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Image of a toothpaste tube spelling out a question mark with toothpaste
Does whitening toothpaste work?
Dental care

More than 42% of adults under 35 years of age have their teeth whitened. We talk to the experts to find out what actually works

Carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment of a plane
British Airways baggage allowances

It's always a nervy moment weighing your bags at check-in. If you’re flying British Airways then you’ll need to know the baggage allowances

how to sleep better teaser man wakes from his sleep
How to sleep better tips to help you get the rest you need

Not getting your 40 winks can be detrimental to your physical and mental health, we look at changes you can make to improve your sleep

woman looking out at plane in airport with luggage - easyjet hand luggage allowance
EasyJet hand luggage allowance and how to avoid fees

EasyJet has strict policies for baggage size and weight, and ignoring the specifications comes at a steep cost. Here’s how to avoid it

What causes bad breath - teaser. Reflection of a woman in the mirror as she holds a toothbrush with one hand and puts other hand one her mouth
What causes bad breath?
Dental care

Bad breath can be distressing for the person who has it and for those around them, so what causes halitosis and what can you do about it?

how to stop snoring teaser lady in bed with her pillow over her ears
How to stop snoring

Nearly half of UK adults snore, impacting millions of people every night – we spoke with the professionals to learn how you can stop