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This Tidal Black Friday deal will be music to your ears

Tidal’s HiFi plan usually costs £80 for four months, but the music streaming service has now dropped this to just £2

While Spotify may be the most popular music streaming service around, if you’re an audiophile, you’ll know the nothing comes close to the sound quality offered by its rival streaming service, Tidal.

Unlike Spotify, Tidal has no free offering, but it has two paid tiers. A Premium subscription costs £10 a month. This lets you stream music up to a maximum bitrate of 320kbits/sec. In other words, that’s similar quality to Spotify.

But the real sound quality is only audible when you switch to its more expensive £20/month subscription for its HiFi account. This subscription will give you access to music in lossless CD quality and master-quality (MQA) on both mobile and desktop. In short, it’s aural heaven.

For Black Friday, Tidal has dropped the prices of both plans very significantly. A four-month Tidal Premium subscription now costs 99p, and Tidal HiFi costs £1.99 for four months. This means you save a whopping £78 when you subscribe to four months of Tidal HiFi.

Both offers expire on Monday, 2 November, so you need to be quick to avail of them. Even if you have Spotify, we reckon it’s worth checking out what Tidal has to offer. After all, Tidal HiFi is now cheaper than a cup of coffee.

Get Tidal’s Black Friday deal

Apart from 60 million songs in the best sound quality available, Tidal also has 250,000 videos and exclusive music, video and artist content that few other streaming services can rival. You also get access to live events (like the Kanye West Opera, Nebuchadnezzar) and even ticket giveaways.

Here’s an excerpt from our five-star Tidal review verdict, which we deemed Recommended: “Tidal’s appeal largely boils down to one key question: can you hear the difference between lossless and compressed audio formats? If your ears are up to it, then it’s certainly got a lot going for it. The library is extensive, the sound quality is great, and the combination of AI algorithms and human curators provides a wealth of intelligent playlists that will help anyone expand their musical horizons.”

As Black Friday approaches, there are tons of deals on every product imaginable, from TVs and mobile phones to washing machines and online learning courses. We’ve rounded up the best deals and featured the best ones on our dedicated Black Friday deals page. As for Tidal, you can subscribe by clicking the yellow button below. It may well be the best value-for-money you spend this Black Friday.

Get Tidal’s Black Friday deal