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Best toaster and kettle set 2024: Coordinate your kitchen with these stylish pairs

Whether you plump for bright colours or sleek design, these are the best toaster and kettle sets for highlighting your style credentials

Having multiple small appliances on display can make your worktops look crowded and cluttered, especially if they’re a hotchpotch of colour and style. That’s why finding the best kettle and toaster set for your kitchen is such an appealing idea. Not only will they both have the same finish – making it easier to find something that will complement your existing décor – all the details, such as control knobs and metallic elements, will match.

However, it’s crucial that in your pursuit of the perfect pair, function doesn’t get overlooked. Features including fast boiling and wide toasting slots are still a must for many, as are adequate kettle capacity and varying levels of browning. We’ve selected the best kettle and toaster sets you can buy for your budget, as well as the functionality you should look for when choosing one. Below, you will find our buying guide to help you find the best kettle and toaster set, or you can scroll on for our top picks.

Best toaster and kettle sets: At a glance

Best value toaster and kettle setBreville Edge (~£80)Check price at Amazon
Best for quirky styleDe’Longhi Ballerina (~£137)Check price at Amazon
Best luxury toaster and kettle setKitchenAid Artisan Breakfast Set (~£374)Check price at B&Q

How to choose the best toaster and kettle set for you

What do I need to consider when buying a toaster and kettle set?

Start by choosing a colour and design that suits your kitchen. Matte neutrals are popular as they have the versatility of white or stainless steel, but bring warmth to your overall scheme. However, bolder shades remain a great way to add an accent colour if the rest of your kitchen is simply styled. The latest trends include a textured look, such as soft-touch finishes, which also prevent fingerprint marks, and modern geometric designs.

Next, consider the features of both appliances and their capacity. Make sure they’re both a suitable size for daily use – such as a four-slice toaster instead of a two-slice in larger households – and include the functionality you need, such as easy pouring from a kettle, and a defrost option if you often make toast straight from the freezer. If one appliance fits the bill but the other one doesn’t, it may be worth looking at a different range. Don’t buy both just because they match; consider each appliance carefully to make sure it suits your needs, or you may end up replacing one of them further down the line.

How much should I spend on a toaster and kettle set?

Prices can vary but be aware that kettles and toasters from a design-led range tend to cost more than you would expect to pay for basic models. Budget at least £30 for each appliance, although high-end models can easily cost £90+ each. Look for bundled appliances to trim your spend – you may find the kettle and toaster sold together for less or with matching accessories.

How we test toaster and kettle sets

Each toaster and kettle set undergoes real-world testing in a typical domestic setting, taking into consideration their usability, convenience, capacity and how easy they are to maintain and keep clean. The kettle’s weight when empty and full, is also noted.

For kettles, we time how long it takes to boil a full kettle of cold water from the tap, as well as 1l for comparative purposes. Each litre of water was measured using the same jug, as it’s not uncommon for litre markings on a kettle to be incorrect or unavailable.

Toasters are tested using bagels and two types of bread – thinner supermarket slices and thick sliced loaves. We note whether toasting is even, as well as how deep and wide the slots are – do thick slices fit and does any bread poke out and remain untoasted? Timing is also important, which is why we test how long a single slice takes to toast and compare this with other tested models. Finally, value for money is taken into account – we assess whether the features, performance and design warrant the price tag.

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The best toaster and kettle sets you can buy in 2024

1. Breville Edge Still Hot Kettle VKT192 and Toaster VTT981: Best-value set

Price when reviewed: £80 (both) | Check price at Amazon

While the Breville Edge kettle and toaster set is brilliant at breakfast time, both appliances lend themselves to being used throughout the day. Its two-slice toaster has a handy “lift and look” lever, so you can check on browning and toasts right to the top of the slice, so you don’t have to flip it upside down to finish. There’s also a high lift, so you don’t burn your fingers getting it out, and wide slots – great for lunchtime toasties. In testing, we found that thicker bread can start to burn quite quickly, however, so that’s something to ponder if you prefer a thicker slice.

The kettle features are equally handy. There’s a large, clear water window for filling and, as the water boils, the internal LED turns from white to red, indicating how hot it is. Once boiled, it stays red as long as the water is more than 80°C, meaning if you drink your first cuppa quickly, you can make another without reboiling. Another benefit is that the minimum boil is just one cup (250ml), so it’s economical, although the minimum level isn’t indicated on the kettle. It’s quick, too – we boiled a litre of cold water in two minutes and 15 seconds. However, there are a couple of downsides, such as no additional choice of colours, and the steel finish is prone to fingerprint marks.

