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Edimax BR-6754N review

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £56
inc VAT

Great interface, decent features and superb performance.

The BR6574-N is a cable router with Gigabit Ethernet wired ports.

It doesn’t have any USB ports to attach devices, but offers an above average number of features in its built-in software. For example, it supports a range of Dynamic DNS services to allow a static hostname to be assigned to your IP address. You can also configure the router to always assign a certain IP address to a specific machine, such as a media server, without disabling DHCP (the usual method of automatic IP assignment) for other computers.

The web configuration interface is straightforward, with simple descriptions of each menu item, which is helpful if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to read manuals (like us). The firewall also works as a parental control feature, allowing you to block specific web pages and applications for individual computers on the network.

The most impressive aspect of the BD6574-N was its performance. Using Edimax’s wireless USB adapter, the router delivered a swift 73Mbit/sec at a distance of one metre. At 25 metres the router still achieved a whopping 23.67Mbit. When we switched to testing with our Centrino laptop, the BR6574-N still performed superbly, reaching 33.44Mbit/sec at 15 metres and managing a reasonable 9.45Mbit at 25 metres. At £57, the Edimax is a great router at a fantastic price.

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