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Dualit Xpress 3-in-1 review

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Price when reviewed : £100
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Difficult to use with weak-tasting coffee, this is one machine to avoid


But it’s not just volume that’s an issue with the Xpress, flow rate also caused some concerns. While the flow rate seemed close to perfect with the ESE coffee pods, the flow through the NX capsules was way too fast. The result was that coffee from the NX capsules always tasted weak, no matter how we adjusted the volume.

Dualit Xpress 3-in-1 ESE pod espresso The correct flow through the ESE coffee pod made for good coffee

There was a decent crema in evidence with NX extracted coffee, but the speed at which the water was pumped through the capsule just meant that the taste couldn’t match the look. The results form the ESE pods were more palatable, but we still wouldn’t describe the taste as smooth or flavoursome.

Dualit Xpress 3-in-1 NX capsule espresso NX capsule espresso looked good, but tasted watery

Dualit sent over a selection of flavours in NX capsule format, but we weren’t particularly won over by any of them. The NX capsules are Nespresso-compatible, in that you can use them in Nespresso machines; however, the opposite isn’t true, so you can’t use Nespresso capsules in the Xpress. This is because Nespresso capsules have the perforated by the coffee machine and the Xpress can’t do this. It’s a shame, as, while we might prefer some Nespresso flavours to others, all of them taste good.

For ground coffee you use the same holder employed by the ESE pods, but with a different tray. You need to line the ground coffee tray with a filter paper each time you make a coffee, so it’s worth having a supply tucked away in a draw with the coffee holders.

The results when using ground coffee weren’t very impressive. For starters, it’s fiddly having to put in the filter paper first, before layering your coffee grounds on top. Next, you have to fold over the top of the coffee holder, which tamps the coffee down. You have to do this quite firmly to seal the coffee holder, otherwise it’s hard to shut the lid of the Xpress.

With everything in place, the flow rate was too fast, resulting in bubbly and foamy crema and weak-tasting coffee. Afterwards, the coffee holder is swimming in water, making it messy to clean up.

Dualit Xpress 3-in-1 ground coffee espresso Espresso from ground coffee is fiddly to make and weak tasting

There’s no milk attachment for the Xpress, so if you want to create cappuccinos or lattes, you’ll need to invest in a separate milk frother. There’s no shortage of options on the market, including Dualit’s own milk frothing jug, but if you think you’ll regularly be making drinks that require warm/frothy milk, you’re probably better off looking for a machine that has that functionality built in.

With its sub-£100 price tag and tiny footprint, the Dualit Xpress 3-in-1 coffee machine looks pretty good on paper. However, its flexibility makes it more complicated to operate than other machines, and there are a fair few bits and pieces that need to be stored separately from the machine itself.

Most importantly, though, is that the coffee produced by the Xpress simply isn’t that good. The flow rate through NX capsules results in weak tasting coffee, no matter what the volume, while the selection of flavours didn’t really appeal.

If you want to add milk to your drinks you’ll need to invest in a frothing jug, which then negates the space saving design, and the internal water tank means that you can’t check the water level at a glance.

The Dualit Xpress may be relatively cheap, but you’re better off investing a bit more in a system that suits your needs and produces better coffee.

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Dimensions (HxWxD)230x250x250mm
Maximum mug height85mm
Water resevoir capacity0.5L
Pump pressure15 bar
Cup warmer?No
Milk frothingNo
Number of boilers1
Coffee typeGround, ESE pods, NX capsules (nespresso compatible)
WarrantyOne year RTB
Part Code84705

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