Key specs – Kettle size: 23 x 15.1 x 26.5cm (WDH); Toaster size: 29.5 x 19 x 21.6cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.7L; Toaster size(s): Two-slot; Colours available: Stainless steel

2. Kenwood Elegancy Kettle ZJP11.A0 and TFP10.A0 Toaster: Best kettle and toaster set for families

Price when reviewed: £80 (both) | Check price at Kenwood With fluted detailing and covetable muted colours that are an homage to the tradition of afternoon tea and British ceramics, Kenwood’s Elegancy kettle and toaster is a brilliant blend of stylish and practical. Its sleek toaster is a case in point: it’s equipped with four generously sized slots, a defrost function and also a reheat option tucked at one end of the browning dial – ideal if breakfast is delayed. The glossy finish doesn’t show fingerprints either, making it perfect for a low-maintenance kitchen. In testing, toasting was beautifully even on both sides, and the high-lift function was great for getting slices out without burning our fingers. The only feature we would like to see added would be a lift and look, to keep an eye on progress.

The kettle is just as good-looking, with a handle that’s easy to grip and a light-up lever to show when it’s boiling. It’s also surprisingly light to carry around, so less of a struggle when full. A good-sized water window with multiple markings in litres means it’s simple to boil only as much water as required, while the minimum boil, though not marked, is an economical 250ml. In our tests, it performed well, boiling a litre of cold water in two minutes and 15 seconds.

Key specs – Kettle size: 18 x 23 x 25cm (WDH); Toaster size: 29 x 27 x 19cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.7L; Toaster size(s): Four-slice; Colours available: Clotted Cream, Earl Grey, Black Treacle, Sage Green, Mulberry

Check price of kettle at Kenwood Check price of toaster at Kenwood

3. Russell Hobbs Honeycomb Kettle and Four-slice Toaster: Best kettle and toaster set on a budget

Price when reviewed: £75 (both) | Check price at Amazon

This set’s glossy faceted exterior with geometric shapes belies its modest price. Despite being one of the more affordable options in our roundup, it still has some premium features, such as a defrost option on the toaster and internal kettle illumination.

The kettle is easy to fill, with a button for its flip-up lid, but the water window isn’t as clear as some. Instead, it’s easier to use the handy internal markers that show the fill level for one, two or three cups. The minimum 235ml fill is great for those looking to save energy, meaning you only need to boil as much water as you plan to use. In testing, our litre of cold water boiled in two minutes and 21 seconds. We especially liked that the Honeycomb kettle is lightweight, so it’s easy to pick up even when full, and it pours smoothly.

The coordinating toaster has a high lift function to help prevent burnt fingers and even a reheat button, which is a useful extra on an affordable model such as this. Homemade bread fitted in the slots comfortably, even though they’re not the widest, and toast emerged evenly done, with only slight singeing at one corner.

Key specs – Kettle size: 21 x 16 x 24.5cm (WDH); Toaster size: 29 x 27.5 x 19.9cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.7L; Toaster size(s): Two-slice, four-slice; Colours available: Cream, Black, Grey, White

4. De’Longhi Ballerina Kettle KBD3001 and Four-slice Toaster CTD4003: Best stylish kettle and toaster

Price when reviewed: £137 (both) | Check price at Amazon

If the idea of a humdrum kettle and toaster leaves you cold, this Ballerina range should excite your senses. Inspired by – you guessed it – a ballerina dress, each kettle and toaster is wrapped in graceful pleats of clear plastic to create a real impression. There’s only the choice of four shades: black and white, as well as a dreamy sea green or gold yellow that’s sure to satisfy those on the hunt for colour. Better still, the glossy finish doesn’t show fingerprints.

Fortunately, it’s not a case of style over substance. The kettle boiled a litre of cold water in two minutes and 20 seconds and was easy to lift and pour from. Filling was less straightforward – there aren’t any markings on the water window and there’s only a max marker inside, meaning you may end up boiling more water than you need each time. However, we did like the discreet light on the lever and the kettle’s good build quality overall.

The toaster comes in a two- or four-slice version, the latter of which we tested. Its wide slots, lift-and-look feature, defrost and reheat buttons make it ideal for any busy household, especially one where it’s out on display, so its elegant exterior can be properly appreciated.

