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Best rosemary oil products 2023: Nourish your hair from just £8

Looking to grow and strengthen your locks? Check out the best rosemary oil products for nourishing your hair

Whether you’ve heard about it from age-old family traditions or seen it on TikTok, the best rosemary oil products have magical properties for hair. Natural and usually with a relatively affordable price tag, rosemary oil is one of the top essential oils to stimulate hair growth. Rosemary oil usually causes minimal irritation, helps with dandruff and scalp issues and can even strengthen and nourish the hair.

Below, you’ll find our pick of the best tried and tested rosemary oil products you can shop today. Our selection includes various products suitable for those looking to help stimulate hair growth and those looking to reduce dandruff, right through to those wanting to concentrate on tackling hair thinning and scalp care.

How to choose the best rosemary oil for you

Why is it important that I choose the right rosemary oil?

Like with any product you’re putting onto your skin and adding to your routine, it’s important to make the right choice for your body and your desired goals.

Rosemary oil can be used for various reasons, with a long list of benefits to be enjoyed. Whether you prefer to use your rosemary oil in a serum form, a smoothing hair oil or a pre-wash treatment, there are plenty of options on the market.

As with any essential oil, rosemary oil is quite potent. So whilst it is usually safe to use on sensitive scalps, it’s worth testing a small amount on a patch of your head first.

Does rosemary oil really have so many benefits?

Rosemary oil is excellent for a whole range of hair benefits. Because it contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s often in products designed to reduce dandruff. Applying a rosemary oil-specific product, rather than a small amount of the essential oil in your shampoo or conditioner, can help to eliminate dandruff and keep your scalp nice and healthy.

Rosemary oil helps to reduce inflammation and soothe the scalp. It also helps nourish hair follicles and balances the oil production on the scalp and at the root of the hair.

Despite its benefits, it’s worth nothing that pure rosemary oil is not considered safe to use during pregnancy, as it can cause uterine contractions. Therefore, you should avoid use of any rosemary product, even diluted versions, to be on the safe side.

Why is rosemary oil so popular for encouraging hair growth?

Perhaps most famous on social media for encouraging hair growth, rosemary oil is an excellent step to add to your hair care routine. Many people think that hair loss only affects men. However, according to The Cleveland Clinic, it is estimated that more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss.

Rosemary oil has even been likened to the hair growth medication Minoxidil due to its ability to accelerate hair length. The oil contains essential compounds such as rosmarinic acid and ursolic acid, which are recognised for their hair follicle-stimulating properties. These compounds contribute to enhanced blood circulation in the scalp – nourishing the hair follicles and creating a healthier environment for your hair to grow.

How we test rosemary oil

As with any product, the best way to test efficiency is to trial them for a set period. To test each rosemary oil product, we try each product for several washes over a few weeks and take note of any growth and the overall feeling of the hair. While we gathered a good amount of feedback from each product test, it’s important to remember that, as with any beauty product, results can vary depending on the time used. This is especially true when considering hair growth abilities, as each product may have to be used for several months to see the full results.

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The best rosemary oil products you can buy in 2023

1. Hair Syrup Grows-Mary: Best rosemary oil overall

Price when reviewed: £16 | Check price now at Look Fantastic

Crafted specifically for those with fine hair prone to breakage, the Hair Syrup Grows-Mary is a pre-wash treatment that nurtures the scalp and strands, creating a much healthier condition for promoting hair growth. The pre-wash formula gradually works its magic to enhance the strength and thickness of hair over time with a combination of oils that leave the hair feeling silky smooth – including thyme, grape seed, and sweet almond.

After applying to dry hair from root to tip, gently massage this pretreatment into the scalp and comb through the ends before leaving it to work its magic. You need to leave it in for at least one hour before washing, and for hair that really needs some TLC, it’s a good idea to leave the treatment overnight. Applying before bed and sleeping with a towel to keep your hair warm can ramp up the benefits of the rosemary oil.

Check price at Look Fantastic

2. Pacifica Scalp Love Rosemary Mint Serum: Best rosemary oil for scalp care

Price when reviewed: £14 | Check price at Cult Beauty

You only need two to four droppers full of this Pacifica rosemary serum for it to get to work on your scalp and locks. Created with properties to revitalise your scalp by detoxifying and eliminating product buildup, the serum is enriched with herbal extracts of sage, thyme and witch hazel.

