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Discover how Ezviz’s robot vacuum can make more time for the things you love

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Is cleaning sucking the joy out of your leisure time? Then why not let Ezviz’s RE4 robot vacuum do all the hard work

When you’ve had a busy time at work or looking after the family, evenings and weekends should be devoted to relaxing and enjoying quality time, whether heading out or staying in.

However, that can be tricky when you’ve got hours of cleaning jobs looming. Who can truly relax when they know there are paw prints at the back door and a trail of biscuit crumbs leading away from the snack cupboard?

The award-winning EZVIZ RE4 Plus robot vacuum & mop combo, can not only vacuum but mops too, unlike the majority of robot vacuums on the market. It can handle all your cleaning needs, keeping your house spick and span while you get on with living your life. With its clever scheduling tools it can even clean up mess that you aren’t even aware of.

This exceptional product seamlessly combines user-friendly interaction, high-quality hardware and a modern appearance to blend into any contemporary home. The RE4 Plus truly stands out as an all in one cost friendly solution for homeowners who require full functionality at an affordable price tag. The user-friendly app interface ensures it is easy to use for every member of the family, even the most stubborn technophobe.

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Ezviz RE4 Plus | Was £300, now £230

Save £70 on the RE4 Plus in the Ezviz Easter Sale (ends April 7). This robot vacuum and base station combo make the perfect pairing as the RE4 automatically empties itself into the base station’s 4L dust bag and recharges ready for the next clean.

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Here are nine ways this versatile robot vacuum cleaner and mop can save you time which can now instead be enjoyed with family and friends.

1. One cleaner, two jobs

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The EZVIZ RE4 Plus is a multifunctional device. Like most robot cleaners it can vacuum both carpet and hard flooring. On a hard floor its rotating sweeping brush gathers dirt, crumbs and dust, and flicks them into the path of the vacuum’s suction inlet. When the EZVIZ RE4 Plus transitions onto carpet it automatically increases its power, to a maximum of 4,000Pa, to help tease out any stubborn dirt and stains.

Clip on the supplied mop attachment and fill the robot’s tank with tap water and the EZVIZ RE4 Plus will also give your hard floor a wipe as it goes along. This is great for picking up dried on spillages or cleaning up after a messy pet.

2. Schedule cleans to happen automatically

The EZVIZ RE4 Plus isn’t just a piece of hardware, it comes with a sophisticated smartphone app (available for Android and iOS devices). This provides total control over the cleaning process.

For example, scheduling is a great way of ensuring that you always come home to a clean home, and this can be set up directly from the app. You could set the vacuum to do its cleaning on a daily basis, while you’re out at work for example, and you’ll return to a home that looks like it’s been valeted while you worked. That way there’s no need to waste your precious leisure time doing everyday cleaning again.

3. Cleans the way you’d clean yourself

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All houses have some areas that get dirty quicker than others. Entranceways and kitchens, for example, tend to have a heavier and messier footfall than other parts of your home.

Using the app you can give these spaces the extra attention they need, with options to vacuum some rooms twice or increase the flow of water to the mop when it’s in a particularly messy space. Alternatively, you could create schedules that only cover these areas, and set the robot to clean them more regularly.

4. Intelligent mapping means efficient running

The EZVIZ RE4 Plus uses Lidar navigation to scan the room it’s in and navigate its way around. A turret on the top of the robot houses a laser that spins around, while sensors in the turret collect information that the laser passes back, such as how near or far the walls and any other obstacles are.

Because this laser-based system is super speedy, it can process the surroundings in real time. The mapping software is so accurate that the EZVIZ RE4 can locate its position in a fraction of a second, and find its way around easily, even if it’s working in a home with a challenging layout.

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5. Quiet operation

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You know when some robot vacuum cleaners are going at full pelt because you can hear them from anywhere in your home. The EZVIZ RE4 Plus keeps its noise levels low, so it isn’t as obtrusive.

This has some genuine time-saving benefits. You can run the vacuum cleaner while you’re working from home or even watching TV, and it won’t intrude on your activities. You could even schedule the EZVIZ RE4 Plus to get up early in the morning and give your home a quick clean before you get out of bed.

6. Voice control

If you’ve already invested in smart home technology, with devices controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, the EZVIZ RE4 Plus will slot right alongside them. Just as you can turn your lights on and off without touching a button, you can do the same with this robot vacuum cleaner. It’s simple to set it off on a clean even if you aren’t in the same room, as long as your voice can reach one of your smart speakers.

7. Empties itself

When the vacuuming is done, most robot vacuums still need to be emptied manually before they’re ready to embark on their next outing. With the EZVIZ RE4 Plus, you don’t even need to do that.

When the robot returns to its charging station, a secondary vacuum cleaner sucks all the dirt and dust out of the robot and stores it in a bag. When that’s full, you just need to lift it out, toss it into the bin and put a new bag in its place.

8. A huge capacity bin means less hassle

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The self-emptying bag is huge with a capacity of 4l. That’s enough room to empty the collection bin of the vacuum cleaner at least 11 times. For an average-sized home, that should work out to around 90 days – around three months of cleaning before you have to change the bag.

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9. Buy more time for the planet

As a star product of the EZVIZ Green initiative, the RE4 Plus uses recycled materials, which equates to about 16 plastic water bottles, on its robot back plate, helping reduce plastic pollution and give used materials a second life. With the revenue from such green products, EZVIZ is also giving back to the planet by planting trees and empowering local farms across eight countries via the dedicated EZVIZ Global Forest Plan.

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