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Best laptop stand 2023: Our pick of the top laptop stands for improving posture

Sick of aches and pains caused by laptop use? One of the best laptop stands could provide the postural change you need

Purchasing the best laptop stand available is the simplest way to ensure better posture while you’re sat staring at a screen all day long.

By incorporating a laptop stand into your working setup, you can reduce negative side effects of prolonged use such as chronic back and neck strain, while also helping keep your laptop cool.

Laptop stands surged in popularity at the start of the pandemic and are no less useful now – good posture is crucial regardless of whether you’re working at home or in an office.

There’s no shortage of great options out there and with so many products to choose from, picking the best laptop stand for your needs can be tricky. That’s where this guide comes in. To save you time and effort, we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of the best laptop stands you can buy online today.

Before the list, you will find a summary of our top picks followed by a buying guide outlining the different types of laptop stands and explaining why you need one in your life. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin.

Best laptop stand: At a glance

How we test the best laptop stands

If you’re splashing out on a laptop stand, you’re going to want reassurance that it’s fit for purpose, so we ensure that every product featured on this page has been tested extensively.

We assess the build quality of each stand by pushing it to its physical limits without actively seeking to break it and test how stable it is on a hard, flat surface. If the stand can be adjusted, we’ll put it through its paces at every available viewing angle and position, using various sizes of laptops to ensure that a stand is suitable for the range of laptops it’s stated to be compatible with.

Dimension and weight measurements are taken using the tried and tested combination of measuring tape and scales, while we use touch-testing to analyse how well stands regulate heat when propping up a laptop.

As laptop stands are something you’ll often find yourself transporting around, we also assess their portability based on how easily they can be packed away in bags of various sizes and how much additional strain carrying them around with you causes. We also test out laptop stands in conjunction with desktop monitors and this way we’re able to confirm they won’t disrupt your view of a second screen should you be using one.

How to choose the best laptop stand for you

What are the different types of laptop stand?

There’s a laptop stand out there to suit every laptop, budget and lifestyle. Some laptop stands are fixed, meaning they can’t be adjusted and only serve as a platform to increase the height or change the angle of your laptop. Adjustable laptop stands are more popular because the height and angle of the stand can be altered to suit the user.

While some bigger and sturdier laptop stands are made for home or office use, there are also compact foldable stands that are more appropriate for travellers and freelancers. Additionally, some stands are designed specifically to prevent high-performance laptops from overheating, often using fans or a structure that increases airflow to the parts of your laptop that generate heat.

Each type of stand has its own unique benefits (and, potentially, drawbacks) so the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Is using a laptop stand better for posture?

No matter whether you’re working remotely, bingeing TV shows from bed or gaming on the go, it’s always important to maintain a good body position. We all know this but it’s not always easy to integrate it into your daily routine. A laptop stand can help fix this; by placing your laptop on a stand, and then adjusting it to the correct height and angle you can immediately remove the strain caused by poor computer posture.

The work doesn’t always end there, mind you. Depending on what type of laptop stand you choose, it may also be necessary to purchase an external keyboard and mouse in order to keep your arms in a neutral position and avoid leaning forwards over the laptop. If that applies to you, we have a list of the best wireless keyboards that should come in handy. We’ve also got a guide detailing the best wireless mice which will point you in the right direction if you don’t want to be reaching for your laptop’s trackpad.

Is it true that standing desks are healthier than sitting desks?

There’s a lot of hype around standing desks these days. They may be hip but, as pointed out by the Harvard Medical School, they’re far from a cure-all for the ills of sitting at your desk all day. Make the switch from sitting-only to standing-only too quickly and you risk developing entirely new aches and pains.

And of course, the same rules apply to the angle and height of your screen in relation to your body position. Whether you sit or stand, it’s equally important to take regular breaks and move around to take the strain off your muscles.

Do laptop stands improve laptop performance?

They certainly can. Most laptop stands have ventilation grilles that promote airflow underneath the laptop. The base tends to be the hottest area of a laptop since that’s where the CPU and GPU are located, and, when lying flat on a desk, there’s nowhere for that heat to go.

