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Philips 242B1H review: A good 1080p monitor with a webcam

Our Rating :
£233.65 from
Price when reviewed : £273
inc VAT

An excellent choice if you have the budget and will use all its features


  • Decent panel
  • Built-in webcam/microphone
  • Flexible stand


  • No USB-C
  • Webcam is mediocre

If you only have limited space on your desk but still yearn for features and versatility, take a long hard look at the Philips 242B1H. The 24in screen is big enough for most general day-to-day needs, compact enough to squeeze onto even the smallest of desks, and there’s even enough functionality here to make a fairly decent budget gaming monitor.

Philips 242B1H review: Design and features

The 242B1H is a dead ringer for its sister model, the 242B1, but with one key addition: it packs a two-megapixel infrared camera that can be tucked away when not needed and works with Windows Hello for quick and easy logins. Don’t expect iPhone-level image quality, though; it’s passable for Skype, but that’s it.

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Despite the 242B1H’s competitive price, you’ll also benefit from a four-port USB 3 hub, 90° pivot, 150mm of height adjustment and all the inputs most people need: DVI, VGA, DisplayPort and HDMI. It’s only a shame that Philips doesn’t include USB-C.

Nevertheless, the Philips 242B1H is still a great choice thanks to a high-quality IPS panel. At its sRGB settings, it defaults to a peak brightness of 268cd/m2, but you can switch to other presets (or create your own) using the excellent OSD. In truth, there’s little need to do so, with an exemplary set of results across the board. The 242B1H covers around 95% of the sRGB colour gamut in default mode with an average colour variance score (delta E) of just 0.58, which indicates that colours are being reproduced accurately across the board. We also noted the 6452K colour temperature – this means that whites will appear natural, rather than overtly tinged with red or blue hues. These are great results for such a cheap monitor. 

For the eco-conscious among you, another great feature is the PowerSensor, which emits harmless infrared signals that detect when a user is present and automatically reduce the brightness when they step away. Philips claims that this can prolong the lifespan of the monitor, as well as cutting energy costs by up to 70%. The actual figures will depend on how often you leave your desk without turning your monitor off, but it’s a nice inclusion all the same.

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As a final touch, there’s even gaming capability thanks to 4ms grey-to-grey response times and a non-branded adaptive sync setting, as well as a refresh rate of 75Hz.

Philips 242B1H review: Verdict

So the webcam isn’t going to win any awards for image quality, but for the price you’re paying here, it’s still solid enough to warrant praise. The rest of the monitor continues this trend of offering more than the price tag suggests, with the IPS panel, in particular, delivering high-quality colour and brightness. For those seeking something that packs a lot of features into a moderately-sized package, Philips’ 242B1H is a great all-rounder, and well worth checking out.

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