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Eskuta KS-450 review: A well-priced e-scooter with a removable battery

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £469
inc VAT

Large wheels, effective lights and a handy removable battery all make the KS-450 a practical choice for short leisure and commuter trips


  • Well built yet reasonably light
  • Removable battery
  • Effective dual-braking system


  • Small battery
  • A little front-heavy
  • Concealed USB port of limited use

Many of the best electric scooters look similar – but the Eskuta KS-450 stands out from the crowd. It’s one of a few that arrives with a removable battery, so you can carry a spare with you to double your potential range.

That’s handy if your commute is right on the edge of the battery’s maximum range, or if you like going on long rides and don’t want to worry about running out of battery power.

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Eskuta KS-450 review: What do you get for the money?

The most direct competitor to the Eskuta KS-450 that Expert Reviews has already taken a look at is the TurboAnt X7 Pro. That model also features a removable battery, so a direct comparison seems fitting, although note that it appears to be quite tricky to buy a TurboAnt in the UK right now.

Like the TurboAnt, the KS-450 sports a strong, all-alloy construction, with the standing deck featuring a chunky and very grippy rubber. In terms of size, at 15cm wide and 42cm long, the KS-450 is only 1cm wider. The handlebars here are a little higher, so taller riders may be more comfortable riding the KS-450.

As with most folding e-scooters, the handlebar stem drops down and clicks onto the rear mudguard, resulting in a long, slim, folded package that measures 108 x 46 x 43cm. Note that, unlike the TurboAnt, the handlebars here can’t be unscrewed to narrow the folded package; overall, though, the KS-450’s size is pretty similar to the TurboAnt. The click-fixing on the KS-450 that secures the fold is certainly one of the more secure examples of its kind, but this design is always going to be susceptible to being knocked open by the unwary. The Carrera impel is-2 has one of the best securing catches we’ve seen.

At 13.5kg, the KS-450 is certainly at the lighter end of the e-scooter weight range, meaning it’s reasonably portable and compares well with the other e-scooters in our 2022 best scooter guide. These models range between 14kg and 19.6kg.

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An IPX4 rating ensures the KS-450 is “splashproof” so can be used in the rain, but it shouldn’t be submerged in water; for example, by riding through a stream. It’s a common rating for many everyday electronic devices and about what you expect on an e-scooter that claims to offer a basic level of serious functionality rather than being a toy.

Aesthetically, this e-scooter looks clean and simple. The attractive brushed aluminium handlebar post conceals the power and rear brake cable, and it’s also here that you’ll find the easily removable Panasonic 230Wh battery. A simple touch of a button will see the display housing flip up; remove the spring-tensioned securing plug and you can pull the battery up and out.

Access is slightly more fiddly compared to the TurboAnt, but it does give the KS-450 e-scooter a far cleaner look overall. In addition, since the battery is housed in that robust alloy stem, it’s also protected to a degree from heat and any knocks.

Dual-braking on the Eskuta is a big plus point; by squeezing the single brake lever, you activate both the rear cable-operated disk brake and a front electronic brake (the motor effectively tries to go into reverse, therefore slowing the scooter down). In fact, Eskuta classes the KS-450 as having “triple braking”, since the company includes a rear friction brake on the rear mudguard. However, I’ve always avoided using it as I’ve never found it to provide much effective stopping power.

The KS-450’s display is a circular colour LCD that’s bright and clear, with a speedo centrally positioned. A battery gauge sits at the bottom, while you can also toggle between trip and odometer stats. Flipping up the display grants access to a USB charging port, while there’s also a thumb throttle and standard rubber grips.

The Eskuta has an accompanying app, which is available to download free from Apple and Android stores.

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Eskuta KS-450 review: The ride

Start depressing the Eskuta KS-450’s throttle and power appears to arrive quickly and easily. There are three power levels that deliver an increase in speed from 6 to 9 to 15.5mph; I tended to stick to the top two levels, since the 6mph level was too slow for most practical purposes. Note that the top speed is set at 15.5mph by the software, and there’s no way to increase it to the 20mph that the TurboAnt can manage.