Laptop stands let your machine breathe more easily, making it less likely to suffer from thermal throttling. A lot of stands use conductive materials that draw heat away from the laptop, which will make it more efficient too. And if your laptop is still too hot to handle you can opt for a powered laptop stand with built-in cooling fans. If cooling capabilities are high on your priority list, you will want to take a look at our rundown of the best laptop cooling pads.

How much should I spend on a laptop stand?

Not as much as you might think! All of the stands on our list cost less than £100, and the cheapest is around a tenner – fantastic value when you consider the benefits. There are standing desks out there that cost many hundreds of pounds, and even certain custom-made units that cost thousands, but they won’t be appearing in our roundup anytime soon! Read on for our comprehensive list of the best laptop stands on the market and find the perfect fit for you and your trusty laptop.

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The best laptop stands you can buy in 2023

1. Lavolta Laptop Table Desk: Most versatile laptop stand

Price when reviewed: £40 | Check price at Amazon The highly configurable Lavolta Laptop Table Desk can be adjusted to suit practically any position you can think of. Its extendable legs have articulated, auto-locking joints that rotate 360 degrees and at its full height, it elevates your laptop by 48cm. Place it on any flat surface, raise it up and – boom! – you’ve got yourself a standing desk. Of course, it functions perfectly well for working while seated too, or even for reclining on the sofa. The platform’s angle is fully adjustable so you can very easily achieve the perfect viewing angle no matter where you’re using it.

But what really sets this laptop stand apart are two USB-powered fans located within the tray, which provide your laptop with a continuous stream of air, helping keep it cool. It also features a removable mouse board that can double up as a makeshift beverage holder perfect for a cuppa while you’re working.

Key specs – Weight: 1.42kg; Size: 50 x 28 x 48cm (at full height); Adjustable? Yes, height/angle; Materials: Plastic, metal

2. Amazon Basics Foldable Stand: Best cheap laptop stand

Price when reviewed: £14 | Check price at Amazon Laptop stands don’t get much simpler or cheaper than this offering from Amazon. Part of the Basics range, it’s a no-frills stand with a lift of 7.5cm and a tilting angle of 18 degrees. It’s big enough to support a 15in laptop and is designed in such a way to allow ample airflow around your device. When not in use, it collapses down flat for easy storage and transportation.

It may not be the most eye-catching entry on the list but if you’re after the most cost-effective way of improving your viewing angle while working on your laptop, this is it.

Key specs – Weight: 307g; Size: 24 x 20 x 4cm; Adjustable? No; Materials: Aluminium

3. Twelve South ParcSlope: A minimalist stand for MacBook users

Price when reviewed: £58 | Check price at Amazon

The ParcSlope is a space-efficient laptop stand specifically designed for use with MacBooks and iPads and, after using it, we never want to work with our laptop flat on the desk again. Every aspect of its minimalist design serves a practical function. It tilts your keyboard at an 18-degree angle, which is ideal for typing, and although the 7cm elevation may not seem like much, it provides a very comfortable viewing angle and improves airflow to the base of your device. It’s also low enough to ensure you can still see an external monitor positioned behind it, which is a bonus.

Ridged silicone pads on the easel’s two platforms help keep your device firmly in place and rubber feet prevent the stand from slipping around on your desk. There’s even a notched section on the front lip of the stand that allows you to quickly open your laptop when you’re ready to work. Connection cables can be threaded neatly through an oval cut out at the back of the easel if you’re hooked up to a power source, while the lightweight frame can be easily transported if you’re relying on battery power and need a change of scenery.

Key specs – Weight: 320g; Size: 23 x 25 x 7cm; Adjustable? No; Materials: Aluminium and silicone

4. Trust GXT 1125 Quno: Best laptop stand for gamers

Price when reviewed: £50 | Check price at Amazon

If your laptop suffers from overheating issues, you’re going to want a stand that provides some form of cooling. The Trust GXT 1125 does exactly that by incorporating five USB-powered fans into its top plate, all of which are illuminated by blue LEDs when active.

The main fan, which measures 13cm in diameter, resides in the centre of the stand and is aided by four 5cm fans. Each spins at 800 rotations per minute and the quintet creates a gentle breeze that helps keep the temperature of your device down. They’re relatively quiet, too, so you shouldn’t find them distracting while in use.

