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FIFA 14 (Xbox One) review

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Graphically superior but lacking in content compared to the current generation

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EA has used the latest entry in its long-running FIFA series to debut an entirely new game engine for next-generation consoles. Upgraded graphics, a more responsive user interface and slightly tweaked ball control are all welcome additions, but even veterans are unlikely to notice much difference; FIFA 14 on Xbox One feels largely identical to its current-generation sibling, which has itself received only minor upgrades from last year’s release.


That’s by no means a bad thing, however. Naturally all the team lists, player names and kits have been updated to the current season, but the gameplay mechanics will seem instantly familiar. Goals still come thick and fast, even now that the ball frequently bounces out of play from aerial passes and AI defenders react more quickly to approaching strikers. They don’t immediately fly in with a sliding tackle either, staying on their feet for longer and putting up more of a wall which puts greater emphasis on passing rather than dodging defenders.

The reason for the increased pace is a greater sense of control when sprinting – whereas previous games saw players run in a predictable pattern, you can shift direction rapidly while keeping hold of the ball. There are far more contextual passes, shots and volleys now too, which means there’s much more variety in how the ball reaches the back of the net. You won’t feel the need to skip the instant replay quite so often on the Xbox One, as each goal feels unique.


Action replays begin quicker than they do on current generation consoles, if you trigger them at all. Knocking the ball out of play no longer fades to black; ball boys retrieve it and the players run into position rather than teleport to their designated formation. When you do see a replay, there’s a greater number of camera angles for the game to choose from, so you rarely see the same angles multiple times in a single match.

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