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Best electric scooter deals before Black Friday: Xiaomi, Inokim and Reid e-scooters are going cheap right now

Here's a list of our best electric scooter deals before Black Friday, including savings of over £400

If you’re looking for the best electric scooter deals, then you’re in luck, as leading UK e-scooter retailer Pure Electric has launched an array of deals before Black Friday. E-scooters have soared in popularity in the recent past as people have been looking for alternative socially distant ways of commuting.

Whether you’re new to e-scooters and don’t know where to begin, or you know your stuff and just want to have a quick browse at the deals on offer, we’ve got you covered— as here you’ll find all the best deals neatly arranged into one page.

Note that electric scooters are currently illegal to ride on both roads and pavements in the UK. You can only ride them on private land with the landowner’s permission. The UK government has legalised the use of rental e-scooters in certain UK cities this year, and there’s an ongoing petition to legalise private e-scooters. The same isn’t the case for most European countries and US states, where e-scooters have now become a common mode of transport.

The best electric scooter deal before Black Friday 2021

Inokim Light 2 (was £839; now £419)

The Inokim Light 2 is essentially the budget version of the Quick 3 Super (which is also available at a heavily discounted price). Now, with £420 off it’s even better value, making it our favourite electric scooter pre-Black Friday deals. Available in four colours, it has a top speed of 21mph and rides for 24 miles on a single charge. The scooter weighs 13.7kg and it has 8.5in pneumatic tyres on the front and back for great suspension and a smooth ride.

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The best electric scooter deals before Black Friday

1. Xiaomi 1S (was £499; now £419)

The Xiaomi M365 is arguably the best-selling e-scooter in the world. Last year, the Chinese brand made slight updates to that model with the Xiaomi 1S, which is basically the budget model of the below Pro 2 model. We have seen this model at a lower price of £399, but this is still a deal to shout about. The 12.5kg e-scooter has comfortable 8.5in pneumatic tyres, a range of 18.5 miles and three riding modes depending on how fast you want to do.

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2. Reid E4 Plus (was £599; now £399)

If you’re looking for an e-scooter that’s great for everyday use, the Reid E4 Plus has a large range, an impressive top speed, and is really lightweight. Better still, its 250W motor has three power modes so with £200 off in the lead up to Black Friday, you won’t find a better scooter for adaptability.

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3. Xiaomi Pro 2 (was £499; now £449)

The Xiaomi Pro 2 replaced the popular Xiaomi M365 Pro e-scooter this year and originally retailed for £600. The latter was one of our favourite e-scooters until the release of the Pure Air Pro. The Pro 2 is a clear upgrade on its predecessor with a powerful 300W motor and excellent brakes and is now selling around the price of its mid-range rivals.

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4. Bird Air Electric Scooter (was £449; now £299)

With a maximum range of 25.7 km and a top speed of 16 mph, this scooter almost matches the range and speed of Bird’s pricier counterparts. Better still, it only weighs 13.6kg, making it easier to carry around. At this heavily discounted price, it’s not one to miss!

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5. Walberg Urban Electrics EGRET-TEN 36V (was £1,159; now £849)

This Walberg scooter has a 30km range and can achieve a full charge in just four hours. It’s powered by an impressive 350W rear wheel motor, allowing for optimal traction, getting you exactly where you need to be quickly and safely.

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6. Bird One Electric Scooter (was £899; now £599)

This scooter’s powerful 300W motor can propel it to speeds of up to 18mph. It also has an impressive range of 40km, so you can really eat up the miles! It’s available to buy in three different colours and it recharges in six hours, making this a great scooter for every day use.

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7. Walberg Urban #HMBRG V2 Electric (was £699; now £649)

With a massive 30km range and 10in air-filled tyres, this electric scooter is so smooth that you’ll feel like you’re driving on clouds. If you’re on the lookout for a powerful electric scooter that folds down and is great for commuting, then look no further.

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8. Walberg Urban Egret-Ten (was £1,349; now £949)

If you’re into your e-scooters and want to treat yourself, then we think this model from Walberg will almost certainly interest you. With adjustable handlebar height, five speeds and a powerful motor, this scooter has something for everyone.

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9. Inokim Quick 4 Super Electric Scooter (was £1,199; now £600)

Replacing the Inokim Quick 3, the Quick 4 is the most powerful Inokim Quick e-scooter ever. With a 70km range and top speeds of 25km/h, this is an e-bike made for whatever ride you had in mind, especially with the smoothness provided by its dual suspension. While the Quick 4 used to price out many buyers, at this price it’s an option for any e-bike lover.

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