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Black Friday 2023 smartphone deals: The best Cyber Monday iPhone and Android bargains – LIVE

Black Friday smartphone deals live. Front and back of grey Google Pixel 8 on purple background

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are here and these are today's best smartphone savings

The day in question might be behind us but the Black Friday deals are still rolling in and we’ve spotted some amazing Cyber Monday smartphone bargains today. From iPhones to Samsungs and everything in between, there are plenty of savings to pick and choose from right now, but which smartphone deals are the very best?

Enter our team of expert smartphone reviewers. Every day until the end of the month, we will be scouring the internet for the most sensational deals this Black Friday has to offer, saving you the hassle of sorting through them all yourself. We will be updating this live blog throughout the day, bringing you the most up-to-date bargains at the best prices.

If there isn’t anything that takes your fancy just yet, don’t worry. Check back in again later and there just might be something else that catches your eye. And if you’re craving even more savings, our main Black Friday deals page is your go-to source for all the best deals on pretty much everything, including mattresses, TVs and air fryers. Let’s get started.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 smartphone deals: The best so far

  • iPhone 15: 250GB of data, £30/mth and £129 upfront | View deal
  • Samsung Galaxy S23: 250GB of data, £30/mth with £100 cashback, 12 months Disney Plus and Galaxy Buds FE| View deal

The best SIM-only deal this Black Friday

If you’re planning on picking up a SIM-free smartphone in the Black Friday sales, this is the SIM-only deal you should switch to. The folks over at Smarty are currently offering unlimited monthly data for just £15/mth, down from the usual £20/mth. Better still, this is a rolling 30-day contract, so you can switch or adjust your data allowance at any time.

Smarty Unlimited data £15/mth View deal at Smarty

The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday smartphone deals – 27 November 2023

14:47 | 27 Nov

Nothing is back

This Nothing Phone (1) deal is still sticking around, so we figured we should share it again. The folks a Amazon have dropped the price down to a lovely £299 which, frankly, is an absolute steal. That’s almost £100 off the average price, so you’re basically getting the phone for nothing.

View deal at Amazon

13:55 | 27 Nov

Somehow, the Pixel 7 deal returned

Don’t worry if you missed it earlier, the terrific Pixel 7 SIM-free deal is back. Over at Amazon, it’s back to its discounted price of £373. The Pixel 7 has never been any cheaper!

View deal at Amazon

12:07 | 27 Nov

Phwoar, an iPhone 14 bargain

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 14 in handNot fussed about the new iPhone 15 and simply want a new handset to replace one that’s getting on a bit? This iPhone 14 contract is pretty darn good. For just £29/mth and an upfront cost of £75, you can get Apple’s 2022 flagship handset with a generous 400GB of data. That’s a lovely lifetime cost of £771.

View deal at

11:13 | 27 Nov

A SIMply incredibly SIM-only deal

We’ve had a look at some great SIM-only deals this morning, but by far, this iD Mobile contract is the best we’ve seen. For just £5/mth you’ll get a huge 100GB of monthly data.

There is a caveat, however. This is a cashback deal, so the monthly price is only after you make your claims at regular intervals. If you’re willing to do that, you’ll be rewarded with one of the cheapest SIM contracts around.

View deal at

10:08 | 27 Nov

Just another Cyber Monday, I wish it was Sunday

And it’s Cyber Monday! We’re taking a look around the internet for today’s best deals, but in the meantime why don’t you take a quick look at the various live blogs we’ve been running over the past few days:

12:00 | 26 Nov

This is the Samsung Galaxy S23 contract to beat

Aerial view of the Samsung Galaxy S23, on top of a hardback bookWe’ve written about this particular contract deal before, but it’s worth repeating. For just £30/mth, you can pick up the Samsung galaxy S23 with 250GB of monthly data and zero upfront cost. Best of all, however, is that this particular contract comes loaded with freebies, including £100 cashback, 12 months of Disney Plus and a free pair of Galaxy Buds FE earbuds. Wowsers.

View deal at Carphone Warehouse

11:14 | 26 Nov

Fancy a great SIM-only contract?

If you’ve picked up a handset in the Black Friday sales and are in the market for some great SIM-only bargains, you might want to take a look at this one. Voxi, our current favourite mobile network, is offering its 150GB SIM for just £15/mth. Not only is this a rolling monthly contract, allowing you to switch at any time, but it also offers unlimited social media and video on select apps without eating into your data allowance.

