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Eurogamer Expo 2011: Most wanted

We highlight the titles that we're excited about come this Christmas



Post-apocalyptic wastelands strewn with the tattered remnants of once-great humanity appear set to be pretty desirable real estate in the future. Adding to the already large number of random adventurers wandering the wastes is Rage.

Made by id – the people responsible for Doom, Quake and the general existence of the First Person Shooter as we know it – Rage combines traditional FPS action with vehicular combat, racing and a bit more of a plot than is absolutely required by your average action shooter. Although the wasteland feels open and there are a number of adventure and plot-driven elements, all reports indicate that the game’s designed to keep your mind on the action and on the task at hand, rather than encouraging you to go wandering around at random.

There are some spectacular set-pieces among the levels we got to play. We were particularly taken by the BASH TV area, which pits you against giant clown-headed mutants in an improbable, gory and remarkably distasteful futuristic game show. It might be all that passes for entertainment after the death of civilisation, but it’s already a big improvement on your average Saturday night on terrestrial telly. We also spent some time exploring other, less overtly outrageous areas, but there’s a consistent sense of very dark humour running through the game.

Rage is due out on 7th October.

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