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Best electric scooter 2024: Our tested favourites

Best electric scooter - Carrera Impel is-2

We tested and reviewed the best electric scooters to help you find the perfect ride

When it comes to choosing the best electric scooter, navigating the differences between each model can be a bit of a minefield. You will notice significant variations in everything from speed and weight to water resistance and security.

That’s why we personally tested all five electric scooters featured in our round-up below. Our rigorous testing methodology involved taking them out around various areas while assessing key aspects such as speed, mileage, weight, maximum load, motor power and charge time. After a careful analysis of their features, overall build and value for money, we narrowed down our favourites and curated the list to cover a range of options.

Below our at-a-glance list of the best electric scooters you can buy right now, you will find our mini reviews of all our top picks.  For a more in-depth look at our testing process and final thoughts, you can click on the full-length review under each entry. After that, there’s a detailed buyer’s guide, covering any questions you might have prior to your purchase.

Best electric scooter: At a glance

Best high-end Pure Advance Plus (~£749)Check price at Pure Electric
Best valueXiaomi Pro 2 (~£480)Check price at Xiaomi
Best for handling Eskuta KS-450 (~£470)Check price at BumbleBee Bikes

The best electric scooters to buy in 2024

1. Pure Advance Plus: Best high-end electric scooter

Price when reviewed: £749 | Check price at Pure Electric

Pure Advance Plus electric scooter on a parkland pathway

  • Great for… sturdy build, advanced features
  • Not so great for… high price

A fully kitted-out option from a reliable brand, the Pure Advance Plus is the e-scooter to plump for if you’re willing to spend that little bit extra to get top-of-the-line performance, as well as some luxury design features. Specs-wise, the Advance Plus’s beefy battery gives it an excellent stated maximum range of 31 miles, while its 710W motor proved impressive in testing, with the e-scooter feeling fast and powerful in motion and able to take on hill climbs with ease.

Alongside its powerful components, the Advance Plus has a thoughtful design and very sturdy build quality. Unlike many e-scooters which force the rider to stand sideways on a narrow deck, the Pure Advance allows the user to face forward as they ride, standing on two fold-out platforms. This stance, besides feeling more natural and comfortable, also improves balance and handling, allowing users to take corners more quickly and with better stability. Other high-end safety features of the Plus include self-centering steering stablisation; front, rear and brake lights; and indicators.

Looking at other options in the Advance line, the regular Pure Advance offers all of the above, save for a slightly smaller battery and price tag, while the Pure Advance Flex, the most expensive option on Pure’s website, utilises a more compact folding system, similar to that of a Brompton bike.

Read our full Pure Advance Plus review

Key specs – Range: 31 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 16.2kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 7hrs 15mins; Motor power: 710W

Check price at Pure Electric

2. Xiaomi Pro 2: Best-value electric scooter

Price when reviewed: £480 | Check price at MiXiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter against a white background

  • Great for… value and mileage
  • Not so great for…  use in wet weather

If there’s one electric scooter brand name we trust it’s Xiaomi. The company not only made one of the most popular e-scooters to date, the Xiaomi M365, but it has also continued to deliver spectacular results with the new generation of e-scooters – the 1S and our favourite model of the bunch – the Pro 2, which is essentially an upgrade of the discontinued Xiaomi M365 Pro. When it comes to build quality, price and features, you will find that the Xiaomi Pro 2 is a hard electric scooter to beat.

It provides a great range of 28 miles per charge, meaning that you can go at least a few trips without charging the scooter, and its 14.2kg weight makes it much easier to carry than any of Pure Air’s offerings. The 8.5in pneumatic tyres provide a firm grip on any surface and we love its cruise control feature, which lets you take your hand off the accelerator throttle from time to time. The only downside is that you cannot ride this e-scooter in wet weather and it only accommodates a maximum rider weight of 100kg, neither of which should be a problem for most people.

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Key specs – Range: 28 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 14.2kg; Maximum rider weight: 100kg; Charge time: 8hrs 30mins; Motor power: 300W

Check price at Mi

3. Carrera impel is-2: Best e-scooter for security features

Price when reviewed: £549 | Check price at Halfords

Carrera impel is-2 electric scooter on a parkland pathway

  • Great for… impressive security features
  • Not so great for… weight and sleekness

The Carrera impel is-2 keeps the chunky and sturdy aesthetic of its predecessor, which used to occupy this position on the list, but includes a bigger, 480Wh battery instead. That means its range is four miles longer, while the wheels have also been boosted to 10in from 8.5in and a new cruise control feature makes life easier for your thumb.

The Carrera impel is-2 performed well in our tests, even when going up tricky hills or over knotty tree roots. The brakes were effective, as were the LED lights, and the company’s excellent security features – such as the electric alarm and cable lock – are still in place.

While the impel is-1 remains a decent and cheaper choice, there’s a lot to recommend the Carrera impel is-2, especially if you will be scooting over rough surfaces or need a longer range.

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Key specs – Range: 22 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 19.6kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 4hrs; Motor power: 350W

Check price at Halfords

4. Indi EX-2: The most stylish electric scooter

Price when reviewed: £359 | Check price at HalfordsIndi EX-2 against a white background

  • Great for… an affordable option
  • Not so great for… longer journeys

If your budget can’t stretch to some of the pricier models on our list, you can still travel in style with the wallet-friendly Indi EX-2. With a distinct, attractive chrome design and a reasonable 18-mile maximum range, it’s an affordable option that offers great value for money.