View deal at Voxi

10:35 | 26 Nov

What’s our favourite budget phone deal?

There have been a lot of budget smartphone bargains this Black Friday, but this has got to be our favourite. The Honor 90 Lite, which received a Recommended award in our review earlier this year, has dropped in price to just £180 this weekend. That’s an absolute steal.

View deal at Amazon

09:50 | 26 Nov

Happy Sunday!

Good morning and welcome back to our live feed of today’s best Black Friday smartphone deals. We’re taking a look around the internet for savings you need to know about and we will update this page soon with even more bargains.

In the meantime, here’s our favourite Google Pixel 8 deal, which get you 250GB of data and a £100 Currys gift card for just £27/mth.

View deal at

18:50 | 24 Nov

I’m STILL blown away by this OnePlus 11 deal

I posted about this OnePlus 11 deal a few days ago, and it hasn’t changed at all, but I still think it’s worth posting about again. Because for the ridiculously low price of £466 (insanely far down from an average price of £691), you can get this five-star flagship phone, with it’s excellent portrait camera and stupendous battery life.

This will be the last post for tonight, but we’ll be back over the weekend with even more deals, and then of course, we’ll be covering Cyber Monday too. Pop along and see what deals we can scrounge up.

View deal at Amazon

18:22 | 24 Nov

The Honor 90 just got EVEN CHEAPER

Honor 90 review

Remember that Honor 90 deal from a couple days ago? Where it dropped down to £349? And we thought that was fantastic? FORGET IT. We were young then. The only Honor 90 deal you need to know about now is this ridiculous price drop, where you can save nearly £100 on the average price (£299 down from £391).

For a phone with such a superb display, and general class oozing from just about everywhere else, that’s an insanely good price.

View deal at Amazon

17:35 | 24 Nov

The best iPhone 14 Pro Max deal around

As mentioned a couple of posts down, deals on the iPhone 14 series have been surprisingly light this year, and offers on the mightiest and priciest of the crew, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, have been more elusive still.

But that doesn’t mean that we’ve got nothing for you. This deal is one we’re very familiar with – giving you 250GB of 5G data for the price of 100GB – and it’s the best we’ve seen for the 14 Pro Max. With an upfront cost of £129 and monthly payments of £45 for 24 months, this deal has a lifetime cost of £1,209, which is just £70 more than buying the phone SIM-free.

View deal at Carphone Warehouse

16:02 | 24 Nov

A Flip-tastic Galaxy Z Flip 5 deal

We’ve seen a few Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 contract deals pop up throughout the Black Friday period, but this one’s got to be the best. If you spend just £27/mth and fork out £129 upfront, you’ll get a generous 250GB of iD Mobile data. If you do the sums, that brings the total upfront cost to just £777 by the time your two-year contract ends.

View deal at

15:20 | 20 Nov

Finally a decent iPhone 14 contract

We’ve been doing this for a while now and it’s clear that the iPhone 14 contract deals have been slim pickings. We’ve had another look and this Carphone Warehouse contract deal with iD Mobile is the best we’ve found. For 250GB of monthly data, you only have to pay £30/mth and an upfront cost of £10. That brings the total lifetime cost to £705, which is only a smidge more than buying the handset on its own.

View deal at Amazon

14:16 | 24 Nov

The BEST Samsung Galaxy S23 deals

Searching for the best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals? These are our favourite S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra contracts this Black Friday. Funnily enough, the best we’ve spotted can all be found at Carphone Warehouse. Not only are you getting a great price on a monthly contract, but you’re also getting a load of extra freebies, including £100 cashback, 12 months of Disney Plus and a free pair of Galaxy Buds FE earbuds.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23: 250GB of data, £30/mth | View deal
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus: 250GB of data, £30/mth and £99 upfront | View deal
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: 250GB of data, £30/mth and £199 upfront | View deal

12:40 | 24 Nov

A bona fide Moto bargain

best budget smartphone - Motorola Moto G13After a super cheap smartphone this Black Friday? The Motorola G13 has dropped to its lowest price yet, and is now just £99 at John Lewis. That’s an absolute steal and while it does have a few drawbacks, you can’t grumble too much at this price.

View deal at John Lewis

11:58 | 23 Nov

Another Voxi SIM bargain

Now that the day in question is here, Voxi has tweaked the prices of its SIM contracts, and they’ve gotten even better. Our pick of the bunch is the 150GB SIM, which is now priced at just £15/mth. This also gets you unlimited social, music and video usage in a variety of different apps.