As well as having a delicious minty scent, this serum is designed to restore equilibrium to your scalp. It works well when used as a pre-wash treatment but works even better when left for a few hours or overnight, where it can really get to work on helping to heal the scalp. After one or two uses, it’s noticeable how much cleaner the scalp feels, along with any rough or itchy patches feeling soothed. The serum only needs to be used once a week to achieve great results, so it doesn’t feel like you’re adding a whole other task to your hair care routine.

Check price at Cult Beauty

3. Weleda Revitalising Hair Tonic: Best rosemary oil for hair thinning

Price when reviewed: £14 | Check price at Holland & Barrett

Although not primarily marketed as a rosemary oil hair product, this tonic from Weleda has numerous benefits. It’s particularly good for those noticing thinning of the hair and who feel their hair and scalp need some overall health boosting.

You can incorporate this tonic into your daily routine to invigorate and refresh your scalp, promote hair growth, and fortify each strand. If used consistently, this Weleda product works wonders for permed, bleached, or damaged hair, improving its overall condition.

By targeting issues with the overall condition of the scalp and hair follicles, this hair tonic helps to encourage hair growth and reduce breakage, thus protecting the scalp from extreme hair thinning. Baby hairs start to crop up after just a few uses, which shows the power of the product. The rosemary oil and scent make the hair smell amazing, and the scalp feels soothed and refreshed.

It’s worth noting that because this product has a water-like texture, it doesn’t last too long and gets quickly absorbed into the hair.

Check price at Holland & Barrett

4. Kiehl’s Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate: Best rosemary oil to smooth and soften hair

Price when reviewed: £27 | Check price at Escentual

This concentrate from Kiehl’s draws inspiration from ancient traditions that have harnessed the potency of oils for their therapeutic and rejuvenating qualities. Lightweight in feel, this elixir contains a careful blend of oils, often referred to as a “magical mix” by Kiehl’s and its customers.

With a concoction of rosemary, avocado and safflower, your hair will feel nourished after just one use. Somehow, without weighing down your locks, this elixir helps to smooth away flyaways and care for dry hair by working its magic on hydrating the strands. There’s a noticeable improvement in the scalp condition, too, as the oil blend stimulates the scalp for optimum hair growth conditions.

Unlike other pre-wash treatments, this Kiehl’s concentrate only requires a small amount applied directly to a dry scalp, and you only need to wait ten minutes to achieve the optimal benefits.

Check price at Escentual

5. Nature Spell Rosemary Oil For Hair & Skin: Best rosemary oil for hair with dandruff

Price when reviewed: £8 | Check price at Sephora

One of the most affordable rosemary oil blends for hair on the market, this bottle from Nature’s Spell is also one of the best-selling. A blend of rosemary oil with almond and sunflower oils, this elixir promotes hair growth by stimulating the scalp and strengthening hair by fortifying the roots.

When used as a straight essential oil on the scalp, pure rosemary oil can cause irritation. This diluted solution has already been pre-mixed to ensure your hair and scalp get all the benefits without risking any itching or soreness.

This oil works just as well on the scalp as the hair to tackle dandruff. With natural anti-fungal properties, it helps tackle the cause of dandruff by balancing out the skin’s microbiome whilst working on the oily base of the scalp. The anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe itching and reduce flakiness.

Check price at Sephora

6. Herbal Gardens Nutritive Hair Oil: Best rosemary oil to strengthen hair

Price when reviewed: £52 | Check price at Herbal Gardens

Although a fair deal pricier than other rosemary oil blends on the market, this product from Herbal Gardens is a worthy investment for those looking to strengthen their hair long-term. Packed with over 20 hair growth oils known to stimulate and strengthen the hair follicles, you’ll find Jamaican black castor, rosemary, neem and pumpkin seed oils within this little bottle.

With this specific blend of ingredients, the follicles in the scalp open up for faster absorption of the rest of the blend. This includes castor oil, which helps strengthen hair and promote hair growth, which can struggle to absorb into the scalp without help.

We found that only a few drops are needed for this oil to work effectively on dry or damp hair. For the best possible results, massage a few drops into the scalp of dry hair and leave it overnight before shampooing out.

Check price at Herbal Gardens

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