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Roidmi Nano P1 Pro review: A tiny vacuum cleaner for small spills

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £119
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The Roidmi Nano P1 Pro is a stylish handheld vacuum for ultra-light cleaning jobs


  • Small and light
  • Powerful suction
  • USB-C charging


  • Small 0.1-litre collection bin
  • Can’t collect large particles

The Roidmi Nano P1 Pro is an ever-ready handheld vacuum cleaner, designed to sit on your desk, primed to leap into action the next time you need to collect crumbs or dust. It isn’t going to replace your upright or cordless vacuum for serious cleaning jobs, but if you’re prone to scattering crumbs or have a hobby that often requires a bit of cleaning up, this stylish device is exactly what you need.

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Roidmi Nano P1 Pro review: What do you get for the money?

The Nano P1 Pro is about the size and shape of a can of hairspray. Its white plastic case, semi-opaque collection bin, metallic branding and orange detailing make it look more like a classy computer peripheral than a utilitarian tool. This is useful, because it’s an object that doesn’t necessarily need hiding away in a drawer or cupboard, it can be left out so it’s easily on hand when required.

The only accessory that comes with the device is a brush adapter, which is already built-in to the end of the suction nozzle. A button on the underneath pushes it into place and it’s easily retracted when not needed. There’s also an LED light on the underside, to illuminate any dark nooks that need a clean.

The only other thing that comes with the Nano P1 Pro is a USB-C to USB-A cable. There’s no charger supplied but, since it uses USB charging, it should be easy enough to find something to charge it with. You can charge it from any phone charger, a computer USB port or even a mobile charging battery pack that has a USB-A port. It takes around 2hrs 30mins to fully charge.

The device itself is compact, which means it’s only suitable for small jobs. The collection bin only has a capacity of 0.1 litres, so it’s not designed to collect much mess in a single session. That’s not a lot of cleaning for £119 but this vacuum is more about portability and convenience for a quick spot clean than for heavy duty work. A replacement for a dustpan and brush, if you like.

Roidmi Nano P1 Pro review: What’s it like to use?

Once it’s been charged for the first time, the Roidmi Nano P1 Pro is ready to go. The suction tube flips over for storage, so needs to be opened out. Then it’s just a question of holding down the button until it lights up and the suction starts. Pressing the button again switches between regular and maximum suction. To switch off the device, press and hold the button until it stops.

Emptying the collection chamber is slightly fiddly. It needs twisting off from the rest of the body, then the filter removed before you can tap out the contents into the bin. Both the collection bin and the filter can be cleaned with water.

Roidmi Nano P1 Pro review: How well does it clean?

The Nano P1 Pro has surprisingly powerful suction for such a small device. We measured 10kPa in its standard mode, which boosts to 13.3kPa when switched to max. To put this into context, it can’t rival a bigger cordless vacuum switched to full power, but it surpasses their most economical settings. The Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity, for example, measures 8.4kPa on low power, but goes up to 24kPa on full power. Even the Dyson V11 Outsize only measures 10kPa on low power, although it can go up to 30.5kPa. 

However, our usual set of cordless vacuum tests were too much for this device. I tried tackling a spillage of Cheerios with it and it caught a few but they soon clogged the tube, being too large to slip through the rubber door that covers the entrance to the collection bin.

It was much better at picking up smaller particles and performed better in our plain flour test. On carpet, it collected nearly all of a test spillage on a single pass. The remainder, which was largely just residue left behind on the carpet, was dealt with on subsequent passes. It performed even better on hard floor, collecting all but a minimal dusting in one go. This was easily cleaned up by engaging the brush and going over it a couple of extra times.

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Roidmi Nano P1 Pro review: Should I buy it?

Because it’s so small, the Nano P1 Pro can be kept around for just when you need it. If you partake in a messy hobby of some sort, it could make cleaning up after yourself much easier. Likewise, if you spend a lot of time at your desk and tend to eat biscuits or lunch at it, or have people eating in your car, clearing away the crumbs afterwards is simple and effective with a Nano P1 Pro to hand.

The only downside is its size. It’s only big enough to clean up small spillages, and these need to be small particles, although it handles these very well. If your mess tends to be more significant, consider a Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum (£180), which isn’t as good-looking as the Nano and more expensive but can make shorter work of bigger jobs.

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