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The best range cookers in 2023

Discover the perfect range cooker for your kitchen and get ready to roast, sizzle and sauté like you've never done before

Stylish and practical, the best range cookers are an all-in-one cooking solution. The design of a range cooker means you don’t have to buy and install a separate hob, oven and cabinets: a single appliance can produce everything from perfectly baked bread to casseroles, cakes and curries. Installation is a lot easier than you might think – most range cookers simply slot into place – and the best models bring warmth and character to your kitchen.

However, there’s a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, supporting different functions and fuel types. And a range is a sizeable investment, so it’s important to buy one that gives you the right mix of capacity, energy efficiency, cleanability and so on. Here’s our rundown of the best range cookers money can buy – along with a buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice.

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The best range cookers: At a glance

  • Best budget compact range cooker: Belling Farmhouse 60DFBuy now
  • Best high-end compact range cooker: Esse 500EL | Buy now
  • Best large-scale range cooker: Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110 DF | Buy now
  • Best for heating your home: Rayburn 600 Series | Buy now

How to choose the best range cooker for you

Range cookers come in two types. The first is cast-iron heat-storage models that cook using radiant heat. This category includes traditional Agas and appliances such as Rayburns that can also heat water for your radiators and hot water system. They can be powered by electric, gas, LPG, oil or solid fuels and may require a flue. In the winter they provide an always-on ambient warmth, but can normally be switched off in the summer.

The other type of range cooker has its roots in professional kitchens; this type typically has a multi-purpose hob top, sometimes with extra-powerful burners, griddles or a hotplate. Most are dual-fuel or electric, with induction tops an increasingly popular option. Just be aware that, by design, the multiple ovens may have different energy efficiency ratings, with only the main oven gaining an A-rating.

There are different design styles to choose from too: you may prefer traditional lines for a classic country vibe, or stainless steel for a professional look. Cookers with bright enamelled finishes are an easy way to add colour and create a focal point.

How much should I spend?

A basic range cooker can be had for as little as £600, while bespoke professional models can cost up to £20,000. Some of that huge price variation comes down to specification and colour choices, but paying more also tends to get you a better quality product. For example, a good cast-iron range should last you for decades – and the price reflects that.

What size do I need?

Range cookers come in a range of standard widths, from 50cm to 150cm. The most popular size is 90cm, which tends to come with three cavities (tall oven, second oven and grill), but there are also plenty of four-cavity 100cm and 110cm models to choose from.

If you have space then bigger is normally better, as this gives you maximum flexibility. For example, if you have a large family or like to entertain, it’s very helpful to have two or three separate ovens, as well as a warming drawer, to ensure everything’s ready at the right time. It can also be helpful for batch baking, or catering for different dietary requirements. However, if kitchen space is at a premium, then perhaps consider a 60cm single or twin-oven model which is normally referred to as a ‘cooker’.

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What features should I look for?

Ranges may come with a whole gamut of cooking options – but before you get hung up on fancy extras like rotisseries, griddles, hotplates and meat probes, ask yourself if you’re likely to use them. The key things to look for are at least two ovens (preferably both multifunctional) and a varied hob top, such as a large wok burner and smaller burners for simmering.

Other handy features that might tempt you include telescopic oven shelves to help you remove dishes; warming or storage drawers; and settings for defrosting, reheating and keeping food warm. An induction top and touch-safe oven doors are also desirable if you have young children.

Finally, look for ovens that are easy to clean. Many feature pyrolytic cleaning, which burns grease off at high heat or have catalytic liners that use the heat of the oven to break down grease, reducing time spent cleaning the cavity. Others have enamel coatings which are easier to clean than bare iron.

The best range cookers to buy

1. Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110 DF: The best large-scale range cooker

Price: £2,329 | Buy now from AO

Got a shade under two grand and a decent slab of kitchen space to spare? Step right this way. Rangemaster is a major British manufacturer of note. It invented the range cooker in 1830 and, amazingly, all of its products are still made in the same Royal Leamington Spa factory.

