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Harman Kardon Citation: The art in smart

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Harman Kardon’s Citation speakers are smart, elegant and sound magnificent – why wouldn’t you want them in your home?

There are plenty of smart speakers around, and lots of high-end, audiophile hi-fi but not many systems have managed to combine the two elements with much success. Meet Harman Kardon’s Citation series, a range of smart speakers, soundbars and surround-sound systems that aim to combine the very best of all worlds, delivering awesome audio and gorgeous design without sacrificing technological convenience.

There are eight products in the latest Citation series, and these range from a simple, £180 smart speaker to speakers that sacrifice nothing in the search for the ultimate in audio perfection. Here’s why you need Harman Kardon’s Citation in your life.

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A speaker for every situation

The sheer number of Harman Kardon Citation speakers available means there’s one for every occasion and situation. Choose the Citation One if you want a speaker for the kitchen, the bedroom or the study. Choose a pair of Citation Tower speakers if you’re seeking the ultimate in audio quality for your living room and add a subwoofer if you love your bass.

Whichever speaker system you opt for, however, the beauty of the Citation system is that you can add and expand without having to worry about compatibility. All Harman Kardon’s speakers work hand in hand with each other, making it child’s play to, for example, start with a Citation Bar and add a pair of Citation Surround speakers for a full surround-sound system at a later date.

…that sounds sublime

And whatever system you decide to put together, you can be sure it will sound amazing. From the smallest Citation One up to the largest Tower speakers, there’s a coherence, a richness and drive that keeps you excited, and a level of detail that envelopes you and draws you into the music you’re listening to or the soundtrack of the movie you’re watching.

These are speakers that inject audio with life and excitement and immerse you in the moment. You’ll forget about the world outside and let the sound wash over you.

Designed for the discerning

And when you open your eyes you’ll see something that wouldn’t be out of place in an art gallery. All the speakers in the Citation range are gorgeously designed and clad in wool-infused Danish Kvadrat fabric that complements, instead of clashes, with your carefully considered interior decor.

Smart tech for the ultimate in convenience

These are the basics of modern audiophile speaker design, yet Harman Kardon’s Citation speakers are so much more than just output devices. They’re also incredibly smart and packed with handy features. Every speaker comes equipped with Google Assistant voice control so you can pause, play, skip and adjust the volume – even search for the music you want – all without raising a finger. You also can ask Google about the weather, the traffic on your commute or to tell you a joke if you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

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Chromecast makes your life easy

And if you prefer to browse and select your music by picking up your smartphone or tablet, you’re covered there as well. With Chromecast support built in, you can stream audio to the speakers from almost any streaming service you care to think of. Just tap the Chromecast icon on the screen of your mobile device, select the speaker you want to play your music from and, via the magic of Wi-Fi and the internet, music emerges from the speaker you selected.

It’s beautifully simple streaming that supports pretty much every streaming service you can think of, from Spotify to Tidal to Amazon Music and pretty much everything in between.

Speakers in every room in the house

That’s not all, though. Once you’ve bought one Harman Kardon Citation speaker, the chances are you’re going to want another… and another. The good news is that if you do splash out, you’ll find your speakers work perfectly together, whether you’re putting together a surround sound system for your living room home cinema or equipping the study, kitchen, lounge and bedroom with matching speakers.

Using the Google Home app you can place your Harman Kardon Citation speakers in groups and play audio in perfect sync; adjusting volume, pausing, playing and skipping everything at once just using the app.

Perfect for a dinner party or sophisticated soirée – just make sure the guests don’t put their drinks down on your precious speakers.

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