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Sony is trialling a wearable air conditioner

You’ll be grateful for this £100 device on the Central line

It’s easy to think we live in a world of excessive connectivity: the Internet of Things run amok. But then you hear of an app-connected device so important, so revolutionary, so desperately necessary, that your concerns just evaporate away. Sony’s new Reon Pocket is such a device.

Essentially a wearable air conditioner, the palm-sized product purports to use hundreds of simulations in order to lower a user’s temperature by a whopping 13˚C. Weighing in at just 85g, the product is designed to be slotted into an accompanying shirt, where it will sit at the bottom of the neck in order to regulate body temperature.

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The device can be controlled via an iOS or Android phone, with the battery lasting a full 24 hours on a full two-hour charge. Plus, an “auto” mode is being trialled for the portable air conditioner, meaning you won’t have to keep tweaking its settings on your smartphone. Temperature regulation has never been more effortless.

Before you empty your pockets in an I’ve-lived-through-38-degrees-in-the-UK-frenzy, there’s a caveat. The Reon Pocket is currently being crowdfunded – and, although it had reached 48% of its target by the time of writing, there’s still a way to go before the wearable air conditioner starts shipping.

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The Reon Pocket costs just $129 (£104) via its crowdfunding page, with its lower-functionality-but-budget-friendlier sibling, the Reon Rocket Light, costing just $117 (£94). Although if this week’s scorching temperatures were anything to go by, we’d go the whole hog for the original, while those who suffered the London Underground this week may want to usher the crowdfunding campaign along by purchasing multiple devices.

If the Reon Pocket does reach its targets, the product should start shipping by March 2020. In the meantime, you could always stick to our, ahem, “fan favourites” with one of these desk, tower or pedestal options. Equally, you could check out these portable air conditioners – sadly not of the wearable variety.

Anyone wanting to crowdfund the Sony Reon Pocket can do so here.

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