The 110cm Rangemaster Professional Deluxe comes with two spacious ovens, one programmable multifunction, the other fan-assisted, plus a separate slide-out grill and a handy storage drawer at the bottom. The main fan oven door opens horizontally and features a unique roasting rack that attaches to the door so that, as you swing it open, the roasted joint can be checked without sticking your arms in the oven. So simple, so clever. The Rapid Response feature is also handy when in a rush, heating up the oven 30% quicker.

The hob has five burners in four different sizes so rest assured you’re never likely to run out of cooking space even if whipping up a Henry VIII-size banquet. The larger burner will also accommodate a wok ring while the two side burners are perfect for installing the optional griddle plate.

Users have nothing but praise for this premium, 110cm wide behemoth. They love the build quality, the ease of use and how easy it is to clean. They also love the fact it’s available in six kitchen-matching colours.

Key specs – Size: 110 x 61 x 90.5cm (WDH); Fuel: Dual; Ovens: A-rated 73-litre multifunction, A-rated 73-litre fan; Hob: Five-burner gas hob

Buy now from AO

2. Belling Farmhouse 60DF 60cm Freestanding Dual-Fuel Cooker: The best-value compact range cooker

Price: £625 | Buy now from Appliances Direct

Having a compact kitchen doesn’t have to mean compromising on the traditional range aesthetic. The latest incarnation of Belling’s popular Farmhouse cooker is just 60cm wide, yet manages to cram in three gas burners and a wok burner with cast-iron pan supports, plus a double oven (with defrost and slow cook functions) and a grill. If the jalapeño red shade is a bit too spicy for your kitchen, the 60DF also comes in more tasteful cream and black shades. The glass door is removable, so it’s easy to clean, but you’ll have to get on your hands and knees to clean the enamel-coated ovens. Note too that the second oven is only around half the size of the main one, limiting what you can use it for.

Key specs – Size: 60 x 60 x 91.5cm (WDH); Fuel: Dual; Ovens: A-rated 65-litre fan, A-rated 37-litre conventional; Hob: Four gas burners

Buy now from Appliances Direct

3. Stoves Richmond 600DF: The best mid-price freestanding 60cm cooker

Price: £849 | Buy now from AO

The 600DF, from British brand Stoves, is a 60cm dual-fuel cooker with a large 65-litre fan-assisted oven below and smaller 37-litre static oven and grill. The grill is of the open-door variety, which is said to allow air to circulate so the food is grilled rather than baked. Aside from having the usual temperature range (100˚C to 250˚C), the main oven also features a defrost function. Both ovens have very accurate temperature regulators, which is a big bonus if you’re a baker. They also heat up to full temperature within a few minutes. Another bonus.

You get the obligatory four hob burners with this cooker (a variety of three medium and small, plus a 4kW PowerWok). The hob also comes with a hinged lid that makes things look tidy and even provides a bit of extra worktop space. We recommend this all-in-one model to anyone looking for a stylish, reliable and efficient British-made cooker.

Key specs – Style: Freestanding dual-fuel cooker; Width: 60cm; Number of ovens: 2; Main oven capacity: 65l; Fan assisted: Yes; Grill: Integrated oven/grill; Storage drawer: No; Timer: Yes; Hob: 4 gas burners; Energy rating: A

Buy now from AO

4. Smeg Portofino Aesthetic CPF9IPYW: The best range cooker with induction hob

Price: £3,349 | Buy now from Appliances Direct

If you’re on the lookout for a classy single-oven range cooker with a built-in induction hob and self-cleaning tech – and can afford the privilege of owning a prestigious marque like Smeg – then stop right here. This brand-new 90cm model is ideal for medium-sized kitchens, although you’ll need to ensure your electricity supply can handle its high 11.4kW output.