Although users who anticipate needing to routinely make long-distance journeys might want to opt for a more premium scooter, the Indi EX-2 packs more than enough power for most purposes. It can zip along at up to 15.5mph and the 350W motor is capable of climbing all but the most demanding gradients. It’s also easy and smooth to control thanks to an effective rear electronic brake, a large deck and surprisingly comfortable 8.5in pneumatic tyres.

At just 14.7kg, the EX-2 has an advantage over some of its heftier rivals in terms of portability. Plus, it easily folds up for more manageable transportation.

Read our full Indi EX-2 review

Key specs – Range: 18 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 14.7kg; Maximum rider weight: 100kg; Charge time: 4.5hrs; Motor power: 350W

Check price at Halfords

5. Eskuta KS-450: Best e-scooter for handling

Price when reviewed: £470 | Check price at BumbleBee Bikes

Eskuta KS-450 on a parkland pathway

  • Great for… powerful dual-braking system
  • Not so great for… smaller battery

The Eskuta KS-450 is a lightweight, comfortable electric scooter with an array of impressive features. Chief among them is the ability to remove the 230Wh battery from its housing in the front stem, a smart design choice that means it can be charged separately from the scooter. More importantly, it also allows you to double the scooter’s range by carrying a spare battery with you on longer journeys.

Riding it is a pleasant, smooth experience due to the powerful dual-braking system and the ease with which the 10in tyres move over both paved and rougher surfaces, such as cut grass. There’s also a splashproof IPX4 rating and effective front and rear lights to help you ride safely in wet, dark conditions.

At just 13.5kg, the KS-450 is fairly portable when you’re not riding it, plus a spare battery unit only weighs 1.5kg, making it relatively hassle-free to slip a spare into your bag. This is an impressive, good-value e-scooter that should appeal to anyone who’s content with a 15.5mph top speed and a smaller initial range.

Read our full Eskuta KS-450 review

Key specs – Range: Up to 30 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 13.5kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 3hrs; Motor Power: 350W

Check price at BumbleBee Bikes

How to choose the best electric scooter for you

Choosing an electric scooter isn’t as easy as you might think, and there are also some legal questions to consider before buying one. The following section should help you decide on what sort of electric scooter you’re looking for and whether you feel fully comfortable buying one. We will start off with the laws surrounding electric scooters in the UK, US and Europe.

Are rental e-scooters legal in the UK?

The UK Department for Transport has legalised the use of rental electric scooters in specific UK cities, with more cities being added to the list every month. You can ride rental e-scooters on roads, cycle lanes and tracks – provided you have a UK provisional or full driving licence – but not on pavements. Vehicles are limited to 15.5mph and helmets are recommended but not mandatory. The government will monitor the use of rental e-scooters and their impact on the UK public transport space before considering whether or not to legalise private electric scooters on UK roads.

Are privately owned e-scooters legal in the UK?

Private electric scooters are classified as “personal light electric vehicles” in the UK, which means that you’re only legally allowed to use them on private land with the landowner’s permission. If you’re caught riding one on roads or pavements, you could be fined and receive six points on your driving licence. This situation may be about to change, however, with the UK Government saying that expanding the legal use of e-scooters will be a priority in 2022. The Government set out the plans in the Queen’s speech on 10 May 2022. Since then, however, the final ruling has been indefinitely delayed.

Are electric scooters legal in the US?

While private electric scooters are legal in most US states, rules tend to differ from state to state. While some states such as California have embraced them, making them a common sight on roads, other states have different legislations – including strict speed limits, helmets below a certain age or only street use – to ensure safety. Some states even require you to have a driving licence to ride an e-scooter.

Are electric scooters legal in Europe?

Just like with US states, different European countries have different e-scooter laws. While many European countries initially banned them, most countries have now softened their stance. They are now legal to ride in most European tourist hubs including France, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands, but each of these countries has different laws regarding the use of helmets, maximum speed limit and so on.

Is there anything else I should know?

How fast and far do you want to go, and how often?

The main differences between electric scooters relate to how fast they can go, how far they can go and how often you will need to charge them. If you’re planning to use one for your commute, it’s worth considering the total mileage you need to cover daily, and how quickly you would like to be travelling on it. Also, consider whether your electric scooter will be able to complete your commute in both directions without needing a recharge, which will save you the hassle of carrying its charger around all day.

How much should you spend?

Most of the good adult electric scooters cost around £400, but if you want longer mileage between charges, then you’re looking at something nearer to the £600 mark. Generally speaking, you will see longer-lasting batteries, higher speeds and better mileage the more you’re willing to spend. But if you’re planning on using your scooter for only an hour or two each day, you may be better off choosing a good affordable or mid-range unit instead.

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Do you need a helmet when riding an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are relatively easy to carry and control but it’s important to be safe while riding them. The use of helmets isn’t mandatory when riding a rental e-scooter in the UK, but we always recommend wearing one. Even though electric scooters are really easy to control, it’s better to be safe than sorry. There’s no reason not to purchase a helmet because you can get one for as little as £20 from most reputableable online retailers.

Precautions to take before riding your electric scooter for the first time

Electric scooters are relatively easy to operate, but if you haven’t ridden one before, their speed and manoeuvrability can take some getting used to. Before riding your electric scooter in any crowded space, we recommend getting a hang of it for about an hour in a secluded area. Apart from checking all its features (including if any are hidden within an accompanying app), pay careful attention to how much pressure you need to apply to the throttle to accelerate, and to the brakes when you need to slow down or halt. While riding, it’s a good habit to always keep one hand on the brake, so you don’t lose control of your electric scooter.

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