In addition to its cooling capabilities, the GXT 1125 can be adjusted to offer five viewing angles with a maximum elevation of 19cm. The stand is extremely sturdy and won’t budge when on your desk, while the top plate is large enough to accommodate 17in laptops. The package also includes a detachable phone stand, which comes in handy if you need to keep an eye on your smartphone while working on your laptop.

Key specs – Weight: 1.01kg; Size: 40 x 28 x 5cm; Adjustable? Yes, height/angle; Materials: Aluminium, plastic

5. Targus Ergo M-Pro: Highly portable and with a handy document holder

Price when reviewed: £63 | Check price at Amazon The Ergo M-Pro is a wonderfully portable laptop stand designed for use with an external keyboard. It’s made up of three sections: a sturdy base, the platform your device rests on (which is open back to improve heat dissipation) and a document holder located in front of your laptop’s keyboard. The holder allows you to view documents and your screen simultaneously, which is extremely handy if you’re typing up notes. However, A4 documents can obscure the bottom inch or so of some smaller laptops’ screens, meaning the M-Pro is best paired with 15in to 17in devices.

The stand offers a choice of five tilt positions to ensure you maintain good posture by having your laptop’s screen at eye level and it’s a breeze to switch between the various viewing angles. When not in use, the stand collapses down to roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper, making it particularly easy to transport in a bag or store away.

If you already own a USB or wireless keyboard and need quick access to physical documents, the Ergo M-Pro is a very useful addition to your working or studying setup.

Key specs – Weight: 0.49kg; Size: 22 x 30 x 22cm; Adjustable? Yes; Materials: Plastic

6. JUMKEET Laptop Stand: Best adjustable laptop stand under £15

Price when reviewed: £12 | Check price at Amazon

This stand is simple yet effective, with a foldable design that allows for easy transportation. It’s a little more customisable than the Amazon Basics entry above, with six height adjustment options ensuring you can find the perfect viewing angle. Each of the four corners of the stand features a non-slip mat to hold your laptop in place while in use and the aluminium mesh framework facilitates airflow to aid cooling.

The JUMKEET laptop stand is compatible with laptops ranging from 10in to 15.6in, so is ideal for all but the largest devices on the market and is great value for money at under £20.

Key specs – Weight: 370g; Size: 26 x 21 x 2.6cm; Adjustable?: Yes; Materials: Aluminium alloy and stainless steel

7. Vonhaus Laptop Stand: Best laptop stand for height adjustments

Price when reviewed: £9 | Check price at Vonhaus If you find yourself working between home and the office on a regular basis, you will need a laptop stand that doesn’t take up too much space in your bag or unnecessarily weigh you down. The Vonhaus foldable laptop stand is designed to be as portable as possible, made from lightweight plastic and collapsing down to less than 2cm thick. It will slide nicely into a laptop bag and is sturdy enough to survive a bumpy train journey.

Suitable for devices with screens between 11in and 17in, and capable of bearing up to 10kg, the Vonhaus is versatile enough to work with a wide variety of laptops, notebooks and tablets. There are seven different heights to choose from, giving you a choice of angles between 25 and 47 degrees, and the main plate has a ventilated design to avoid excessive heat buildup. Affordable and portable, the Vonhaus is a strong choice for hybrid workers.

Key specs – Weight: 500g; Size: 17 x 28 x 26cm; Adjustable? Yes, height/angle; Materials: High-impact polystyrene

Buy now from Vonhaus

8. Nexstand K1: Best laptop stand for travellers and freelancers

Price when reviewed: £70 | Check price at Amazon

Working on the move can wreak havoc on your neck and back. If you’re constantly hunching over your laptop during the commute or at the coffee shop then the Nexstand K1 may well be the solution. Weighing a mere 150g it’s one of the lightest stands on the market, and it folds up to a fraction of its full size to fit into almost any bag.

Though slim and light, its carbon fiber frame holds laptops weighing up to an impressive 8kg, while the rubber feet prevent the stand from slipping on desk surfaces. With seven levels of elevation to choose from, there’s no need to hunch ever again.

If you like the look of the K1 but are after something a bit cheaper, you’ll want to check out Nexstand’s K2. Its design is almost identical to that of the K2 but it’s made of Glass fibre-reinforced nylon, meaning it’s not quite as light (249g) or as strong. It has eight levels of height adjustment, however.