The stunning all-electric Portofino is available in eight colours and comes with just one oven – a humongous 115-litre cavity that’s probably big enough to embrace a whole pig. Of course, an oven this size needs a very decent interior fan – and it has one. In fact, it has three, ensuring all the heat it produces will reach every part of every ingredient. It also comes with a soft-close door and five racks on smooth telescopic guide rails. And, of course, it grills too. When it’s time for a clean, simply select the extra hot pyrolytic cleaning programme to carbonise grease and crusty bits for easy sweeping.

The hob is of the induction variety and features five zones, including a 27cm central plate for large frying pans and woks. As is the case with all magnetic induction hobs, you might need to change some of your existing aluminium pots and pans for steel-bottomed ones.

The Portofino screams contemporary style and – according to its growing throng of users – it’s extremely efficient and easy to keep clean. Given its gorgeous looks, you might wish to get the matching colour-co-ordinated extractor fan while you’re at it. And when it’s installed you can invite us all round for dinner.

Key specs – Size: 89.8 x 60 x 89cm (WDH); Fuel: Electric; Ovens: A+-rated 115-litre fan; Hob: Five-zone induction hob

Buy now from Appliances Direct

5. Belling Kensington 90DFT: The best range cooker under £1,000

Price: £999 | Buy now from Currys PC World

If you don’t have the cash or space for a 100cm or 110cm behemoth, consider this keenly-priced 90cm range cooker from Belling.

Available in three colours (cream, black and red), the Kensington comes with good old-fashioned country kitchen styling and comprises three ovens (two conventional, one fanned) and five gas burners. That’s a considerable amount of real estate for such a tidy package.

Let’s start with the tall three-layer fan oven on the right, which is the one you’re likely to use most. At a massive 91 litres, it’s a brilliant size for a full family roast, including potatoes, Yorkshire puds and a tray of roasted carrots and parsnips. Fancy whipping up a lemon meringue pie at the same time. No problem: just bung it in the 62-litre fanned cavity on the bottom left. That’s dinner basically done, and you haven’t even touched the top left conventional 35-litre oven/grill or the hob area.

Speaking of which, this hob comes with a 4kW PowerWok burner and four medium to large rings for frying, boiling, simmering and so on. If you have a large family to feed or you like to entertain on a regular basis, then this is the compact cooker package for you.

Key specs – Size: 90 x 60 x 90cm (WDH); Fuel: Dual; Ovens: A-rated 64-litre fan; A-rated 64-litre; A-rated 35-litre; Hob: Five-burner gas hob

Buy now from Currys PC World

6. Esse 500EL: The best compact range cooker

Price: £4,715 | Buy now from Esse

Tiny kitchens needn’t compromise on style: just half a metre wide, the 500EL still manages to accommodate two ovens, a grill and a hot plate large enough for three pans. And since it’s flue-free, it can be positioned anywhere – all you need is a 13A socket for easy plug-and-play installation.

One particularly neat feature is the cabled control panel, which can be wall-mounted up to 1.5m away, or used freestanding. We also like the way that both ovens have vents that can retain moisture for baking or create dry heat for crisping roast potatoes. In slumber mode the entire hob is heated, so it’s ideal for warming dishes, but can heat up to a searing 400°C in just 38 minutes.

Key specs – Size: 50 x 60 x 90cm (WDH); Fuel: Electric; Ovens: 42-litre top oven, 30-litre bottom oven, both with 3kW elements (uses 0.32kW in slumber mode); Hob: cast-iron hotplate

Buy now from Esse

7. Rangemaster Nexus SE 110cm: The best all-round range cooker

Price: £2,599 | Buy now from AO

With two spacious ovens, plus a third slow-cooking oven and a deep-pan glide-out grill, the Nexus SE can adapt easily from whipping up everyday meals to creating something special. On the left, the eight-function oven heats up 30% quicker than a conventional oven, while on the right there’s a separate fan oven – and both have easy clean catalytic liners. The slow-cooking oven can also be used for warming food, and has thermostatic controls for temperatures from 80°C to 140°C – although the enamel finish will need a bit of elbow grease to clean after use. Finally, on top, there’s a griddle that’s ideal for sizzling steak, fish or a fry-up alongside five burners, including a powerful 3.5kW multi-ring burner.

