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Best cases for iPad 2 – Updated

We take a look at a range of different cases for Apple's new iPad 2


We’ve long been fans of Joby’s gorilla products, and now there’s a version for the iPad 2. The gorillamobile Yogi is a clip-on case with two of the company’s patented flexible legs – the same as those used on the Gorillapod SLR.

This makes the Yogi amazingly versatile, as you can prop up your iPad 2 at any angle you like, hang it on a bar, wrap it around a post or your leg, or even hook it around a headrest in your car to amuse the kids. As it holds the iPad steady on virtually any surface, it could be ideal for taking video or photos.

Joby gorillamobile Yogi for iPad 2

Each leg is 23cm long and the joints are so stiff that they stay in whichever position you bend them. The legs have a quick-release clip so you can switch from landscape to portrait mode, or remove them entirely if you don’t need them.

The polycarbonate case perfectly matches the white iPad – it’s only a shame the legs aren’t white too. However, we like the rubberised outer edge of the case which prevents it slipping on a table, especially at shallow angles that you might use for typing. The rubber sections cover the volume rocker button and power button, and there’s a plastic grille to protect the speaker.

Joby gorillamobile Yogi for iPad 2

If there’s a flaw, it’s that there’s no protection for the screen, so you’ll either need a screen protector or a separate zip case for transportation. Also, the legs make it very bulky to carry around in a bag. At £35, it’s fairly expensive considering the lack of practicality, but as long as you consider it more of a stand than a case – and you have a specific use in mind for it, it’s well-made and does the job well.

Joby gorillamobile Yogi for iPad 2: 4/5

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