usually retails at £499, but you can currently pick it up SIM-free for £479 at Mobiles. Given that the smaller 32GB model costs £399, you’ll get four times as much storage for just £80 more.

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Best cheap contract deal: iPhone 6s – £31/month + £29 upfront

Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts | 1GB (4G) Data

If you’re happy to pay £29 upfront, this deal from Three is one of the cheapest 6s deals around. You’ll get unlimited minutes and texts, as well as a 1GB-sized helping of data, all for just £31 per month. 

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Best data deal: iPhone 6s 32GB – £40/month + £50 upfront 

Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts | 26GB (4G) Data

This great data deal on the iPhone 6s gives you an extra 10GB of data every month, taking the total monthly allowance up to 26GB. What’s more, it’s even cheaper than any deal you’ll find if you buy directly from the network provider. 

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iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

The best iPhone 6s Plus deals 

iPhone 6s Plus 32GB handset for only £599 

The 6s Plus is now just as affordable as the iPhone 6s. Buy the 32GB model from Carphone Warehouse and it will now only set you back £599. 

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Best cheap contract deal: iPhone 6 Plus – £34.99/month

500 Minutes | 5000 Texts | 1GB (4G) Data

If you aren’t bothered about having unlimited calls and texts, this is a great deal from Tesco Mobile. You’ll pay zero upfront costs – just £34.99 per month.

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20GB of data for £56 per month at O2

Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts | 20GB (4G) Data

Not only can you get the 6s Plus for just £56 per month with an upfront payment of £29.99, you’ll also get free O2 WiFi when you’re out and about to make your data go even further. 

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