Alternatively, if you feel like saving even more, you can pay £10/mth for 60GB of data. This doesn’t come with unlimited music and video usage, but it does include social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram.

View SIM deals at Voxi

11:04 | 24 Nov

A crazy Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra contract

This Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deal is too good to pass up. The 256GB model is only £30/mth with 250GB of monthly data. The only caveat is that you have to fork out £199 upfront, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime cost of £919 – that’s cheaper than the cost of the handset itself.

View deal at Carphone Warehouse

09:40 | 24 Nov

The BEST iPhone 15 deals this Black Friday

Fancy a new iPhone this Black Friday? We’ve got a dedicated iPhone deals live blog running today, but here are our top picks for the iPhone 15 series:

  • iPhone 15: 250GB of data, £30/mth and £129 upfront | View deal
  • iPhone 15 Plus: Unlimited data, £46/mth and £19 upfront | View deal
  • iPhone 15 Pro: Unlimited data, £40/mth and £149 upfront | View deal
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: Unlimited data, £55/mth and £120 upfront | View deal

08:48 | 24 Nov

Black Friday is here!

Best Black Friday deals - Honor 90 Lite imageToday’s the day. Black Friday is here and we’re hard at work searching for today’s best deals. Kicking things off, the Honor 90 Lite has dropped even further in price, down to £179. That’s £20 cheaper than its pre-Black Friday price and, obviously, the cheapest it’s ever been.

View deal at Amazon

18:20 | 23 Nov

Rest up for the big day

That’ll do it for tonight, I think we’ll all benefit from a bit of rest before Black Friday proper begins in the morning. I’ll be back bright and early to pluck out the finest smartphone deals from the pile and delivering them to you right here, so stop on by and see what delights I’ve discovered. See you there!

17:33 | 23 Nov

Get a FREE Fitbit with the Pixel 8 Pro

I know, I know, another Google Pixel deal, but this one is different because you get a tasty freebie. This bundle offers the Google Pixel 8 Pro and the Fitbit Charge 6 together for £999 (down from £1,139). That’s the same price as buying the 8 Pro by itself, so you’re essentially getting a brand-new Fitbit at no extra cost.

View deal at Amazon

16:48 | 23 Nov

This SIM is FREE for today only

You read that right, just for today, you can get a year of Three’s 120GB data plan for “free”. I use quote marks because, as you may have expected, there’s a bit of work involved. This deal is through Topcashback, which probably tells you where I’m headed.

In a nutshell, if you buy the 12-month 120GB data plan for £120, you’ll get £120 cashback. Hence “free” but not as simple as free. It’s definitely more of a hassle than some of the other deals we’ve featured, but it’s hard to argue with a full year of free data.

If you want to take advantage, just be aware that this deal is extremely short-lived. You’ve got until midnight tonight to claim your bargain before the magic wears off and this bargain deal turns back into a pumpkin.

View deal at Topcashback

15:02 | 23 Nov

Roundup of the best Pixel 7, Pixel 7a and Pixel 8 deals

Fancy one of Google’s flagship Pixel handsets? Here’s a list of our favourite Pixel 8, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7a deals this Black Friday:

  • Google Pixel 8: 250GB of data, £27/mth with free £100 Currys gift card | View deal
  • Google Pixel 8 Pro: 400GB of data, £39/mth | View deal
  • Google Pixel 7: £299.50 | View deal
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro: £649 | View deal
  • Google Pixel 7a: £379 | View deal

14:19 | 23 Nov

The cheapest iPhone 15 Pro Max contract yet

Best phone camera - iPhone 15 Pro Max upright on a tableIt’s been a difficult journey, but we’ve finally found an iPhone 15 Pro Max contract that’s worth buying. The best price we’ve seen, over at you can get the iPhone 15 Pro Max for £55/mth with an upfront cost of £120. That gets you unlimited data with Vodafone and works out at £1,440 at the end of your contract. That’s still a high price, of course, but considering the handset on its own costs £1,199, you’re not paying much for two years’ worth of unlimited monthly data.

View deal at

11:58 | 23 Nov

The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip contract deal

Here’s a flippin’ great Black Friday deal. Head on over to and you’ll find this £34/mth contract with 100GB of monthly data with Three. There’s no upfront cost, either, which means you’re paying just £816 by the time your contract ends. That’s cheaper than buying the phone SIM-free.

