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Currys Price Promise: Currys’ price match scheme explained

Everyone’s choice electronics retailer Currys has a superb price-matching scheme. Here’s everything you need to know about Price Promise

Currys is something of a national treasure. The electronics retailer is ubiquitous around the UK, and is known for its cracking sales around Christmas and Black Friday. But did you know about its latest pledge to customers, the Price Promise? Read on for everything you need to know about its price-matching scheme so you can ensure you get the best deals out there.

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Currys Price Promise explained

The bottom line of Currys’ Price Promise is this: the retail giant pledges that customers won’t get the products it stocks cheaper, ‘full stop’. Currys is promising to match the price of any products it stocks to other UK retailers.

When it comes to price matching, so far, so conventional. However, Currys is taking the promise a step further by price-matching products against UK shops both in store and online. Notoriously the best place to bargain-hunt, savvy shoppers will now be able to snap up products price-matched to online deals.

What’s more, Currys are even matching discount codes. Yep, you read that right. Bargain hunters, rejoice. Read on to find out how to avail yourself of the frankly unbelievable deal from Currys.

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How to use the Currys Price Promise

Currys has made its price comparison with other sites readily available on its website: on the product page you’re interested in, click “Compare prices” above the “Add to basket” button. If you don’t see a link, it’s likely the product is only available at Currys.

Once you’ve clicked on this link, the price comparison breakdown will reveal itself. You’ll see the competitors’ product prices and their accompanying delivery prices too. In the harsh light of day (read: economic competition), Currys prices will seem pretty compelling indeed.

Discuss a price match before you purchase

You’ll have to complete the online form if you want to discuss your price match. Information-wise, you’ll need the product code and a URL to the competitor’s product page you’re looking to have matched. If the price match is accepted, Currys will grant you a voucher for the price difference. You can then use this to finish buying your product.

The pre-sales Price Promise is not yet available on smartphone orders. You can, however, apply for your Price Promise once you’ve purchased.

Alternatively, shoppers can head to their local Currys store to speak with a representative.

What if I’ve already purchased the item?

Currys will still deliver its Price Promise seven days after you’ve bought your item. If you see the product cheaper elsewhere after purchasing, get in touch and they’ll refund you the difference. You’ll have to go down the route you originally made the purchase, though. If you bought online, you can speak to a Currys support colleague on the Webchat function (shoppers should have their receipts to hand).

Meanwhile, if you purchased in store, head back to your local Currys, receipt in tow, and speak to a representative there.

What are the caveats?

As ever with such an exceptional offer, there are terms and conditions to be attuned to. While Currys offers price matches against UK retail stores or website prices including offer-code discounts, they won’t match exclusive discounts, like those given to students or NHS staff. Equally, they won’t match trade or third-party prices, or those paid as part of a subscription service.

You’ll also have to ensure that the product you’ve spotted cheaper on a competing website has the same model number as the product on the Currys website.

And finally, as we’ve already mentioned, if you’re looking to claim a Price Promise for a mobile handset, these can only be made post-purchase.

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