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best electric toothbrush lead image: oral-b and phillips sonicare toothbrushes on grey background with charger
The 7 best electric toothbrushes 2024
Dental care

Looking to upgrade to the best electric toothbrush or replace your old brush? We’ve tested 30 options to help you get a cleaner smile

The best sonic toothbrushes to buy in 2024
Dental care

Looking for a new Philips Sonicare brush or the most innovative brushes from rival brands? We’ve picked the top options for every budget

Find the best Oral-B electric toothbrush for you
Dental care

Trying to find the best Oral-B electric toothbrush? Look no further – we tested the brand’s top brushes for every budget

Image of a toothpaste tube spelling out a question mark with toothpaste
Does whitening toothpaste work?
Dental care

More than 42% of adults under 35 years of age have their teeth whitened. We talk to the experts to find out what actually works

Oclean X Ultra S review
Oclean X Ultra S review: A quality smart toothbrush
Dental care

The Oclean X Ultra S is one of the most powerful sonic toothbrushes on the market, delivering a fantastically thorough clean

£200 inc VAT
electric toothbrushes in holder on bathroom sink - why are electric toothbrushes so expensive
Why are electric toothbrushes so expensive?
Dental care

Wondering if an expensive electric toothbrush is worth the cost? We break down power, speed, materials and more

ultrasonic tooth cleaner held by blue gloved hand releasing water - do dentists recommend ultrasonic tooth cleaners
Do dentists recommend ultrasonic tooth cleaners?
Dental care

Considering an ultrasonic tooth cleaner at home? We speak to two dental experts about the dangers of at-home dentistry equipment

Aeno DB1S review: A smart sonic toothbrush
Dental care

A good mid-range sonic toothbrush with some interesting features, not to mention epic battery life

£90 inc VAT
woman smiling with white teeth closeup - how to naturally whiten teeth
How to naturally whiten teeth
Dental care

If you’re wary of high-street teeth whitening methods, turn to these natural remedies instead to improve your smile

A concerned woman touches her cheek while brushing her teeth in the bathroom mirror
Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
Dental care

Ever spat out your toothpaste to see blood in the sink? Find out what causes bleeding gums – and how to prevent it