View deal at

10:17 | 23 Nov

Save BIG on a data SIM with our favourite mobile network

Another day, another sensational SIM-only saving. This time, the deal comes from our favourite mobile network, Voxi, where you can get 60GB of data for just £12/mth. If you’re a social media power user, the likes of YouTube and TikTok don’t eat into your data allowance, either. Oh, and it’s a 30-day rolling contract, so you won’t need to sign up for a lengthy service term.

View deal at Voxi

09:25 | 23 Nov

Get a 1TB Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 for less

To be clear, this is still a lot of money, but if you had your eye on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in the sales, and you need the most amount of storage possible, then this might be the deal for you. The 1TB version, specifically, is now £1,749, down from £2,049. Sadly, the cheaper storage variants aren’t on offer but if you’re blessed with the cash, this saving isn’t too bad.

View deal at Amazon

08:45 | 23 Nov

Just one more sleep ’till Black Friday

And we’re back with another day of delicious deals. We’ll be combing the internet to find you the very best savings in the run-up to the big day, which is only one day away.

While we do that, we spotted this excellent OnePlus Nord 2 deal late yesterday evening. It’s not quite the cheapest it’s ever been, but for £270 it’s still a good chunk off the average £365 price.

View deal at Amazon

18:55 | 22 Nov

This deal is flippin’ INCREDIBLE

I’ve got one last deal for you before we call it a night, and it’s a corker. The Motorola Razr 40 was already the cheapest flip phone on the market when it launched, but it’s cemented its status with an enormous Black Friday discount. Coming down from the retail price of £800, the Razr 40 is now just £600.

If you’ve been waiting for folding phones to enter into a more reasonable price range, now’s your chance.

View deal at Amazon

18:40 | 22 Nov

Something for Nothing

Here we’ve got a terrific discount on the Nothing Phone (2). Previously retailing for £629, the Nothing Phone (2) gets its first discount for Black Friday, and it’s a good one, bringing the price down to just £549.

Check out our four-star review to see why we think this is a big improvement over the first model, and one of the most interesting flagships on the market.

View deal at Amazon

18:20 | 22 Nov

And for my next trick…

No, wait, come back, no more magic jokes, promise. This deal is certainly no joke, bringing the Honor Magic 5 Pro down to just £699; that’s more than £100 off the average price (£843) and the cheapest we’ve ever seen it.

You can read more about this phone in our four-star review, but the short version is: the display is a thing of beauty, the cameras are magnificent and the 3D facial authentication feature proved to be both secure and reliable in testing.

View deal at Amazon

18:00 | 22 Nov

More than just a trick of the Lite

Honor Magic 5 Lite in hand in front of orange and blue cushions

The Honor Magic 5 Lite just waved its wand and made a tidy chunk of its price disappear. Previously averaging around £241, this stylish handset is now going for just £219 – its cheapest price on record. You can read more about why we liked the Magic 5 Lite in our four-star review, but the biggest appeal by far is the absolutely astounding battery life.

View deal at Amazon

17:20 | 22 Nov

Hold the phone: This is the best Pixel 7 deal yet

I know I keep saying this, but this is the best Pixel 7 deal we’ve seen so far. Provided you’re happy with the white model (the black and yellow versions aren’t on offer), the Pixel 7 is now only £299.50. That’s £73.50 less than the previous record price.

View deal at Currys

16:50 | 22 Nov

This Samsung Galaxy A54 deal is too good to pass up

Hang on, there’s a new crazy cheap Samsung deal in town. The excellent Samsung Galaxy A54, which we gave a perfect five stars in our review, is currently just £18/mth with no upfront cost for a modest 20GB of monthly data. That’s a great price and actually works out a total lifetime cost of just £432, or £17 cheaper than it would cost if you purchased it outright.

View deal at

16:26 | 22 Nov

The CHEAPEST unlimited data SIM we’ve seen so far

If you’re after an unlimited data SIM that doesn’t cost the earth, then we’ve got just the deal for you. Lycamobile is offering unlimited monthly data for just £9.99/mth. It’s also a 30-day contract, so you won’t be tied down to a lengthy term of service plus you get free EU roaming, which is becoming a bit of a rarity these days.

