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AOC U32P2 review: Affordable 4K

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £379
inc VAT

A fine choice if you prioritise size and a 4K resolution over USB-C docking, and we can’t argue with the price


  • Stable and flexible stand
  • Exceptional brightness levels
  • Adaptive sync support


  • No USB-C input
  • 60Hz refresh rate not best for gaming

What difference does a letter make? A lot when it comes to AOC monitors, with the “U” here indicating its Ultra HD (4K) resolution. Though not the only notable selling point for AOC’s U32P2 monitor – the flexible stand and USB hub are great inclusions too – the 4K resolution is definitely a standout. There are a few exclusions, such as USB-C connectivity, that hold this monitor back from being recommended, but for the price, it’s a solid choice for size and resolution.

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AOC U32P2 review: Design and features

The first thing to mention is the choice of panel technology, with multidomain vertical alignment (MVA) taking centre stage here. On the plus side, this largely eradicates the viewing angle issues that can emerge with cheaper screens; less positive is that whites aren’t as white, with a faint yellow present even when you switch colour temperatures.

MVA is normally better suited to gaming than IPS, and this monitor supports adaptive sync and a 4ms response time. However, a 60Hz refresh rate won’t set gamers’ hearts aflame. Instead, its strength is brightness, going well beyond AOC’s stated 350cd/m2 to reach 414cd/m2 in our tests. It also covers a fairly wide gamut: 82% of the DCI-P3 colour space and, if you switch to sRGB mode, 98% of that space with a 99% volume. (This mode locks you to 200cd/m2 brightness.)

AOC calibrates the panel before shipping, and provides a calibration and luminance uniformity data sheet in the box. It promises an average Delta E of under two and brightness uniformity between 93% and 105%, and it was good to see that the printout AOC provided with our review sample matched our measurements and its claims: in particular, the average Delta E was 1.09 with a solid 2.75 maximum.

A stable and flexible stand means you can pivot the screen 90° in either direction, and if you want to share your screen’s contents with neighbours it rotates a full 350° in total (although beware of knocking things over as you do so, as this monitor has quite the wingspan).

The speakers are cut from tinny cloth, so think Radio 5 Live rather than Radio 3, but they push loud and are fine for video calls. Sadly, I will have to disappoint you if you were hoping for a USB-C connection. While the U32P2 includes four USB-A ports, with two at the side and two at the rear, that’s it – aside from the USB-B connection you’ll need with your host computer. Two HDMI inputs and one DisplayPort complete the collection.

Switching between inputs is simple via the leftmost of four buttons on the bottom fascia, which also act as navigation buttons in the OSD. This is inelegant but responsive, and it offers access to all the controls you need – including that sRGB mode.

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AOC U32P2 review: Verdict

Considering everything that you’re getting for the money, this is a very fine monitor. The slim bezels, high brightness, and sRGB mode – not to mention the fact that AOC promises a level of accuracy – all contribute to a strong visual output, and the flexible stand gives you room to easily show your screen to others. While a USB-C connection would be nice, it’s far from a dealbreaker when compared to all the benefits this monitor delivers.

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