Key specs – Kettle size: 24.5 x 19.5 x 24.9cm (WDH); Toaster size: 30.2 x 32 x 20.7cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.7L; Toaster size(s): Two-slice, four-slice; Colours available: Opaline White, Furnace Black, Laguna Green, Gold Yellow

5. The Funky Appliance Company kettle and four-slice toaster: Best retro-style kettle and toaster

Price when reviewed: £150 (both) | Check price at ManoMano

Chunky and guaranteed to grab attention when displayed on your worktop, this set is great for anyone who loves a retro look or just something a bit different. The toaster in particular will appeal to those who enjoy different breads, homemade loaves or a thick slice, such as Warburton’s Toastie, as the deeper than standard slots make sure that every part of the slice is toasted. In testing, our homemade bread toasted from the bottom right to the top, although it started to singe at the edges. As well as handy reheat and defrost functions, another feature we liked was the anti-slip feet, which kept it firmly planted on the worktop.

The kettle has a wider than usual spout but still pours smoothly. There’s also a clearly marked water window, showing the max and min fill, as well as cups from four to seven (not litres). Its water window lights up blue when it’s on, while a button on the lid flips it up for filling – good for those who sometimes mix up levers. It’s speedy, too: a litre of cold water took just two minutes and 12 seconds to boil. What could prove to be a problem is the kettle’s minimum fill – around 900ml – meaning that if you only want to make one or two small cups, you will always be boiling more than you need.

Key specs – Kettle size: 26.5 x 17.5 x 25.5cm (WDH); Toaster size: 31.5 x 32 x 325cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.7L; Toaster size(s): Four-slice; Colours available: Black, White, Rose Gold, Cream, Grey, Chrome

Check price at ManoMano

6. Swan Tribeca 1.8L Pyramid Kettle and 2-Slice Toaster: Best kettle and toaster set for compact kitchens

Price when reviewed: £80 (both) | Check price at Swan Even smaller kitchens deserve an eye-catching kettle and toaster. With its geometric, art deco styling and glossy black and gold finish, the Tribeca range might have maximalist appeal, but the design of the kettle and toaster makes them ideal for those with limited surface space. The pyramid kettle can boil up to 1.8L, more than most jug-style designs, while the two-slice toaster happily tucks away at the back of a worktop when it’s not in use. Its mirrored section is also great for reflecting light around the room.

The toaster’s slots are fairly wide – enough to accommodate thick slices and halved bagels – and there are options for reheating and defrosting too. In testing, our bread toasted a little slower than with other toasters we tried but still came out evenly browned. The kettle boiled a litre in a speedy two minutes and 11 seconds, but its minimum fill is quite high at 600ml. There are only three fill markers on the water window, making it tricky to boil a specific amount. However, we liked that it was easy to pour from, and has a removable metal mesh limescale filter.

Key specs – Kettle size: 23.4 x 23.4 x 32.1cm (WDH); Toaster size: 29.4 x 19.6 x 21.6cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.8L; Toaster size(s): Two-slice, four-slice; Colours available: Black/Gold, White/Rose Gold

Check price of toaster at Swan Check price of kettle at Amazon

7. KitchenAid Artisan Breakfast Set: Best long-term investment set

Price when reviewed: £374 (both) | Check price at B&Q

It’s not just the gorgeous colour choices and retro styling that make KitchenAid’s Artisan breakfast set desirable, but the fact that it has a lot of features too. For example, the two-slice toaster will automatically keep your toast warm for three minutes after it’s done and there’s a sandwich function with a rack that prepares tasty toasties – although it’s not quite wide enough for stuffed sarnies or two slices of thick bread. There’s even a setting for those who love bagels, which will toast the inside, while gently warming the outside. In testing, our toast emerged beautifully browned without any burnt edges, and we loved that the slices of bread lowered automatically, perfect for busy breakfasts.

The kettle comes with plenty of added value too – offering temperature choices from 50ºC to boiling, so you can make everything from delicate white tea to flavourful black tea. There’s also a dial on one side of the kettle that shows what temperature the water is inside, reducing the need to reboil. It’s fairly quiet when boiling and, thanks to extra insulation, the exterior is only just warm to the touch. Our litre boiled in two minutes and 19 seconds and the kettle has a low minimum fill of 250ml. The only downside is that the kettle itself is heavy to lift when full and its maximum of 1.5L could be limiting in larger households.

Key specs – Kettle size: 26.3 x 21 x 21.8cm (WDH); Toaster size: 40.5 x 22.6 x 22.6cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.5L; Toaster size(s): Two-slice, four-slice; Colours available: Ink Blue, Medallion Silver, Almond Cream, Pistachio, Pebbled Palm, Candy Apple, Cast Iron Black, Empire Red, Onyx Black

Check price at B&Q

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