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Cyberpower Ultra 5 Vega review: Style over substance?

An APU-based system that’s a good choice for users with modest demands but less modest style tastes

£499 Inc VAT
Cyberpower Ultra FX teaser
Cyberpower Ultra FX 100 review
PC systems

Plenty of gaming punch but it comes at the expense of processing power

£700 inc VAT
Cyberpower Zeus Mini A100 with keyboard, mouse and monitor
Cyberpower Zeus Mini-A 100 review

A compact PC with built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the Cyberpower Zeus Mini-A 100 is a bit loud and graphics performance isn’t great

£599 inc VAT, £499 without monitor
Syber Vapor K
Syber Vapor K review
PC systems

The Syber Vapor K is a no-compromise living room friendly gaming PC that’s surprisingly upgradable

£999 inc VAT
Cyberpower Fangbook Evo HX6-100 review

The Fangbook Evo HX6-100 is a keenly priced and powerful gaming laptop, although its styling and build quality may put some buyers off

£800 inc VAT
Cyberpower Fang III Black Mamba review

The Fang III Black Mamba is a ridiculously powerful system and a cracking Ultra HD games machine, but it is expensive

£3000 inc VAT
Cyberpower Infinity Apollo GT Pro review

This Cyberpower Infinity Apollo GT Pro has top-notch gaming performance, but a weak processor lets it down

£700 inc VAT
Cyberpower Fang Mini Pro review

The Fang Mini Pro is a great compact PC that looks and performs great

£735 inc VAT
CyberPower Zeus Mini A-300
CyberPower Zeus Mini A-300 review

Not the neatest, quietest or prettiest PC, but it’s a compact gaming powerhouse

£749 inc VAT
CyberPower Infinity Apollo
Cyberpower Infinity Apollo review

A top-notch PC with a good graphics card and high quality, but chunky, display

£700 inc VAT