Key specs – Weight: 150g; Size: 33 x 4 x 4 cm (at full height); Adjustable? Yes, height/angle; Materials: Carbon fiber

9. Razer Laptop Stand Chroma: Best laptop stand for USB connectivity

Price when reviewed: £105 | Check price at Amazon Although designed specifically for use with Razer’s Blade and Blade Stealth laptops, this stand can house any laptop up to 15in. It has an inclination of 18 degrees to provide the optimal viewing angle of your laptop’s display, while the elevation of the keyboard provides a comfortable typing position.

Three USB-A ports housed on the back of the stand allow you to hook up all of your gaming peripherals to the stand and Razer’s Chroma RGB software lets you customise the lighting strip on the front of the stand to your heart’s content. Not fussed about RGB lighting and extra ports? Razer also sells a basic laptop stand with a similar design for less than half the price, and it comes in two colours: Black and Mercury.

Key specs – Weight: 525g; Size: 7 x 24 x 21cm; Adjustable? No; Materials: Aluminium

10. Rain Design mStand360: Best swivelling laptop stand

Price when reviewed: £60 | Check price at Amazon

Laptop stands don’t have to be ugly, as Rain Design’s minimalist mStand360 proves. Made from a single sheet of aluminium, this stand “conforms to all economic guidelines” and has been designed to function with all sizes of Apple MacBook, which effectively means it will work with any size of non-Apple laptop too. The platform has an elevation of 15cm (5.9in) and a slight tilt that improves air circulation around your laptop’s base. Best of all, the m360 can swivel through (you guessed it) 360 degrees, which comes in incredibly handy whenever you need to show your colleagues what’s on your screen.

Key specs – Weight: 1.4kg; Size: 25 x 23 x 16cm; Adjustable?: Yes, swivelling base; Materials: Aluminium

11. Avantree Neetto: Best laptop table for use in bed

Price when reviewed: £20 | Check price at Remtek Workplace This laptop table from Avantree is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. Pop it on your desk and it will function as a traditional laptop stand, complete with table-angle adjustment of up to 30 degrees. Elevate it fully and you can use it while standing at your desk, while those that take a more laid-back approach will find it works brilliantly placed across their lap while sitting on the sofa or in bed.

The Neetto’s legs are foldable making it a doddle to pack away or move from one room to another and if you do decide to use it as an impromptu dining table rather than work, the engineered wood surface is easily cleaned.

Key specs – Weight: 1.49kg; Size: 52 x 30 x 32cm; Adjustable?: Yes, height and table angle; Materials: Plastic and engineered wood

Buy now from Remtek Workplace

12. Oripura Laptop Stand: Best environmentally friendly laptop stand

Price when reviewed: £29 | Check price at Herman Miller

Although relatively limited compared to other options on this list, the Oripura laptop stand sets itself apart by only using recyclable materials in its construction. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your working accessories, the focus on sustainability could make this your ideal laptop stand.

Easily folding out from 2D to 3D, the Oripura doesn’t offer adjustable heights, but the standard setting is wide enough for laptops with screens sized 11in to 16in, so most devices should be able to sit comfortably and securely. The design allows for plenty of air to pass underneath your laptop, ensuring you won’t experience any overheating issues, and the back of the fold even includes a handy cutout for cable management. If you often travel for work, the Oripura also folds up nearly flat, making it easy to slip into a bag with your laptop.

Key specs – Weight: Not specified; Size: 16 x 29 x 28cm; Adjustable? No; Materials: 100% recyclable materials (not specified)

Buy now from Fully

13. Amazon Basics Height Adjustable Display Stand: Cheap, simple and effective

Price when reviewed: £14 | Check price at Amazon Though primarily for monitors, this stand is a great choice if all you want to do is raise your laptop up to a level that suits your needs best. Using its column-style stackable legs you can increase its height in 2.5cm increments up to 12.5cm and there’s enough space underneath the platform to store a range of useful office items.

At over 40cm wide, it’s big enough to accommodate 13 and 14in laptops with ease, while its non-skid feet ensure it won’t move around on your desk once in place.

Key specs – Weight: 1.16kg; Size: 41 x 7 x 28cm; Adjustable? Yes; Materials: Plastic