Key specs – Size: 110 x 60 x 90cm (WDH); Fuel: Dual; Ovens: A-rated 73-litre multifunction, A-rated 73-litre fan, A-rated 21-litre slow cooking oven; Hob: Give-burner gas hob, two-burner hotplate with multi-zone griddle

Buy now from AO

8. Bertazzoni Professional Series 90cm Induction Top Double Oven: The most stylish range cooker

Price: £4,699 | Buy now from John Lewis

Bold colour and elegant design define this 90cm range – but behind the eye-catching finish you’ll find plenty of practical features to get excited about. For one, its digital programmer provides an at-a-glance display of your selected oven function and temperature, which is very useful if you’re cooking dishes that need precision. Settings on offer for the main oven include pizza, fast preheat, defrost, bake and grill, while the second oven adds four functions, a grill and a rotisserie option.

Add in a storage drawer and an induction hob and you have a hard-working range that’ll make a great centrepiece for your kitchen. Again, though, the ovens only have enamel linings, however, so you’ll need to give it a good scrub from time to time.

Key specs – Size: 90 x 60 x 92cm (WDH); Fuel: Electric; Ovens: A-rated 69-litre multifunction, A+-rated 38-litre conventional; Hob: Five-zone induction hob

Buy now from John Lewis

9. Rayburn 600 Series in Duck Egg Blue: The best range cooker for heating your home

Price: From £6,588 | Buy now from Aga Living

The Rayburn 600 is more than just a range – it’s a combined heating and cooking system. Beneath its classic exterior lies an A-rated boiler, which can provide hot water for your home and heat up to 20 radiators. It’s a versatile cooker too: its cast-iron hotplate is the largest on the market, with space for eight saucepans, while its main oven is 16% larger than standard Rayburn models, with four different heat zones for grilling, roasting, baking and simmering. The lower oven offers half the radiant heat, so it’s ideal for slow-cooking casseroles, vegetables and puddings, and there’s also an eco mode to help you save energy. You can even programme the Rayburn 600 to switch on automatically when you’re out; just be aware that it needs venting, so you might need to fit a flue.

Key specs – Size: 100 x 58 x 91cm (WDH); Fuel: Commercial kerosene; Ovens: A-rated boiler, 47-litre main, 34-litre lower; Hob: Cast-iron hotplate

Buy now from Aga Living

10. John Lewis JLFSMC621 Double Dual Fuel Cooker: A stylish, affordable dual-fuel cooker

Price: £749 | Buy now from John Lewis

This John Lewis-branded 60cm dual-fuel cooker is a great all-rounder. The lower main fanned oven cavity is fast to heat and comes with an ample 78 litres of space. It also comes with three racks and a pair of smooth runners that allows you to slide out roasts for quick basting. A second, smaller non-fanned 34-litre oven sits above and also serves as an electric grill.

Hob-wise, it comes with four burners: a small 1kW burner for simmering duties, two 1.9kW burners for general cooking, and a large double-ring 3kW wok burner for frying pans and, er, woks. This model also comes with a glass lid to keep things tidy. However, this nice touch only comes into its own if the hob itself is kept sparkling clean – a difficult task, it must be said, given the amount of stainless steel used in the construction. Also be mindful that its electricity load rating is a rather high 5.3kW, so you may need to have a suitable ring main fitted before installation.

Key specs – Style: Dual-fuel; Width: 60cm; Number of ovens: 2; Main oven capacity: 78 litres; Fan assisted: Yes; Grill: Integrated oven/grill; Storage drawer: No; Timer: Yes; Hob: 4 gas burners; Energy rating: A

Buy now from John Lewis

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