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The Nokia 6.1 is now a budget bargain

We liked the Nokia 6.1 when we reviewed it, and it’s now £120 cheaper

Despite our initial scepticism, the rebirth of Nokia as a force in smartphones has been a really good thing. The company makes a whole range of phones from budget to upper midrange, and all of them both look the part and get the basics as right as their prices will allow.
The Nokia 6.1 is a good example of this. At £230, it got a strong four-star review from Nathan last May, only missing out on top marks thanks to the familiar refrain that the latest Moto G device was a bit better, and a bit cheaper.
But given we liked the Nokia 6.1 at £230 and it’s now available for £110, you can safely bump that up to five stars if you’re in the market for a budget handset. Right now at the Carphone Warehouse, you can buy the Nokia 6.1 SIM free for £99.99, as long as you buy a £10 O2 top up at the same time. Carphone Warehouse SIM-free phones tend to be unlocked, but if you don’t want to chance it you can get the same deal with an EE or Vodafone SIM for £10 more.
Whichever you get, you’re getting an excellent handset for the price. It comes with a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor and 3GB RAM, making it pretty nippy at its original price, let alone its £100 level. As Nathan concluded in his review: “It’s sensibly priced, attractive and solidly made, and its all-round performance is absolutely fine. Overall, it’s a superb phone for the money.”
If it was superb at £230, then you can fill in your own superlative for it at £110. 
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