View deal at Lycamobile

16:02 | 22 Nov

A Samsung deal for the fans

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE (‘Fan Edition’) is currently at its lowest price yet. It’s not the newest handset on this list, but for just £349 SIM-free you’re getting a four-star Samsung handset that we awarded a Recommended award last year. You also get six months of Disney Plus for free.

View deal at Carphone Warehouse

15:22 | 22 Nov

An iPhone 12 contract deal you won’t want to miss

We’ve been searching for some great iPhone contracts this afternoon and we reckon this is the best you’ll find today. You’ll save loads of money if you go for a slightly older model, with the iPhone 12 priced at just £25/mth and no upfront cost with unlimited monthly data. Considering the phone itself is currently £499, you’re only paying £101 for the data contract.

View deal at

13:30 | 22 Nov

This SIM-only deal gives you TRIPLE data

Another cracking SIM deal in the Black Friday sales, two of Voxi’s plans are currently offering triple the data for the same price. The £12/mth package now comes with 60GB instead of 20GB, and the £20/mth tariff jumps from 100GB to a massive 300GB. Better still, social, music and video streaming is free, so your Spotify and TikTok usage won’t run down the bill.

This is also on a rolling monthly basis, meaning you aren’t locked into a long contract and can switch providers at any point. The only stipulation here is that you’ll need to get in quick – the offer ends at midnight tomorrow.

View deals at Voxi

12:38 | 22 Nov

A SMASHING Google Pixel 8 Pro deal

If you still haven’t had your fill of Pixel offers, here’s another one for you, and it’s quite a doozy. This 24-month contract is with Vodafone and it nets you a massive 400GB of data for the price of 100gB. That’s £39/mth with nothing to pay upfront, giving a total lifetime cost of £936.

The Pixel 8 Pro costs £899 SIM-free, so that essentially means that you’re getting all that data for just £37. That’s an astounding deal, making this one of, if not the best way to get a Pixel 8 Pro this Black Friday.

View deal at

10:51 | 22 Nov

The BEST Samsung Galaxy S23 contract deal yet

This Black Friday S23 bargain is going to take some beating. As we approach the big day, Carphone Warehouse has dropped the price of this iD Mobile contract, offering 250GB of data for just £30/mth and a small upfront cost of £49. That’s a wonderful lifetime cost of £769, which is a good deal cheaper than just buying the handset outright.

Not only that, but there’s also a big list of freebies attached to this offer. Like most Samsung handset purchases, you’ll get 12 months of free Disney Plus, but you’ll also get £100 cashback and a free pair of Galaxy Buds FE earbuds. Wowsers.

View deal at Carphone Warehouse

09:28 | 22 Nov

A bigger discount on the Pixel 7

Good morning and welcome back. We’ve had a quick look for some great deals and spotted that the Pixel 7 is now even cheaper than it was before. You can now pick one up for just £373, which is £144 cheaper than the average price. It’s slightly cheaper than the Pixel 7a, too, by a whole £6.

View deal at Amazon

16:54 | 21 Nov

This Google Pixel 8 deal gets EVEN better

Remember that Google Pixel 8 deal from earlier? You know, the best smartphone deal of Black Friday? Well, it turns out it gets even better, with now also offering a free £100 Currys gift card. So, not only are you getting the Pixel 8 on contract for less than the actual price of the handset itself, but you’re also getting a freebie thrown in now as well.

Your £27/mth and no upfront cost gets you 250GB of iD mobile data at a total cost of just £648. What a crazy deal.

View deal at

14:59 | 20 Nov

A plus-sized iPhone contract

Eyeing up the iPhone 15 Plus but don’t want to pay top dollar for one? We’ve painstakingly searched for the best contract deal around, and this is the best we’ve found. Admittedly, it’s still on the pricey end but for £51/mth and no upfront cost, you’re getting unlimited 5G data with Vodafone. That works out at £1,224 by the time your contract ends. Not too shabby for an iPhone that’s only just released.

View deal at

12:43 | 21 Nov

A super cheap SIM deal

If the monthly cost of the featured Smarty deal at the top of this live blog is perhaps a little too high for you, this SIM-only deal is the next best thing. With a generous 250GB of monthly data with Vodafone, you can pay just £8.50/mth for 12 months. The only caveat is that you have to apply for cashback on a semi-regular basis, which can be a bit of a faff. Otherwise, you’ll be spending £15.60/mth.

According to the FAQ, you’ll need to send in your mobile bill at months four, six, eight, ten and 12 and make a claim. You’ll then receive the money back.

