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Batman: Arkham City review

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A DC comic book fans’ dream, but there's not a lot of new ideas for veterans of the first game


Even better are Batman’s stealthy ‘predator tactics’ – grabbing criminals by bursting through weak walls to hanging them upside down from ledges and gargoyles can be tricky to pull-off, but incredibly satisfying.

Batman’s anti-heroine love interest Catwoman also makes a playable appearance – her combat moves and gadgets place a greater emphasis on agility and silent take-downs rather than direct brawling. Some parts of the city are only accessible to her, but her refreshingly different heist-based mission is all too short.

Batman Arkham City

Some of Arkham Asylum’s more annoying aspects return here, albeit in reduced form – repetitive boss battles are few and far between, but they still make an appearance. Surreal flying sequences involving supernatural villain Ra’s al-Ghul also feel detached from the main game, but thankfully there are still plenty of puzzle-solving detective missions. Some involve shallow, gadget-based sequences where you’re practically guided to the outcome, but others see Batman rescuing hostages and dodging traps set by the Riddler.

Batman: Arkham City isn’t a perfect game, but it’s still a hugely enjoyable and immersive one. It’s accessible enough that you don’t have to have played the first game, and while it’s a great thrill ride, Arkham Asylum veterans may find gameplay a little too familiar.

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