The KS-450 felt easy to control and comfortable to ride, leading to stable handling, even at its top speed. The deck was plenty grippy, which meant I was confident leaning into corners and towards the rear to take the weight off the front wheel when negotiating small bumps. The lightweight battery unit (see below) helps in this regard, too, since it means there isn’t too much weight over the front wheel.

The 10in tyres rolled nicely over both hard surfaces and on unsurfaced tracks and cut grass (across football pitches, for example).

For hill climbing, the KS-450 was similar to the TurboAnt in that it proved suitable for moderate hills only – especially if you prefer not to put in more effort yourself in the form of “kicking” to assist you uphill. Note that the weight of the rider will impact the steepness of hills the KS-450 can tackle, and my conclusions reflect my 75kg weight.

Featuring a smaller battery than the TurboAnt (230Wh versus 360Wh), range here is naturally diminished. I managed around eight miles using full power at 15mph, and around twice that with the power reduced to 9mph. Of course, you can take a second battery with you (£100 from Eskuta) to double the range, and the good news is that the KS-450 battery weighs only 1.5kg versus the 2.75kg of the TurboAnt.

This e-scooter’s braking system felt plenty powerful: you could tell the instant the front electronic brake kicked in. Just make sure you focus your weight to the rear before squeezing the single brake lever and apply the power gently, especially if going downhill at speed. While you’ll need to brake with care in some situations, overall I felt it was better to potentially have too much braking available than be riding a scooter that lacks in this department.

In the dark, the KS-450’s front light was super-effective at lighting paths, and the rear light and brake light were visible to following traffic. Just be aware that the front light can be blinding to oncomers; there’s no angle adjustment available to avoid pointing it into people’s faces.

Inflating the tyres of any e-scooter can be tricky, and the KS-450 is no exception. I found the solution was to get hold of an old-style bike pump with one of those flexible adapters and this screwed easily and quickly onto the KS-450’s Schraeder valves.

The e-scooter’s tyres are tubeless, so there’s no need to remove the tyre in the event you suffer a puncture – a plug kit should do the job. If you somehow manage to shred a tyre then replacement tyres are available at a cost of £18, with Eskuta offering advice on how to replace them.

Through the app I was able to change from km/h to mph, and also disable the cruise control since immediate throttle control is better for hill starts. Aside from those changes, the app doesn’t really add much over and above what’s achievable with the buttons on the display itself – for instance, toggling between the three power levels and switching the headlights on and off.

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Eskuta KS-450 review: Should you buy one?

The Eskuta KS-450 is one of the very few e-scooters that houses a battery in the front stem, allowing the unit to be charged away from the scooter, while also presenting the option of investing in an extra battery in order to extend the e-scooter’s range. If these are important factors for you, then this model will certainly appear on what will be a short shortlist.

However, there’s plenty more to like about the KS-450. It appears well made and offers a comfortable ride, with the larger tyres being happy on-road and on less challenging off-road surfaces. In terms of overall handling, and braking in particular, the KS-450 beats most of the other e-scooters I’ve tried. Very heavy riders might want to look for something with a bit more motor power, though. A relatively light and portable package when folded, the KS-450 is one of the better examples of its kind.

The KS-450 arrives with a one-year warranty, and if it needs any repairs, then these will take place either by sending the e-scooter back to the retailer from which you purchased it – Very, for example – or if bought from Eskuta directly, a company engineer will come out to the customer to sort.

If a long range and a higher top speed isn’t critical for your needs, then the Eskuta KS-450 is a practical and enjoyable ride – and, reassuringly, it’s provided by a UK-based company. The battery is a little on the small side compared to many other e-scooters, but given the solid construction and the quality features on offer, the KS-450 is an excellent e-scooter at a reasonable price.

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