View deal at

11:59 | 21 Nov

Check out our dedicated iPhone deals live blog

If you don’t care for Android or you’re simply curious about what the competition has to offer, we’re also running a dedicated iPhone deals live blog throughout the day. Here, you’ll find up-to-the-minute deals on the latest and greatest Apple handsets, as well as some bargain prices on previous-generation devices and refurbished models.

Today’s BEST Black Friday iPhone deals – LIVE

11:18 | 21 Nov

An unmissable Oppo-tunity

This Black Friday smartphone deal is too good to pass up. Last year’s terrific Oppo Find X5 Pro flagship is now only £590. That’s a sizeable saving of around £400 compared to the average price.

View deal at Amazon

10:41 | 21 Nov

How about a cheap Samsung handset?

The budget smartphone deals just keep coming this morning. This one’s a good one if you’re looking for an affordable Samsung handset in the Black Friday sales. Last year’s Galaxy A53 is currently priced at £247, a record low and cheaper than the average price by £81. Wonderful.

View deal at Amazon

10:32 | 21 Nov

A budget Moto bargain

How about another cheap smartphone? The Moto G53 is currently at its lowest-ever price and can be yours for just £140. Considering it’s usually priced around the £169 mark, this is very good indeed.

View deal at Amazon

10:10 | 21 Nov

Craving more savings?

We have a number of live blogs running today, showcasing a variety of terrific Black Friday deals across a whole range of product categories:

10:05 | 21 Nov

Get an EVEN cheaper Honor smartphone

Honor 90 Lite reviewSmitten with Honor but want to save even more? The Honor 90 Lite is £150 cheaper than the regular version we shared below, priced at just £199. The cutbacks aren’t as major as you might think, either – this is a whole lot of smartphone for not a lot of money.

View deal at Amazon

10:00 | 21 Nov

Fancy a flagship off the beaten path?

We’re kicking things off this morning with an excellent Honor 90 deal at Amazon. An affordable flagship made even more affordable in the Black Friday sales, the Honor 90 has dropped to £349, down from an average price of £391.

View deal at Amazon

16:45 | 20 Nov

Some excellent refurbished iPhones

Of course, if you’re after a new iPhone you could always go the refurb route and save even more money. We’ve had a look around for the best refurbished iPhones you can buy right now, and here’s our current pick of the bunch:

  • iPhone 12: £286 (Good condition) | View deal
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: £456 (Excellent condition) | View deal
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: £640 (Excellent condition) | View deal
  • iPhone 14: £590 (Excellent condition) | View deal
  • iPhone 14 Pro: £765 (Excellent condition) | View deal

15:57 | 20 Nov

How about the Pixel 7a instead?

Sure, the Pixel 8 is the new hotness, but what about the mid-range Pixel 7a? The good news is that the 7a has also received a healthy SIM-free discount, dropping to a new low price of £379 in the Black Friday sales. That’s a stonking saving for one of this year’s best-value handsets.

View deal at Amazon

15:00 | 20 Nov

This Google Pixel 8 deal is still the one to beat

As far as Black Friday smartphone deals go, we haven’t seen anything beat this one just yet. Over at, you can pick up the brand-new Google Pixel 8 with 250GB of iD Mobile data for just £27/mth with no upfront cost. If you do the maths, that works out at a total lifetime cost of £648, which is £51 cheaper than if you just bought the handset on its own.

View deal at

14:24 | 20 Nov

The best folding phone deal yet

If you fancy a folding phone bargain this Black Friday, this is our current recommendation. Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has dramatically dropped in price to just £879, down from an average price of £1,568. You can’t argue with a saving of £689, can you?

View deal at Amazon

13:45 | 20 Nov

A sensational iPhone SE saving

While we’ve seen a few SIM-free iPhone SE deals do the rounds lately, sadly these are no longer available. However, if you’re willing to go the contract route, you’ll find this terrific deal from, which gets you 100GB of data with Three for just £23/mth. That’s a lifetime cost of £552, which is pretty close to the handset-only price.

View deal at

12:15 | 20 Nov

How about some more deals?

We’ve got loads of live blogs running today, featuring all sorts of deals on a variety of products. Here’s just a few:

11:50 | 20 Nov

Much ado about Nothing

We’ve seen a few Nothing deals pop up lately, but this one has got to be our favourite. You can pick up last year’s Nothing Phone (1) for just £299, down £75 from the average price.

