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No 4K? No problem – the upscaling on these TVs will make Euro 2024 look incredible

Disappointed that the Euros aren’t being shown in 4K? Fret not, these TVs upscale 1080p broadcasts so well you’ll think you’re watching UHD

The best TVs can transform your viewing experience of major sporting events. Stunning resolution, exceptional contrast and supreme motion handling are just some of the benefits but, sadly, one of this summer’s hottest tickets – the UEFA European Football Championship – won’t be broadcast in 4K/Ultra High Definition (UHD).

High production costs and the increasing number of people streaming from their smartphones have been cited as the reasons behind UEFA’s decision to only broadcast the tournament, which gets underway with Germany vs Scotland on 14 June, in 1080p.

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There’ll still be support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), but the absence of 3,840 x 2,160 resolution will likely have given many people planning to upgrade their existing telly pause for thought.

But thanks to the magic of upscaling, there are plenty of TVs capable of enhancing the visual fidelity of the showpiece event. While you won’t be getting true 4K resolution or a guarantee that your nation will go all the way, you will benefit from a sharper, more detailed image.

I’ve spoken to three of our TV reviewers who know as much about televisions as Pep Guardiola does about football – Vincent Teoh, John Archer and Stephen Withers – to get their recommendations for the most capable upscaling options on the market.

You’ll find their expert picks below, all of which will deliver an engaging and visually arresting football experience over the next four weeks. They’ll also be able to take full advantage of 4K broadcasts of Wimbledon (1 July – 14 July) and the Paris Olympics (26 July – 14 August).

Best affordable TVs for upscaling

Hisense E7K Pro

View of the Hisense E7K Pro 4K TV from the right-hand sideHisense recently launched its 2024 range of 4K TVs, all of which support the UK’s newest free TV service, Freely. We’re yet to review one of these but recommend checking out last year’s E7K Pro if you’re after a well-priced TV capable of impressive upscaling.

It mapped lower-resolution content effectively to its native 4K panel during testing and delivered clean images bursting with detail and free of unwanted artefacts. It also handled motion superbly, exhibiting no blurring during sports, making it an appealing and cost-effective pick for the Euros.

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TCL C745

Front-on view of the TCL C745 4K TVWe rated the TCL C745 slightly higher than the Hisense E7K Pro when we reviewed it, in part due to its lower price at launch. But now that the Hisense model is cheaper, there’s very little to choose between the two. Although not quite as bright as claimed, the C745’s upscaling proved impressive during testing and picture performance was very good with both SDR and HDR content.

It’s worth noting, however, that the C745 doesn’t support UK TV catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and ITVX, which means you’ll need a streaming stick to catch up on Euro 2024 games you miss.

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Best mid-range TVs for upscaling

Sony A80L

View of the Sony A80L 4K TV from the left-hand side

All our experts agreed that Sony’s Cognitive XR processor does a fantastic job of upscaling lower-resolution content and that its mid-range OLED from 2023 is still worth considering despite the arrival of the Japanese manufacturer’s new lineup.

Picture processing is first-rate across SDR and HDR content, while motion handling, a premium finish and a stand that can be used in three positions are a few of the A80L’s other strengths.

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Philips OLED808

Front-on view of the Philips OLED808 4K TV

The Philips OLED808 may not have the same prowess as the Sony A80L where upscaling is concerned but it’s significantly cheaper, handles motion fantastically well and is a cracking OLED TV in its own right.

Picture performance is top-notch and is aided by Philips’ unique Ambilight feature, which uses rear-mounted LEDs to project lights onto the wall behind your TV to match what’s happening on screen.

This enhances immersion considerably, but there’s also a neutral white setting that can act as a bias light to make viewing in dark rooms more comfortable –  perfect for watching Euro 2024 highlights late at night.

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Best premium TVs for upscaling

Samsung QN900D

Front-on view of the Samsung QN900D 8K TVForget 4K, this Mini LED flagship from Samsung can upscale content to 8K resolution and does so remarkably well. With cutting-edge AI technology and a whopping 512 neural networks, the QN900D flawlessly upscaled lower-resolution content during testing and generated images that were beautifully detailed and free of banding. The set’s AI Motion Enhancer Pro system helped sharpen moving objects too, so you won’t have to worry about blurring as your team breaks or shifts play quickly.

The QN900D also has a fabulous in-built audio system. Its 6.2.4-channel arrangement is extremely immersive and the company’s Object Tracking Sound Pro processing ensures audio moves in tandem with the action on screen. Active Voice Amplifier Pro, meanwhile, successfully enhances dialogue, which will prove particularly handy for those who struggle to hear commentary over the crowd.

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Sony A95L

View of the Sony A95L 4K TV from the right-hand sideOur TV reviewers love what Sony’s Cognitive XR processor is capable of and no TV displays its strengths as well as the A95L. The chip upscales content amazingly well, boosting detail and reducing compression artefacts and mosquito noise to the point you’ll almost be convinced you’re looking at a 4K picture.

Motion handling is peerless, sound quality is great, and the A95L has an elegant design to boot. It’s far from cheap, but if you’re looking for a premium 4K TV to enjoy the Euros one – and a whole lot more – this is an option well worth considering.

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Panasonic MZ2000

Front-on view of the Panasonic MZ2000 4K TVWe described the MZ2000’s upscaling as “superb” and its motion handling as “equally capable” in our review but those are just two of this TV’s great qualities. It’s among the most colour-accurate televisions we’ve ever tested, supports a whole host of next-gen gaming features, which should please EA Sports FC fans, and has a high-quality sound system tuned by Technics.

One of its audio modes will prove especially useful during Euro 2024: Stadium. This uses the side-firing and up-firing speakers in the MZ2000’s 5.1.2-channel setup to deliver a sense of scale that makes you feel like you’re right at the heart of the action. If you’d rather not fork out for a soundbar and are craving phenomenal sound while you watch the Euros, there are few better options for the money.

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