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Hauppauge myTV Player review

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £100
inc VAT

If you’re a TV addict, the myTV Player is an ideal travelling companion. It’s small enough to carry around with you and can receive DVB-T TV and radio signals. It also plays movies, music and photos stored on SD cards.

The myTV Player shares a number of similarities with the IB-MP101 (below) both in hardware and software, although the myTV’s menu system has more options. You can edit channels, for example, removing any you don’t watch from the EPG. Picture quality is acceptable and identical to that of the IB-MP101.

The myTV Player feels tougher than the IB-MP101. Its rugged, rubberised finish makes it easier to hold, and it has a metal strip around the edge of the case. The navigation buttons have enough travel and a noticeable click when pressed. There are separate buttons for play/pause, forward and rewind, as well as a power button and a hold switch to stop you accidentally pressing the controls. A built-in stand allows you to position the unit upright. Hauppauge also provides a USB adaptor, so you can plug flash drives into the mini-USB port.

If you’re in an area with a very strong signal, you can use the built-in telescopic aerial. Alternatively, you can attach the small external aerial that comes in the box, which is a bit more sensitive. You’ll need to buy an adaptor for the MCX RF port to use a roof-mounted aerial, but these are widely available. You can also attach a larger screen via the AV port and supplied cable.

For £100 you get a portable TV with basic media player functions. In terms of ease of use and build quality, the myTV Player is far superior to the IB-MP101. The only problem we had with both players was getting a good TV signal from the included antennas. It’s not the myTV’s fault that the DVB-T signal isn’t ideal for mobile use, but it does limit the usefulness of such devices.

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