View deal at Amazon

11:32 | 20 Nov

Here’s another budget smartphone for less

One of our favourite super-cheap smartphones has also dropped below £100. It’s a great price too, at just £95, you can buy the Nokia C21 Plus this Black Friday. Sure, it’s a phone with a few downsides, but for how little it costs you can’t do much better.

View deal at Amazon

11:15 | 20 Nov

Grab an iPhone 14 for just £649

Best Black Friday iPhone deals - iPhone 14 in handiPhone deals are a bit of a rarity during such times, but this iPhone 14 bargain is too good to pass up. Dropping to a delectable £649, you’re saving £100 compared to the average price.

View deal at Amazon

09:47 | 20 Nov

Get the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for the cheapest yet

We’re back with another day of smartphone deals and we’re liking the look of this Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deal at Amazon. If you apply the £250 voucher, you can pick up Samsung’s high-end flagship for just £999, down from an average price of £1,237. Better still, you also get a free six months of Dinsey Plus and 15% off a Galaxy smartwatch or Buds.

View deal at Amazon

15:34 | 19 Nov

This is STILL the best smartphone saving this Black Friday

Appearing at the beginning of the month, this Pixel 8 saving is yet to be topped. For LESS than the price of the phone SIM-free, you can get 250GB of monthly data with iD Mobile for just £27/mth and no upfront cost. That brings the total price to £648, which is £51 cheaper than the handset on its own.

View deal at

14:44 | 19 Nov

FREE smart clock with discounted Moto Razr 40 Ultra

We’ve got another freebie deal for you today. The Foldable Motorola Razr 40 Ultra is not only discounted down to £850, but you’ll also get a free Lenovo Smart Clock 2 and accompanying wireless charging dock.

We rather liked the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra in our five-star review. Its clamshell folding design is top-notch, with a massive front display and stellar battery life for its size. The only real downside was the price increase over its predecessor, which at this new reduced price renders this caveat completely moot.

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14:07 | 19 Nov

Samsung Galaxy S23 with LOADS of freebies

You can currently pick up the Samsung Galaxy S23 with a boatload of freebies at Available either SIM-free (£849) or as part of a contract, the retailer is offering £100 cashback with every purchase, as well as a free pair of Galaxy Buds FE earbuds worth £100 and a year’s Disney Plus subscription.

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If you’d rather go the contract route for the S23 and all these freebies, our recommendation is the 250GB data plan with Smarty. This has a monthly cost of £27 and an upfront fee of £129.

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12:46 | 19 Nov

An unbeatable SIM-only bargain

Our favourite SIM-only deal of the Black Friday period is still running, so if you’re picking up a SIM-free handset you might want to check this out. Over at Smarty, you can get unlimited monthly data for just £15/mth, down from £20/mth. Better still, this is a rolling monthly contract, so if you want to adjust your monthly data offering or want to switch providers, you can do so at any time without any long-term commitment restrictions.

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11:55 | 19 Nov

FREE tablet with Xiaomi 13T

Not only is this SIM-free price of the Xiaomi 13T cheaper than it’s ever been (£449), but you also get a free Redmi Pad tablet worth £269. Admittedly, we haven’t fully reviewed the Xioami 13T just yet, but in our hands-on review we said “we may be looking at the best value-for-money phone we’ve seen from Xiaomi in a long time”. That’s some high initial praise.

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10:31 | 19 Nov

A heavenly OnePlus 11 deal

If you’re looking for a SIM-free Android handset at a great price, this OnePlus 11 deal at Amazon is a great place to start. With a mega price drop, you can pick up the terrific entry-level flagship for just £466. That’s a delicious saving compared to the £691 average price.

In our five-star review earlier this year, we made mention of the OnePlus 11’s excellent battery life, which reached over 28 hours in our tests. We also enjoyed the portrait lens, which delivered exceptional facial capture.

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09:46 | 19 Nov

The cheapest iPhone 15 contract so far

If you’re bewildered by all the latest iPhone 15 contracts, let me make it easy for you. This is by far the best price we’ve seen yet.

If you head on over to, you’ll find this 24-month iPhone 15 contract, which gives you a generous 250GB of monthly data with iD Mobile. You’ll only have to pay £30/mth throughout the course of your contract, with the only sticking point being the £129 upfront cost. if you can stomach the initial fee, however, you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime cost of just £849 – that’s just £50 more than the price of the handset on its own.

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